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  1. Hi. I'm SheriffWolfpool. I've been a member of NF since 2012. No, for real, I've been here a long time. Been Rangering since 2015. Goes under the alias Wolfie most of the time? *Siggghhhhhhhhhhhh* I'm well known for portraying Deadpool and writing kick ass stories???? NOOOOOOOOOO! You know what...never mind. Let's just just start back from the beginning... With a little nudge to "just go for it", I've decided to end the year with a NF challenge that I stick with. I mean...it's only 3 weeks. I can do this, right?? So let's get to it!! Goal 1: Eat like a Boss (and not like an A-Hole) My eating habits have tanked a lot the last couple months. I don't blame Costco, but at the same time, I blame Costco, lol. They have so many sweets there and I have a bad sweet tooth. Heather and I both do, so, that's changing RIGHT now. No more needless sugary snacks or treats just because. I don't wanna wait till the New Year to start better habits. Those good habits start now! Points: +3 CON, + 2 CHA Goal 2: Train like a Soldier 5 months strong is what I had going for me...then I tweaked my right elbow lifting a case of mini-Cokes at Costco. Since then, I've been so spotty with my workouts. Then I got my new tattoo and took almost two weeks off. Basically, I've hit a little slump and I'm not gonna allow that to get me down anymore. Nope, no siree! Bootcamp starts NOW! Points: +2 STR, +2 DEX, +1 END Goal 3: Conquer the Holidays How does one conquer the busy Holiday season?? I doubt there's a perfect recipe for this, but for me, it's getting plenty of rest and taking it one day at a time. I'm not gonna lie, we're going to spoil our kids this Christmas. Like, really spoil them. Last year we could barely get them a $10 gift...and I know what you're thinking; that the amount of a gift doesn't matter. I would agree with you, too. But, as the leader of my family, it's my job to provide for them. I'm not working 2 jobs because it's fun. I have goals for all of us. A house is on the horizon but right now, it's making sure my kids and my wife have one of the best Christmas's ever. My last day for work at my day job is 12/20 and I'm off until 01/02/2020. Basically two weeks off! I still have to work at Costco, but that's not a hard job to work at. During these next three weeks I need to make sure I'm getting plenty of rest to compliment goals 1 & 2. Points: +2 CON, +2 END, +1 WIS So now do you remember me?? You have to know by now...? ..... F*ck it. I know who I am Wolf
  2. So, I thought I could escape the Hype of Civil War. I couldn't. As I was thinking about this challenge and my goals only one character came to mind: Captain America. Well, actually, I kinda also thought of Bucky, but I thought that his style would not suit my current quests. Maybe next time. So, small changes that need to be made, hopefully to keep and improve my health/life: Quest 1: EAT = +2 CON, +1 STR I am a bit skinny and underweight (I am in the bottom limit of both the recommended fat levels, and BMI, So I am on the verge of being "Unhealthy"). I figured it's time I did something about it. For now I'll try to eat more (Repeat a plate at lunch and dinner). At the same time I reckon that I know myself enough to know that I'll be checking what I am eating, because I'll be conscious of the fact that I am eating more. Bonus: Don't forget the Snacks for the middle of the day! +1 CON, +1 STR Quest 2: SLEEP = + 1 CON, +1 STA, +1 STR Yes, I sleep a lot less than I should. As a consequence I am currently feeling very tired, almost like I have no energy for nothing, not to study, not to play, not to do anything. So this has to change. I vow to sleep always between 7 to 8 hours. Bonus: Stop doing coffee! +1 CON Quest 3: FOCUS! +2 WIS, +1 CHA I stopped meditating, so this time, since I am feeling always drifting and not being able to focus on what I am doing, I'll need to return to this. This time, however, I am doing only a 10 minute meditation on whatever problem I am currently facing. For 10 minutes I'll sit in silence and quiet my mind and my body so that I can freely explore my problems. Bonus: Phone on Airplane mode during class! +1 WIS Quest 4: Parkour = +1 STR, +2 STA This is one is the one I will drag until completion. I need to train at least once a week, although I am going to make a conscious effort to go train more that that. I'll organize my week and my schedule in a way to make sure I'll go train parkour. I need to keep up with the Cap, of course. This time I am looking for 80% completion. If I don't do it 80% of the time 'till the end of the challenge, I'm calling it a fail. I am also still doing the Air Alert Program, so I'll stick to it as well. I am also going to reduce the amount of reports I give. So I'm thinking either every other day, or just once a week. Let's start on the 8th, full force until the end. Like Steve said: "it's either HELL YEAH or NO"... so I guess... HELL YEAH!
