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Found 8 results

  1. Just like the title says, I have no idea what I'm doing. Usually I have a whole bunch of challenge ideas but I've been procrastinating and drawing a blank. Well not really procrastinating, I just have no idea what I want to accomplish this year fitness wise. This challenge I'm going to try to hit some basic goals and figure out what I want out of this year. Challenge Goals 1. Save Money - Save $85 2. No fast food - Avoid Fast Food - Will allow 5 slip ups. I'm not a saint! 3. Donate Plasma - Donate at least 4x this month. I was sick last mont
  2. I'm looking to be as strictly Paleo as I possible and maximize my diet related fitness gains in every way. I'm a very "all or nothing" kind of person. I know myself, and if I have one Oreo, bagel, or Dorito, it will become the whole bag/box/shelf. I am currently eating 99.5% Paleo. Examples include, but are not limited to: 1. Absolutely no soda, ever. 2. No store bought juices. 3. Straight black coffee only. 4. Tea with nothing added, no sugar, no honey, nothing. 5. Absolutely no grains or wheats, including no rice, white or brown. 6. No regular brown potat
  3. Here's where I start. I'm 43, and weigh 210 lbs. I'm 4'11". Time to begin. Here's what I ate today. Not bad, but not great. Breakfast - Sausage Egg McMuffin, no cheese. I put peanut butter and jam on the english muffins and eat the sausage and egg separately. 1 med coke zero. Yes, I'm a coke zero junkie. Lunch - Turkey chinese salad. veggies with dip. 1 small bag of butter chicken lays chips. wanted to see how they tasted, not bad. 1 bottle coke zero. Again, it's an addiction. Dinner - Bowl of french onion soup from Panera Bread and baguette. Didn't drink anything. I need t
  4. Hello and welcome! I've come to the realization that oftentimes, it isn't WHAT we eat, but HOW we eat that is the biggest problem when it comes to food. Mindless eating happens for many reasons; boredom, social interaction, emotions, etc. For myself, I've noticed two very prominent patterns for my mindless eating: 1 - Depriving myself of the foods I love most like bread and sugar. I tend to label certain foods as "banned" and then try to come up with "healthier" alternatives. When it comes down to it, my brain (and stomach) wants what it wants, and eventually I feel the need to binge o
  5. Here I am, after a week off - and, unfortunately, also an off week. I fell off the wagon and had a major relapse into stress / emotional eating, and I need to get a grip on that. I had been doing much better at the beginning of this year, but now that the stress level is rising, those pesky Sugar Monsters are showing their ugly mugs again. My Main Quest is still basically the same - improve my overall health and get fitter and stronger in the process. Goal 1: Keep fighting to get rid of the Sugar Monster. Again. +2 CON +2 WIS I need to dust off those sugar-monster-slaying swords Kiwi gave me
  6. My main quest - getting healthy and strong - has not changed, but since I have found a basic workout routine that works for me, and my eating habits have improved a lot during those last couple of weeks, I will have a different focus this time. Since this challenge will end one week before my 20th high school reunion, this is the perfect time to look back at where I was 20 years ago, in terms of health and fitness. Would I like to be there again? Yes and no, actually... Which brings me to the goals for this challenge: 1. Flexibility - 20 years ago, I was better "flexible like a mutant" m
  7. Okay, I have some explaining to do about the title. For me, the biggest issue with being healthy comes from my eating habits. Whether I need to eat or not, there's this hunger in me. Now, I'm channeling the hunger into something positive and establishing the right habits so I can transform. Goal 1: Cut down on the dough, sweets and needlessly processed foods one step at a time. Right now, introduce an entirely healthy meal for breakfast, reduce bread intake to one meal per day, eat more vegetables at lunch and conquer between-meal snacking. - Monday has been good on this, because I have re
  8. Okay, here we go. My second challenge. ... Feels good to be under the pressure of a challenge again, it gives me motivation because I know this is my own self-imposed pressure. No culture demands, family assumptions, or perfection seeking going on here! ... I'm searching for self-congratulations and personal responsibility. I feel like I'm at a tipping point in my life. I have gained amazing goals in my mental health and my contentment gauge is usually steady. It's refreshing and makes the challenges enjoyable. I feel like I'm doing an experiment instead of a chore. I want to work hard. Now, I
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