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  1. As the title indicates, I've been deadlifting with dumbbells (4lb threaded standard handles, around 14 inches long). The way the handles bump into each other is kind of awkward. So last night I tried loading up one dumbbell but there really wasn't enough room for me to grip it comfortably with both hands. A barbell is on my wish list, but until that becomes a reality, what's my best option here? Keep doing what I am and deal with the awkwardness? A little Googling came up with people deadlifting with the dumbbells at their sides instead of in front, but that looked more like a squa
  2. Hello there. I'm a 26yo skinny fat male, 182cm/68kg For the last many years I've been sitting in front of my PC playing games and learning programming. Since I didn't have money I couldn't afford eating burgers and stuff like that so I only ate what my mom cooked me, thanks to this I'm not overweight, but I do not have muscles while percentage of fat is pretty high I'd say (around 25%). For the last few monthes I've been doing some push ups and squats so I can do 24 push ups in a row. 5 weeks ago I was 71kg but decided to cut my calories intake (to 1500) and in 4 weeks I became ~67kg.
  3. Hello everyone! This is my very first post on the NF forums, and I'm hoping to find some help. I'm a 21 year old female, 152 lbs, and since I was in late elementary school (so about 13 or so years), I've hated my body and have never been comfortable in my own skin. I was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) and have been told that that is the reason why I've always had issues losing weight and getting healthy. I've been thinking about it lately, and I realized I never actually tried to exercise properly, and I'm just using my syndrome as an excuse as to why I haven't been able
  4. My third kid is due this week... another girl! I've been reading Nerd Fitness for a couple years. I'm still in my twenties, and as a dad I know that if I don't battle for my fitness now, it'll be a much more difficult uphill battle if I start later on in my 30s or 40s. I've got a pair of dumbbells, a barbell, and a swimming pool. Anybody else out there been in a similar situation and has seen success? I'm looking for like a group of fitness pin pals. I'm new to the boards, so you should know the nerdiest thing about me is probably my ocarina. I bought it earlier this y
  5. It's been a long time since I was on these forums and probably even longer since I took part in a challenge. I've been in a lull for quite a while, not exactly eating healthy but not being so bad that I've lost all the progress I had made last year. However, the past couple of months I've felt like absolute rubbish. Both mentally and physically. Work has been horrible and it has affected how I'm coping in my downtime. And no amount of moping at home is going to change that. So I want to change my system. I want to start getting stronger again and get back to the place where I feel
  6. Hi folks, I was so pumped up to start strength training but I realised my gym (planet fitness) as not barbells, no squat racks and have smith machines is it possible to mimic the classic 5x5 routine with dumbbells? Could someone help me with that? It would be so awesome. I can't wait to start on Monday. Cheers
  7. This may be a dumb question, but... If I'm doing a dumbbell press with two 25 lb. dumbbells, is it considered 50 lbs. since I'm using two or 25 lbs. This has always confused me and I have never thought to ask before now. There it is, my dumb dumbbells question. Thank you.
  8. World 2: The Capitol - Train for Survival 02.29.16 - 03.25.16 Target 1: Improve survival skills (work out 30+ minutes 10 times) Target 2: Eat for strength (track food/water intake 15 days on MFP) Target 3: Rest while I can (be in bed by 11pm 15 nights) Bonus: Stay flexible (stretch and hang 15 times) Starting stats (02.29.16): Weight: 189.2 lbs Body Fat: 35.5% Push Ups: 1 Pull Ups: 0 Progress Reports Target 1 Workouts Completed: 8/10 02.29 -
  9. This is my first challenge thread. My challenges may be hobbit-sized because I got off to a late start this month. But I can talk your ears off about them anyways. Diet challenge: Planning and cooking ahead of time. My weakness food-wise is the tendency to think "I can last without food until I get home" when I had lunch at 12:30 between classes and then have to go to work until 7. What invariably happens is my brain hits a wall halfway through the afternoon and I end up buying a giant cookie or some nasty cafeteria food to keep me going. Or I stop on the way home after work and buy junk foo
  10. I am running a tad behind posting my challenge. To top it off it is outlined on another computer so I am going to modify it as soon as I am able. My main goals for 2016 are to continue to loose weight, build strength, run and bike longer, do a handstand, do a pull up, and just continue to have fun getting healthier as I set a good example for my family. Okay my family and extended family loves RWBY. We have a blast watching it so I am going to have fun and do some RWBY themed challenges (bascially making them fit my goals just because it is fun). Jaune Arc – Leader of team JNP
  11. I think there is a spy among us... Hey there Warriors! I'm BlackTezca a gif crazy code Monkey that has decided to temporarily abandon my Martial Artist bodies and join in with the strong folks! You may remember me from such posts my bloody introduction From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, the uber violent and continuous macabre fest known as BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness, and the absolutely colossal and titanic grab bag quest known as BlackTezcas' 6th Trial: An Artsy, Geeky Amazon Becomes Colossal...in 5 Weeks. This time I'm ready to level from week vampire to a badass Dra
  12. I am currently doing a recomp, this is my current program: Here is what my macros will look like: Training day macros = CAL/PRO/CHO/FAT = 1600/150/150/44 On non-training days, I will drop 4 fats, 35 protein and 30 carb Non-training day macros = CAL/PRO/CHO/FAT = 1300/115/120/35 And I have a Refeed Meal once a week consisting of carb loading. (ex. spaghetti, chili, ect.) Here is my basic meal plans for training/ non-training days: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/36495-ashps-battle-log-recomp/page-2 Weight Training Program 3 times per week (M,W,F) This will be: (includi