  3. I've been racking my brain trying to come up with a solid challenge theme, but not having much luck. I even considered just sitting this one out while continuing to work on my overall goal of building strength. However, I find I am more consistent when I have a challenge thread. So here's my five minute write-up: Goal 1 - 4 workouts per week - 2 upper body, 1 lower body, and 1 sandbag-focused Goal 2 - Practice bodyweight skills every day (pistols, handstands, one-arm push-ups) Goal 3 - Play music for 5 minutes a day, either banjo or upright bass Goal 4 - No phone/screen time after 10 PM, except for Kindle Goal 5 - Finish reading 3 books
  4. ****************Challenge 19**************** I got some advice from the CEO of a bank recently, it was simple in more ways than one, all he said was "simplify your life as much as possible". I realized last challenge that less is more, focus on the things that you are really interested in and tune out the rest as much as possible. I'm going to do less to achieve more. Goals: L. - Lifting - 3 times a week (PT does not count). Simplify the programming, go old skool, NF Barbell Battalion - Rank 1A. E. - Eating - NO sugar and full Paleo as much as possible S. - Sleeping - 8 hours+ S. - Sober. - Only drinking on 6 occasions during the 6 week challenge. Epic quest: The driver for all of this is lowering my body fat to a point where I can see abs. Right now I'm the lowest weight I have been since July 2013. My lowest weight ever since I've been on NF was 76.4kg and my lowest BF% was 16.7%. These numbers were both achieved when I was in the Adventurers Guild doing tons of walking and body weight/dumbbell exercises from the Rebel Fitness Guide. Walking is undoubtedly a fat loss weapon for me and I will be running the walking PvP again this challenge. That's it, no fancy gif's, no complex theme. Simples. But we are going to review some articles for inspiration. Saint is the main source of inspiration at the moment, what a transformation Monty Python and the Holy Abs Protein and Tetris Look like Ryan Reynolds I will also be getting a DEXA, probably this week. What gets measured gets improved.
  5. Okay so I am not a great cyclist but I love to ride. This challenge I am finally crossing off the goal of a 100 mile ride. No excuses. Here is my challenge. Goal 1 - evaluate what I eat track the food so I can analyze (using mfp)70% paleo (2 pts per 50 calories)25% real foods...items I know are working for me but not "paleo" (1 point per 50 calories)<5% processed/sugar junk. We are stuck eating some but I can balance it out and make sure that the majority of my calories are real foods or outright paleo (-1 point per 50 calories)...no one likes to loose points!Goal 2 - move it sunshine run 3 days a week (10 pts each session)strength 3 days a week (10 points each session)bike (1 point per mile) - commute, ride extra, 1-2 speed workouts a week and focus on increasing weekly distance and long ridesfun (10 points a session)...smack around tennis balls with the family, walk the dog for more than a mile, just do something not part of my training. If I am able to do 4 strength workouts then do one I normally do not do from NF website...have freaking fun!Goal 3 - get my head in the game not tracking this on the spreadsheet but I have noticed that there are times I fail/fall short simply because a voice in my head convinces me that I can not do it even when my body says "yeah its hard right now but you have more in you". I know what it is like when I do push through the mental and I can not always tell when it is in my head or it is my body saying take it easy. No good way to track it. Open to any suggestions for tracking or getting/keeping my head in the game.Yep I have it tracked on a spreadsheet and am tracking points Tracking . I even added a pie chart for each week regarding food. I found that amusing...I am easily amused. I love to work toward points as I found out in an earlier challenge. If my estimates are correct based on what is possible I am shooting for 2500 points! This will not be entirely easy but definitely achievable. I love progress bars... 0%0%
