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  1. "Demons made of snow and ice and cold...The ancient enemy. The only enemy that matters." Hi everyone! This is only my second challenge and I can’t wait to start. Recently I’ve been reading lots of A Song Of Ice And Fire, so I decided to use this as my theme (finishing book 4, no spoilers please!). I always pictured Rangers of this forum as the Rangers of the Night’s Watch anyway. I’m not one of those uber creative peoples so I won’t be writing any short stories for you, though. Anyway, here we go. Previously: During my first challenge, I almost completely changed my diet to Paleo. Also, I did bodyweight workouts and swimming. Started going going to kettlebells (which I absolutely love). I had my ups and downs but I think I did rather well. Feeling much stronger. “You'll find truth in your looking glass, not on the tongues of men.†Main Quest Get stronger and fitter, simple as that. I would emphasize stronger, as I’ll be doing more strength than cardio training this time. (We all heard three blasts of horn - the Others are approaching and I don’t think I can outrun them, better use my dragonglass dagger then.). I know I should add 'lose weight' but I think that it'll just sort itself out because I feel I'm on a right path here. “Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water.†Wee goals 1. Strength. Continue kettlebell training twice a week. Also, do either bodyweight or barbell training in gym twice a week. So: strength training 4 times a week altogether. 2. Endurance. Swim 6km per week. I know it’s not a lot but I figure it’ll be enough for me with all the other things. Also, I’ll be able to spread my training into as many days as I wish. 3. Diet. I’ve been eating Paleo now everyday more or less (I did eat lots of ice cream during my holidays). I’m thinking maybe I should just set a number of non-Paleo meals I could eat per week. Let’s say it’s 5 (includes everything non-Paleo, from one ice cream cone to a meal that has potatoes in it). I also want to try at least one new recipe per week, but this is just a side thing. “My old grandmother always used to say, Summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever.†Life goal To be honest, I’m already doing so many things at the moment that I don’t want to add anything else (thanks to NF for inspiring me to actually do things). Maybe one would be: paint a painting that I myself would be at least 50% proud of. That’s a lot, since I’m a big critic to myself. Exceptions: I might be away for a week on a hiking trip so I won't be able to train as my plan goes. However, I'll be hiking ALL DAY every day for 7 days so I think that should suffice. Yay West Highlands Way. I'll keep my meals as Paleo as possible. Motivation: New semester starts in September and I want to join the swimming club at my uni. To be able to do that, I need to feel fit enough. Also, the gym will be fuller then (I use gym at my uni) and I want to feel confident enough to use weights with all the stronger people around me. Motivation nr 2: Going away on holidays to see my family from 5th of September, it would be great to hear that I changed somehow! Measurements: Hips: 115cm Waist: 73cm Arm: 34cm “Hodorâ€
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