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  1. I sat out the last challenge and didn't keep up on the habits i had been building. I have noticed a decline in my levels of strength and fitness. I'll be keeping this quest simple and treating it like i did the first one here. This will be about getting me back into good habits, getting back to the levels of strength and fitness that i previously reached and getting back down to the weight I had reached by the end of the last challenge (I managed to put on 16lb in the 7-8 weeks I was gone, oops). I wasn't completely lazy while i was gone, I did do some work on other goals. For the last week I have been getting up at 5:30 so i could start my day off writing, as i struggled to complete tasks if i left them to late at night. This week my wife and I signed up for a gym (I hadn't gone to a gym in probably 14 years). We have gone twice this week and my muscles are still sore, so for this quest my main focus will be on going to the gym regularly. 1 - Gym sessions, at least 3 times per week. I would like to build up to going more often and having sessions that are just cardio (using the treadmill to replace my outdoor runs over winter). 2 - Stretching. I haven't planned anything out yet, so this could take any form as long as I work on becoming more flexible. At least 3 sessions per week. 3 - Writing - First thing in the morning I write. i started off doing 20 minutes, but now aim for a minimum of 500 words, but preferably go over that. Every day 4 - Meditation - After writing I sit quietly and meditate for 10 minutes. Last year I was meditating in hour long sessions, I would like to build up my meditating time again (but don't feel the need to go that long). For now I'm happy with 10 minute sessions. Every day 5 - Positivity - The last thing I do before getting ready in the morning is set up a positive attitude for the day. I use a self talk script from Zigziglar.com, use my own affirmations, write down some things I am grateful for & write out my goals for the coming year For the past few days I have also been watching happy/uplifting videos on youtube. Every day (The uplifting videos aren't part of it, but are a happy bonus). 6 - Calories - 1,800kcal daily limit. On days I exercise i add the calories burned into my tracker and allow myself to eat more, if I feel i need to, it helps me not feel deprived and means I can go out for a walk anytime I'm hungry, if I'm already close to my limit, so it also encourages me to be active. Every day My wedding anniversary will be in the middle of this challenge, so I'll be giving myself that day off from my limit, I don't plan on using it as an excuse to pig out, but i don't want to be counting calories in any meal we eat, just give myself the freedom to enjoy it. I don't have a points allocation worked out, I'll just see what I feel i deserve by the end. I'm usually a pretty harsh self critic, so won't give myself points where i don't feel I earned them. No theme this time.
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