  6. Quest: Embark on Healthy Habits Current Weight: 209.8 Grade Scale: Week 1: 3 cheats Week 2: 2 cheats Week 3: 2 cheats Week 4: 1 cheats Week 5: 1 cheats Week 6: 0 cheats Goal #1: 8 Hours of Sleep Per Day Stats: Stats: +1 STA, +2 CON, +2 CHA Goal #2: Embrace a Workout Schedule This year I am signing up for my first half marathon. It won't be until September 6th for my birthday. But I want to start training for it and start building up my body. My current workout schedule is iffy. I had a trainer for 3 great years but I can't afford it financially. I ended up going to a cheaper gym, Fitness 19. But I get anxiety so I haven't stepped in yet. On the 27th of December I went in for questions, they gave me a week long guest pass but I didn't use it (I sat in my car staring at the people going in (3X!!), freaking out that they were strangers), then last night I had the hopes that by 9PM there wouldn't be anyone there. There were loads of people, so I signed up but chickened out of using equiptment. I went home and I used the treadmill. I run outside on Sundays with my mom. And I'm hoping I can workout with my dad at the gym. Monday: Running and Gym? Tuesday: Dance Wednesday: Running and Dance Thursday: Day Off Friday: Gym? Saturday: Gym? Sunday: Running and Gym? +2 STA +STR +1 DEX Goal #3: Stick to my calories (1730)! I have a semi-active lifestyle but a not so active boyfriend/mother/friends. I tend to eat pretty healthy (lots of veggies, meat, and a small quantity of carbs when I am by myself). However, I don't make the best of choices when I am around other people. And I certainly don't want to be a hermit for the rest of my life just so I can lose weight. A lot of my weight gain has to do with my thoughts. I try to eat what other people eat in terms of quantity. So let's just face the facts. I'm a short, would be petite if it wasn't for the weight, kind of girl. So I have decided first to do portion control when I eat out and yes I do eat out. Currently, I make 2 of my meals and would like to eventually make my third at home but that hasn't happened yet so instead when I do eat out I will order off the children's menu, the smaller portion's menu, or the under 500 calories menu. Stats: +1 STA, +2 WIS Life Quest: Practice Meditation for 5 Minutes a Day My anxiety and stress levels are really high at the moment. It's exahusting. So I will try something new like this: http://marc.ucla.edu/mpeg/01_Breathing_Meditation.mp3 Stats: +1 WIS, +1 CON, +1 CHA PS If you see me disappear, I'm still continuing with the challenge I just forget to update.
  7. Hello fellow Rebels! It's a new year and that means new challenges (yay) Although I wasn't posting too much last challenge (sorry) I was pottering away at my goals and was doing fairly well but then Christmas came along and I think we all know how that goes... So now I'm back and ready to start ripping into 2015! My main goal for 2015 is to try and balance all the things I want to do and achieve because I tend to find that I obsess over one thing letting others slide and go backwards and forwards with those every month or two. Here's what I want to get done then: Stay fit and healthy all year roundRun a marathon (and what you get in between)Write another bookDo some extra curricular work that means I get a few steps closer to being an editorMove out / Save UpI tried to push pretty much all these goals last year (although it was write a book, rather than another, and a half marathon instead of a full one) and I found I burnt myself out because I'd feel guilty about not doing writing when I'm at home after work then say 'fuck it' and end up not doing anything and gaming with friends at night. This year, I want to balance all of those things but not at the expense of my sanity, I like gaming with my friends, heck that's why I'm here! I like writing too and I don't want to stop, and I actually miss long distance running, it felt great to just run and run while an audiobook (I'm basically thinking of Prince of Thorns here) prattled on in my ear. So I'm going to try and build all these things up slowly but surely, proper long distances might be tricky at the moment because it's cold and dark but i'll look into circuits around my town (again, I liked just running in the countryside but blast if I'm doing that in the cold and dark). Anyway, /rant! Onto this challenge! I'm going to be basing my theme this challenge on the all singing, all dancing, all wonderful Chris Pratt! Main Goal: Turn Andy Dwyre into Starlord! Goal 1: Run 3 times a week (+2 CON +1 DEX +1 STR) I haven't signed up for a marathon just yet but at the moment I'm trundling along with 5km runs after work, so I want to run 3 times per week and hopefully be at a 5 mile regular run by the end of the challenge. Bonus points for doing 5km in under 30 minutes and 5 miles in under 45! Goal 2: Strength Training at least twice a week (+3 STR +1 DEX) As ever we all want to get stronger! Just like Starlord looks... So at least 2 strength training sessions per week, which I tend to do fairly easily during the week as I just go out for exercise (almost) as soon