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Found 5 results

  1. WORLD AT WAR AERI'S WAR FOR MASTERY Among the very particular things you must know before setting off to follow the path of an Apprentice of Intent; one who cultivates power, the art of seeing and mastery of the will, is exactly what makes a warrior. The Way of the Warrior A warrior thinks of his death when things become unclear. His ultimate weapon is the power of decision, as a master of his choices, executing them at his best, living strategically. Prepared for battle, gear carefully selected, every struggle is a warrior's last battl
  2. WHAT WILL YOU BECOME? Last challenge, Aeri began to accelerate through her journey, but not enough to take the leap. Now, she'll have to make a choice that will shape her destiny. The challenge is making a path towards the right wormhole. "To do awesome, be awesome, and become." CHALLENGE BRIEF MAKE A PATH Miracle Morning w/ Work out every day Practice awareness & speed throughout the day Act on priorities & joy daily Closure & Relax every night Will write thoughts and progress. Stats and H
  3. A LEAP INTO THE UNKNOWN , Last challenge, Aeri met her new mentor in The Order of Intent and began to accelerate through her journey. Now she'll have to be careful about where the next leap takes her. The challenge is finding and entering the right wormhole. "To do awesome, be awesome, and become." CHALLENGE BRIEF Miracle Morning every day Power meals: 4 Work out thrice a week: lift & convict conditioning (& dance x1) Practice awareness throughout the day Act on priorities daily Track speed Bed
  4. A PATH NONE CAN SEE, ONLY WALK Last challenge allowed Aeri to finally join The Order of Intent, who'll have to keep in mind that first steps are key for long term improvement. The challenge is following the essence of the master I seek. To do awesome, be awesome, and become. CHALLENGE BRIEF Miracle Morning every day Power meals: 2 big, 3 light; less on rest days Work out heavy thrice a week; alternate yoga & cardio+dance, lift when possible, steady stuff on rest days Practice awareness 6 times a day Be produ
  5. BALANCE THE RANGERNESS! The Demonic Ferret has stepped to the sidelines, it's time to gather strength.... The challenge is successfully including productivity into the mix. To keep being social and work out, AND be productive. Challenge Items: Demonic beings killed will show progress. 1. Timely SLEEP TIMES - Score (YES/NO) NUTRITION - Score (YES/NO) Use planned meals OR track calories for eating okayed food 2. Productive ME VS MONKEY - Score (YES/NO) for productivity without time-waste A
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