  13. Hello to all the Rangers! This is my second challenge, and my first with the big boys and girls outside of the safety and security of the recruit forum. Exciting! *disclaimer - the theme of this challenge is NOT just an excuse to trick people into posting me scrummy pictures/gifs of Matt Smith. Quest 1: Geronimo! Complete a dumbbell workout three times a week. (Starting on NF DB Level 1). Continue working on that elusive push up! Quest 2: Come along, Pond (The happy, jolly, we're off on an adventure "come along, Pond", not the devastatingly sad, don't you dare choos
  14. Quest 1: Let’s get complicated. By which I mean, cut out simple carbohydrates (sugar, grains) from all but 18 meals during the course of the challenge. I’m interested in heading in the Paleo direction but I don’t want to make drastic changes all at once and fall off the wagon. I like Steve’s free food day a week idea, but I would like those meals to be more flexible options than a one day carb load. I am emboldened by my success with cutting out potatoes in my last (first) challenge, which was definitely helped by me bringing lunch to work (=fewer potato chips and french fries). I re
  15. Hi guys Im at home during summer and have only a pull up bar and dumbbells that go up to roughly 20kg (gym too far and cba to walk). Could anyone help me build a beginner workout plan with just this equipment? (obviously can include push ups etc too ) . Ideally would do either monday wednesday friday but im pretty flexible. Thanks
  16. Here we go. Two challenges down and onto the third. The woman who could never stick with anything, and certainly not exercising. In previous challenges, overall I did pretty well with workouts, started getting on track with lunch meals. I'm going to keep tracking those as part of this challenge to keep on top of it. I've deviated from the straight bodyweight workout, using Fitnessblender dumbbell workouts, as I found it more motivating to workout along with the videos. So: Maintenance: 3x workouts and 2x yoga a week 4x prepared lunches for work Also, I'm going to attempt a pushup c
  17. Hey all, Im now 35 and had a log here awhile ago and just now coming back on after a year or two layoff. my first venture I lost a bunch of weight and got nice and strong even though I stopped logging. I broke my foot in several places and because of a dvt(blood clot) in the same leg it took over a year to heal. it still gives me pain but some of that is due to me gaining the unwanted weight back on. I now weigh 328lbs and want to paleo and body weight myself down to about 210lbs before I start weight training again and then put on another 10-20 in lean muscle leaving me somewhere betwee
  18. Hi all, What I find most difficult by far in doing dumbbell presses is getting the weights into position, I feel like I have to settle with lighter weights than I could because of this. Are there any tricks that can make this easier? Thanks in advance!
  19. Lucky fire dragon levels up her Dance Quest 1: Level up my dance (+1STR +3DEX) - train 3x/week on the pole, signed up for LEVEL 2 course block starting beginning of March and am super excited as it took me a year to feel confident in Level 1+, literally levelling up here, wheeeeeee - keep up 15min or more of yoga 5x/ week chill-out sessions, flexibility and easing into the morning count as well Bonus level: train one new pose/week, either yoga or pole The bonus level won't get any points, but will feel good, therefore - bonus Quest 2: Level up my strength (+2STR +3STA) - trai
  20. My 2013 to 2014 photos So Chapter 1 was a mix of good and bad. I started off really well and lost it at the end. The only part of my challenge that I really succeeded in was Quest 3: Only drinking Water. So the great thing about that is I'm onto the next step for my diet plans. The other quests I had, looking back, seemed a bit too complex. I expected too much. I started off the challenge really well, simply because I was still on holiday from work. When I got back to work I realised it was so much harder to keep up with the goals I set and is one of the reasons why I think towards th
  21. Starting a new thread here to continue logging my workouts beyond the first 6 week challenge. I have been focusing on bodyweight workouts and yoga. After a bit of changing around, I have settled on the workout: 10x knee lifts 10x lunges 10x squats 10x from the knee pushups 10x leg lifts 10x burpees Then, 10x rows with weight, which I am aiming to keep increasing. Main goals are to become stronger (6 weeks ago I was weak as a day old kitten; now, maybe a couple of days old), more flexible and agile. Short term goal now is to increase strength with dumbbells from 5kg up to 10kg, and to g
  22. I almost didn't post a challenge thread this go 'round. Some other folks have created battle logs instead of the challenges while others have gone to lurking as that's what they have time for. Honestly the battle log probably makes the most sense for me. But, I opted for a challenge thread simply because it has a definite end point to use as a convenient comparison/evaluation marker. See, last challenge went well but I ran into a few overuse injuries (forearm, knee, ankle) and the week between has been a good healing time. I used that time to come up with a plan and move forward. I've tried
  23. Main quest: Reduce body fat to 25% Last full challenge I fell off the wagon around thanksgiving. I got back on it and gave myself Christmas off. But still failed my 2 week serenity challenge because of parties and friends and fun. I don’t regret it – I’m just explaining why I keep having the same goals over and over. I’d like to really string together some good weeks. Not just 4 days here then 2 days off the charts then 5 good days and etc. etc. Goal 1: Protein. (over 35%) Goal 2: Fat. (25-29%) Goal 3: Carbs. (35-45%) Grading: 6 or 7 days within goal A; 5 days B; 4 days C; <4 da
  24. My initial goal is to lose 5% body fat. In order to achieve this goal I will do the following: 1. Do dumbell weight exercises 3 times per week 2. Crossfit/yoga one-two times per week 3. Walk three times per week for 30 minutes building up to running for 30 minutes one day a week and walking 30 min two days a week
  25. I love the idea of strong lifts and squats, dead lifts, bench presses etc... but I only have dumb bells. I can't afford shelling out money for equipment though. I'm twenty.6 foot, around 168 poundsand around 20% body fat. My goal is to lose .bf while gaining strength and muscle. I'm eating at just about my caloric level. I have lots of weights for the dumbbells. I need advice as to what exercise would be best for me(variation of strong lift, bodyweight, etc...) please help, stuck at crossroads!!!
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