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Found 12 results

  1. This challenge I'm going to apply everything I learned in the previous 19 challenges. It's going to be glorious Food I'm back to clean eating. I've tried it before, but failed. Since then I learned a lot: Mistakes I made in the past How I will avoid these mistakes: - Thinking I had to be perfect - I can eat something that isn't clean once in a while. It doesn't mean I messed up. I can continue eating clean immideately, not my entire day/week/challenge is ruined because of it - Tense up, holding on to tight -
  2. Hey everybody! In case you´re wondering, I took a while off and used week zero to think about life, lifting and love. Which takes me to my challenge: You´re used to me filling my threads with tons of gifs and pics (because more gifs is more gainz u know), you´ll be surprised. No funny gif themed stuff, I´ll keep it simple this time: BarbarianBassBro starts success simply living, lifting, loving - short BBBSSSLLL Quest 1) Lift 3 times a week and don´t forget the accessorys Quest 2) Eat selfcooked meals and drink at least 2 liter water, avoid fast food and
  3. 4-Week Challenge beginning Feb 1. My Main Quest for 2016 is to shed enough fat to wear size 12. To that end, my behavioral goals are: Eat Clean, Lift Heavy, Keep Score. These are basically a continuation of my January goals. Eat Clean-Follow Whole30 Meal Template at 90% compliance. Weekly: Review food journal Plan meals; shop and cook Include at least one new menu item each week Daily: Mindful--eat slowly, allowing at least 15 minutes to eat each meal Stop eating at 80% fullness--or serve smaller portions Keep daily food journal, noti
  4. If this is in the wrong area I apologize. I consider myself a druid, one wishing for a spiritual/introspective fitness and health journey. I would say that I am a spiritual person and enjoy the concepts one thinks of in the Druid's guild... I just suck at practicing them. Right now I am working towards eating clean/paleo. I love the idea of it, the freedom I perceive it to have. My problem: I don't practice it. I eat processed food every day, if only for the regulation of calories. I also enjoy eating junk, even though I know it is not good for me. Case in point: went in to the cafeteria for
  5. Well, crap. I got my dates mixed up and I thought the challenge started this week. Last challenge I did really well in the beginning and kind of dropped off, but I'm still happy I got as far as I did. Main goal: Get up to a healthy weight- I've been a shrimp all my life and Steve convinced me I don't have to live this way forever. The plan: Goal 1: 1800 calories a day I know this isn't a huge amount, but for my size I think it will work. If I do this consistently, I'll probably bump it up a bit for the next one. Goal 2: Strength training 5x a week I've found that 5 shorter,
  6. During this challenge, I'm going to be completing three separate Spartan Races: Tatooine - Las Vegas Super on 18 April. 8-10 miles, 24-29 obstacles. Endor's Moon - Montana Beast on 9 May. 12-14 miles, 30-35 obstacles. The Death Star - Miller Park Stadium Sprint on 23 May. 5k, 15+ obstacles. Doing all three Spartan Race distances in a single calendar year is a trifecta. I will earn my first this year during this challenge. I'm a little focused. My kids are probably sick of hearing about it and all my friends will probably be happy when the actual races start so I stop talking about tr
  7. I have been doing challenges with the Adventurers, but it's time I embrace my true nature and continue my training there. A little background: I am not who I used to be. I used to be this guy: That guy sucks, and I sort of despise him. He was a weak, lazy bastard who could barely run to the end of the driveway without gasping for breath, and even when doing something as low-impact as mowing the lawn, would sweat like it was raining. In late 2011, I finally grabbed at an opportunity to change and started doing group fitness twice a week at work. That was a decent start, but I was
  8. I’ve followed NF off and on for almost a year but this is my first challenge commitment! So here it goes for 2015! Background: I am a 30 year old mom of 2, struggling to figure myself out enough to grow in a “healthy†way. I used to consider myself a “country/farm†girl but now that I have a decent job/career established, I find myself behind a desk for what seems like the majority of my time. When I am not working behind the desk it seems as though I’m frantically trying to figure out how to provide nutritious meals to the husband and little people (one (the 4 year old child, has
  9. I've been knocked back with a cold the last few days so getting this up later than planned, but better late than never. I've found over my last 2 challenges that I started off really well and then had a wobble which knocked me back, causing me to miss out on completing some of my goals. So as well as my 3 quests and life goal, I'm going to aim to change this pattern. Main Quest This is still the same: to gain enough strength and stamina to complete Tough Mudder next year. Quest 1 Strength training 3 times a week 2 sessions of chin up training. (3 STR, 1 STA)I did well on this last chal
  10. Hello Rangers! Long time no see. I did a couple challenges with you fine folks in ages past, but disappeared for a while, then hung out with the adventurers and the Druids. Good times! But really, I'm a ranger. I got sucked in to signing up for a Spartan Sprint under duress (I wanted to do a Warrrior Dash with work folks, SevenFootGeek wanted to do the Spartan with nerd folks. We agreed to both do both. I feel like I was had... The Spartan is so much harder!!) and I'm totally not ready for that shit! So what do we do about it? Get ready, that's what! I gotta shed some pounds cause that will m
  11. Hello, everyone! Having finished my first challenge, I'm pleased as punch to join the Rangers for this challenge. Really, this will just be a continuation of my last quest to learn how to lift and test my limits with strength training while eating clean and stretching to prevent injury. I'm a Hobbit Bounder who's just trying to get stronger and get lean while keeping up my endurance. In real life, I'm in the military so while my personal workouts will be focused on the StrongLifts program (on week 5!), daily PT tends to focus more on cardio and circuits. This will be a fairly long post as I
  12. I joined up with the Rebellion at the start of the the previous (ending today) challenge but I haven't gotten around to writing an official introduction until now. I'm about to turn 26, average height at 5'4" and I'm currently at 148 lbs. I joined up with the Druids because I wanted to add Yoga into my routine but I've become increasingly more drawn to and motivated to do body weight exercises so I may just switch professions over to the Assassins. I'm a kids pastor and so although I have a typical nine to five job in the office during the week it's not all spent behind a desk. However,
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