as I get in from work, but I do want to try and add in sprint training as part of the warm up. This will just consist of 4-8 sprints and then jogging home to do the actual exercise. I used to do this and I think it worked very well in slimming me down too. Here’s to trying it again! I’ll try with just 4 at first and then add one more each week. Some mini goals with this is that I'd love to get my pull/chin up numbers to 10 at once and if I can move on past diamond push ups but I wont rush headlong into that one. Goal 3: Eat Space Food (+3 CON) Well maybe not space food! But this is just about eating healthier, I’m sure we’ve all overindulged a little bit over the holiday and this is just about getting back to where I want to be. I don’t think I’ll count calories because I think that if you look after what you eat then how much you eat tends to fall into place anyway (or at least it does for me because I usually only have 2 meals a day). So the concrete definable goal: eat 70%+ paleo It’s the return of the ever-beloved Non-Paleo-Tokens or NPTs and for each meal I eat that doesn’t fall under paleo guidelines I use up a token, also evenings of drink will only use up one token, and I get 34 NPTs in total to use. Goal 4: Write 8,000 words a week (+2 CHA +2 WIS) I figure 8,000 words a week isn't too ambitious as it's just over 1,000 words a day (which I should be able to do if I concentrate for an hour or two everyday or even most days) and by the end of the challenge I should have half a book, and if I keep it up by the end of the year I should have enough words for a couple of books! I'll keep a running total in my updates and see how it goes! There we have it! My challenge for the New Year! Don't worry about the pizazz the gifs shall be coming later!
  8. Last challenge I found myself a little bit vague and wandering, lacking a sense of purpose. Without set restrictions on what I could and couldn't eat I found myself indulging more and eating more stuff I knew I shouldn't be. I still made improvements physically - running for longer and doing more push ups - but I know I can do so much better. So this challenge I'm going to be focussing on improving my physical form more then any higher consciousness type challenges typically found over at the Druids. Shape shifting as a druid requires a certain knowledge about one's true form… And mine has gotten a bit hazy and well, pudgy. If I am to be the best druid I can be I need to know what my body is capable of, push those limits as far as they can go, and make those new limits my norm. Hence me joining the ranks of the Rangers this time to really buckle down and put some serious hours in. I don't want to be "sort of" or "kinda" fit, I want a clearly defined body shape with clearly defined muscles, as well as knowing my body's abilities. I want to put a number on my deadlifts and squats, and I want to have a total of exactly how many push ups I can do, and pull-ups (eventually) instead of this "I can lift some weight sometimes!". No more. No more of this vagary flaky "I might do this but I might not" shenanigans, I'm Keeping It Simple (Stupid!) This time around. Them's The Rules! Eat. Intermittently. Between 12pm - 9pm 7 days a week. (42 days) STA +4 I prefer to have a coffee for breakfast and eat bigger at lunch and dinner, so I'm going to experiment with this this challenge. I was going to try primal again but apart from making me fat if I have too much, my body doesn't have a problem with bread and dairy, so I will allow them but limit my intake. I've worked my way off milk anyway, but bread is something I haven't been able to give up yet. So instead of that I'm going to try fasting. I'll also count my calories for at least the first two weeks and see exactly what I'm eating and what I need to change. I've been too vague on this too. TDEE: 2000cal. I'll be aiming for around 1800cal every day so hopefully slowly I shed the little bit of excess fat around my stomach, and go from there. Motivation: I want to stay around 15-17% BF, eating enough protein and fat to help my body recover and build muscle and keep me healthy. Sleep. (42 nights) CON +4 7.5hours a night. Every night. No exceptions. Getting to bed by 11 should give me more then enough hours sleep and I might even coax myself into get up earlier. If this isn't long enough after two weeks I'll up it to 9 hours. Motivation: I want to feel awake when I get out of bed. I want my morning coffee to be optional, not a necessity. I want to be able to spring out of bed and greet the day. Run. 3 days a week. (18 days) DEX +4 Finish my C25K program, move onto a 10k program