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Found 5 results

  1. Jazzy started as something hit her on the head. She wished she could say that she had been meditating —she was sitting in the correct position, after all; hands on her knees, legs folded in front of her, back… slouched, chin on chest— buuuuut, she had been asleep. Not even in a very comfortable position, either. Who slept like that? He, apparently. She never knew it would be possible. She shook her head, blonde bangs falling away from her face for a brief moment before falling back into their original place. Searching for the thing that hit her, she found a bottle on the ground in front
  2. I want to say thank you to everyone that helped encourage me last time, and everyone that will follow along this time. It really helps. My life atm is a bit chaotic, I have 2 more weeks of 14+ hour days. Then I should be back to a more normal schedule. My last challenge was all about maintaining some resemblance of fitness in the midst of this work schedule. I did that by incorporating some activities into my daily activity. I like that and plan to carry some over. Paint by numbers, were always fun as a kid. I also like the idea of tracking numbers ( as long as it doesn't g
  3. MAIN QUEST To obtain the goal I set out to accomplish when I was 16. I want to get down to 137lbs and feel good when I see myself in the mirror. I want to accomplish this before my 24th birthday. (January 10) GOALS 1) Work out 3x a week (or 3hrs a week) A: Work out Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday - for 3 hours total B: Work out Tuesday, Thursday & TBD day - AND/ OR for 2 hours total C: Work out Tuesday, Thursday & TBD day - for undetermined amount of time D: Work out 2x in a week - for undetermined amount of time My plan this time is to complete the BBWW as well as my own 30 day
  4. I am glad i found this site. I have learned a bit . I really feel lost on how to move from my junk food world to the cave man world. With the holidays I love to eat. Been slowly working to move to more healthy way of living just. lost on who to follow or is there a middle ground. Like can i make my own bread and then make stuffing? Or can i make pudding using eggs and cream and raw honey? I mean i read the read they all say something different. If make my own pasta and cracker using almond flour and other nut flours? Ok so you know i am 440lbs and moving is a hard thing for me cant re
  5. So this is my first challenge, and I'll appreciate input from the Rebellion. (Repost from Challenge goals thread) I'm focusing on forming new habits, in fitness and eating. I think I should start small, because it's a long journey, and I don't want to break down partway. 1. Form a solid, three workout days a week schedule. This includes doing 10 minutes of yoga 3 times a week ( 7.5 minutes for flexibility, 2.5 minutes for abs); Angry Birds workout twice a week, and going to the gym three times a week (I've been averaging twice a week, and sometimes thrice so far). I started this this week, a
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