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Found 4 results

  1. It's that time again! The Scottish Nerds are putting on a European meet-up and inviting everyone else to come play with us. There will be lifting and yoga and walking and gaming and drinking and eating and cooking (and hopefully some sleeping) and all in the gorgeous and fantastic city of Edinburgh. The dates are provisionally 7-9 October following a Doodle poll and ideas for the weekend are currently running as follows: Friday night: meet, eat and game - Possibly at Wings Edinburgh (they do have veggie options, but the main thing they have is multiple retro gaming consoles and lots of very unhealthy foods and drinks)Saturday: options for lifting, yoga, walking, climbing, running, cooking and eatingSunday: brunch and farewells.We'll be putting together a little organising committee (and will add their names to this post once confirmed) but there's no limit to the fun we can have!
  2. I'm quite late to introducing myself to the forums, so you may already have met me on Facebook (Kat) or IRC, where I'm also Happytin. Who Am I? I am a 29 year old agender (which means I have no gender - I find the concept entirely alien - and prefer "they") person living in Edinburgh, UK. I live with my partner, nighteyes, and our small cat, Lyra, who is like a dog in a slinky pussy cat body. I started life on hard and only recently got to grips with my play style. I am very short-sghted and blind in my left eye. I have severe OCD, chronic migraines, and am prone to depression. This meant that my childhood and teenagehood was spent in bed, at the hospital, suspended from school, and then expelled. This eventually landed me with a compound fracture in my left leg, a broken wrist, three cracked ribs, a cracked cheekbone, and a year of rehab before I could walk again. Now though, I'm on great medication for my OCD and migraines, have had years of physio, have a good party with nighteyes and my therapist, and I'm starting my adventures. This just goes to show that getting the right support system is key to success. Talk To Me About I read a LOT of books. You can find me on Goodreads if that's your thing, and I am always interested in what people are reading. Recently I've been reading Spinoza's treatise, John Irving's Avenue of Mysteries, and The Just City by Jo Walton. I'm very into sociopolitical and economic fantasy. Point me at some and let me fly. I game on my PC and also own a Wii U and N64. I'm currently playing Cities:Skylines, Deponia, Civ V, and holding myself back from another trip to Skyrim. Nintendo owns my heart. Zelda, Starfox, and Mario are my games of choice. In fact I love Zelda so much I have a triforce tattooed on my inner wrist. Majora's Mask and I do not speak, however. I studied Human Geography at university. This means I know a bit about, and am incredibly interested in: politics, sociology, economics, ethics, social justice, settlement, industry, global relations, colonialism, imperialism, religion. Wikipedia and I hang out a lot. Rebel Base Level I've been a sneaky part of the rebellion for a month now, but here's where I started. Weight: 142lb Fitness: I attended a swimming class once a week but otherwise did no exercise apart from walking into town. Nutrition: I tried hard to eat well but binged frequently. I did Whole30 a lost 16lb but then struggled to progress afterwards - I ate to celebrate and ate to commiserate. I drank three or more mugs of coffee each day. Mental Health: I quit my job in December because it was incredibly stressful and I hated it. There followed six months of being very ill with migraines and trying to work out medication. I felt a failure for not working, bored at home, and anxious about my financial security. Play: I spent most of my leisure time playing computer games. This resulted in a lot of neck and shoulder pain. I also read. Happiness: 4/10 Ranger Initiation My build is naturally a ranger and my background has included martial arts, rowing, army cadets, and high school achievement, so it makes sense to continue this history of breadth and adaptability. I am following the career paths of Diplomat and Cat-Whisperer. Since joining the rebellion I have: Got a new part-time job I enjoy Learned to do a wall handstand Started practising piano 10 minutes a day Begun the academy workouts Beaten General DOMS Registered to study for a Certificate in Counselling Skills Taught Lyra to get into her carry case Taught Lyra to appear when I summon her Taught Lyra to sit every time I ask, even without a treat Made a budget and started monitoring my expenses Started meditating for 15 minutes each day Lost 9lb Switched from soy milk to black coffee Dropped to two mugs of coffee a day You can find my current quests on my character page. Would Like To Meet I'm currently looking for a new swimming buddy in Edinburgh, preferably at the Dalry baths. I'd love to talk to swimmers in general, whether you're an otter or a puppy paddler (I tend towards the puppy) and need some cheerleaders to force me to get in the pool more than once a week.
  3. As part of a quest to encourage one another, it was agreed that we'd form an accountabilibuddy group for Nerds in Scotland. I'll try to arrange a meet-up during this challenge, but the aim of this group is to know that there is someone who can physically come and kick your backside if you disappear for too long (I'm looking at you, CrackerWatson!). No limit on numbers, but you must be based in Scotland. SpecialSundae - Edinburgh/Fife/fully willing to kick people's arses in Glasgow tooFinisterre - EdinburghSarah Barr - EdinburghCrackerWatson - EdinburghHonorary member: Elinox (Because we love you too)
  4. Hey European NF folks! The wife and I are heading to the UK for a trip in the coming month or so and won't mind meeting a few like minded folks. We're heading to London for a few days then taking the train to Edinburgh for a while before heading back to London then home. We know we'll be going to Draughts in London as it seems to be semi-near our hotel and looks like a nifty place to spend some time. Even if you're not in London/ Edinburgh if you've been and have suggestions for to-dos we'll take those too!
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