as that is staggered nicely and I feel like I'm accomplishing something. Otherwise if it's raining and cold outside 2 HIIT workouts spaced throughout the day. Motivation: Rule #1 is cardio. Lift. 2 days a week. (12 days) STR +2, STA +1 Deadlifts and squats etc, bodyweight workouts, the Rebel Outcast Workout etc. Keeping up my motivation for actually doing hardcore exercise is hard for me, hence the extra stamina point awarded for completing this. Motivation: I want to be able to deadlift and squat my own body weight. I want to be able to do 20 push ups. And I want to do a chin up. At least one. I'll will be keeping track daily through my Battle Log (Starting from around page 19) and update here weekly with my scores for each section. Also for a change I made myself a pretty spreadsheet to colour in and type numbers into which you are welcome to look at. And I've also made an MFP account to log food. All the accountability! Starting Stats: I'm not expecting these to change a whole lot, but out of interest I'd like to see if anything changes, and where on my body it does. Weight: 64kgs Measurements (in cm) Neck: 32 Chest: 72 Waist: 69 Hips: 85 Thigh (both): 51 Upper arm (both): 27 BF %: 17.2 Deadlift: 20kgs Squat: 11kgs Push ups: 1x7 Pull ups: 0
  9. Level 5: Laying Down the GroundWORK. Hello there!!! I come join you from the Ranger forum, as I’m focusing more on lifting than ever before. Got some help from Chairohkey and I’ve got a new program to try out (so far going very well). My overarching goal is to get down to under 15% bodyfat and keep it that way. Currently, I’m around 29-30% after taking a BodPod test about a month ago. I’m about a pound or two lighter than I was then. So I still have 15% of fat to trim, or 30lbs to lose. I’m currently around 204-205 lbs at 5’ 11â€. It’s going to be a long journey, as I hope to do this without losing as lot of lean mass (only 145lbs right now). Why do I do this? This little guy and his mom. And because I want to be a jacked beast for the rest of my life. Done being the fat guy. Done with being ashamed of my body. Done with not doing things because I can’t keep up. Done with can’t. So for this challenge, I want to do a few things, most of which I’ve been doing already but are changing slightly. GOAL 1 - LIFT Follow my new plan, and eventually start going to the gym 4 days a week. This is difficult because with a baby boy at home, my time is limited with work and the gym. Currently I go MWF, right after work. I want to change that to MT,ThF with W as a rest day for two reasons. 1= Rest and 2=My wife likes to go to church on W as she volunteers with the youth group. This will allow me to spend one on one time with the boy and give her a much needed break (because she is awesome). Over the course of these 6 weeks, I’ll transition to this schedule. I may just jump right in and try it out the first week. GOAL 2 - EAT LESS Since I’m trying to lose body fat, I’m at a caloric deficit. Currently at 1960ish calories with a macro split of 200g PRO / 150g CHO / 60g FAT. These are flexible. I weigh my food but I’m fairly lax on strictness. The big one is hitting protein and at least 100g of carbs while keeping fat down. I eat mainly primal, as a lot of grains and milk do have a significant affect on my bowels. The hard part is weekends when I usually run out of pre-made food. My goal is to reign it in on the weekends and make some better decisions. GOAL 3 - SPRINT This is straightforward. Sprinting increases the metabolism, and helps speed up fat loss. I’ll be doing this twice a week on my upper body days. Monday and Thursday. This should be plenty to help me along. I’ve done it so far and this week and last, and it’s helping. LIFE GOAL - BACKYARD In May, I’ll be starting up my Master’s classes. I took a break this past semester due to my volunteer work and the new baby. With that, and my work and gym time, I’ll have very little time to feed myself and be with my son and wife. Right now my backyard is a mess. It’s essentially just dirt. Boys need to be outside, and I want to get the lawn going. I put in sprinklers a while back, but never got to the grass part. So over the course of this challenge, I’ll be working towards having a green lawn.I plan to follow this schedule. Hopefully faster than this but at least this. Week 1: Ensure sprinklers still work. Week 2: Level out the ground, as best I can. Week 3. Water ground to soften. Begin tilling. Week 4. Till in compost, and fertilizer. Week 5. Seed. Week 6. Profit? I can do this. I hope you can keep me motivated. I know I’ll need it. I’ll post up measurements and photos this weekend.
