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Found 2 results

  1. Hello from Dubai! Great website, great forums. I have joined and want to take the plunge with the six week challenge. To cut a long story short, I had a major knee operation last September to solves 25 years of problems, caused by old rugby injuries. I loved running and did two half marathons last year, as well as several 10k's. Those days are over and I have been introduced to Crossfit, which I love (ok, after I have finished the work out) and really want to push on with my rehabilitation and weight loss. I am great at starting things but need a group/team vibe to ensure I stick to it and finish them off. So...if you will allow me to join the Rangers, here is my 6 week challenge: To get body fat below 30% (it was 31.2 on Tuesday 4 June) To eat Paleo at least 75% of the time To do Cross fit work outs at least three times per week To meditate five times per week Hope this strikes a chord with somebody and look forward to hearing your views.
  2. Hello Rebels, I am a travelling hotelier, originally from the UK, enjoying life in Dubai. Happily married to Sybille, my German rock, two fantastic children of 21 and 18. I have to admit I was 10 when the original Star Wars came out. I have always battled with my weight and a succession of knee injuries from rugby have meant that I have struggled with sticking to programmes, and finding something that I can do in the long term. I am 6ft tall (1.83m), weigh 223Ib (101.2kg) and, as of 4 June, had a body fat of 31.2% That's been pretty constant for the last few years, I have started just about every diet around and done lots of different exercise but never seen any long term success - in hindsight I was too focused on cardio. My job means there is always good food and drink around me but it also means that I have access to all the right things as well. I also have to watch the temptation to enjoy too much of the Mos Eisley nightlife. Last year I sorted my knee out (a femoral osteotomy for those of you who might be interested) and I have about 15 years before I need to think about an artificial joint. My running days are over but I have been introduced to the joys of Cross Fit and strength training. Last night I went to bed really excited about the simple WOD I had planned for this morning and I really enjoyed the early start and simple routine this morning. It's a bit warm and humid here at the moment so most of the work over the next few weeks will be indoors but I am travelling back to the UK for my daughter's University graduation on July 13, and I really want to take on the 6 week challenge as an introduction to get me started and get in better shape. I am working on the Paleo; Atkins has always worked for me but with unpleasant side effects and I find it tough to stay on track in the long term. I have a great PT, who is now away for 10 days so I have to stay focused and welcome the support and encouragement that I see on this website and forums. After reading the definitions I have concluded I am a Ranger and have posted my challenge on the forum. Not sure if there is anyone else in Dubai but it would be great to speak to those of a similar disposition. I can offer support, humour (spelt and executed the British way, although I did spend two years at an American Embassy school in Iceland - a few similarities to Hoth..) and the benefits of the wisdom of my advancing years - Yoda level he is not. Thanks for reading this far! James
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