  10. Terinatum Breaks Inertia Yea, that's right, I'm moving... somehow?! Move, Eat, and Sleep. I spiraled pretty bad this time, life has been very chaotic, and I am having a tough time restarting. But still I am here! HA! Goal 1: Move checking mail, laundry, cleaning a room, doing a few dishes, getting out on the porch, take a walk One thing per day for first week, two for second week, etc… Grading - 35/42 days - A 28/42 days - B 21/42 days - C 14/42 days - D ** At least six of the days will be in weeks 5 and 6. Those are my tough mudder weeks (where I wash out). Goal 2: Sleep get to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning. In bed and everything off by 11pm and wake up at 7am. I may need to keep taking my sleeping meds for a few weeks, but I still can stick to the time schedule. Grading - 35/42 days - A 28/42 days - B 21/42 days - C 14/42 days - D Goal 3: Eat no more eating in bed. I will utilize the kitchen (even though it doesn't feel like mine). Bonuses will be removing packaged cookies from my diet again and a cooked meal for myself will be a gold star! Grading - 35/42 days - A 28/42 days - B 21/42 days - C 14/42 days - D Life Goal: Pack I've been so focused on finding a place so I can get out that I haven't bothered to actually go through my things and pack. We split up the holiday decorations the other day, but that's it so far. Plus I need to thin out my personal belongings some. I will do one thing per day that gets me ready for my new place. From getting boxes, tape, labels to giving away things and packing up items I will not use between now and my move. Grading - 35/42 days - A 28/42 days - B 21/42 days - C 14/42 days - D Good luck to me and all of you! Cheers!
  11. I'm trying to keep a (mostly) Paleo diet during this 6 week challenge, but there is a big hurdle coming my way; OBSTACLE, THY NAME IS THANKSGIVING! What are some good Paleo alternatives to some of the less Paleo-rific foods like stuffing, Hollidaise sauce, etc...? Any suggestions?
  12. I'm very excited to starting my second challenge, and I have to say how awesome NF is for getting me to work out like I've been in the past few weeks. I never, ever thought I would be stoked about buying a heavier barbell (or even using a barbell) but I AM. Got a new one yesterday. So excited to start using it. Here are some stats on my goals and current position. I'd appreciate any encouragement - I thrive on words and my family, while supportive, doesn't say much about my fitness goals and it's kind of discouraging feeling like I'm doing this alone. Help me, Rebels! MAIN GOAL Reduce bodyfat percentage and increase muscle. GOALS Get strong enough to do real pushups. I'm astoundingly weak-armed, and can barely pull off one regular pushup, so I will be working on pushup progressions in the next 6 weeks by adding them to my already established strength training workout routine 3x per week. Dance! I will dance 2x per week (alternating with my strength training workouts) for at least 30-45 minutes. I find dancing enjoyable so it's a good way to get in a workout that feels like a reward for having done strength training the previous day. Eat more Paleo. I've been having some stomach problems (mainly killer acid reflux) so I'm going to cut out most non-Paleo foods to see if that will help me. I will also continue drinking lots of water because it's good for me! Specify my career goals. I've been freelancing as a graphic designer for the past year and there are pros and cons about it. I've been considering going back to working at a company but I'm on the fence about it. For the next 6 weeks I will continue to freelance but I will carefully monitor my work habits so I can decide at the end of the 6 weeks if I want to keep freelancing or not. Yikes!
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