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Found 15 results

  1. So, uh, I'm not entirely new to the world of fitness. I started doing more exercise about 8 months ago. I now do strength training 3 times a week, cardio 3 times a week, and martial arts 2-3 times a week. However, recently I've gotten majorly off track with my diet. Since I've been doing exercise and healthy eating basically by myself, I was hoping I could find someone online, so I wouldn't feel as lonely. I would just like someone to talk to about diet, and to make sure I'm doing my strength and cardio training correctly (since I'm doing it alone). And also to talk about Steven Universe, if there are any other fans out there. I would really just like someone to talk to. A little more about me, I'm a female in college. I'm hoping to study biology of some kind, but we'll see. I enjoy knitting, Pokemon, cartoons, and I'm a huge book nerd. If you wanna talk, I'm your gal!
  2. Hi all! I saw the Doodlies already have a thread, but as it's for Doodlies only I figured I'd make one for the non-Doodlies. This thread is for people looking for one or more accountabilibuddies to help them with the upcoming 4 Week Challenge. Post a link to 4WC thread, a brief overview of your goals for this challenge, and what you would like from an accountabilibuddy. Remember: You don't have to have matching goals to be an accountabilibuddy! All you need to have is some pom-poms and a willingness to cheer someone else on through the challenge.
  3. I'm pretty much a newb who has been dabbling at this for a bit. I am also making my way down this path of fitness and I'd be happy to offer encouragement and support. Sometimes I need a push in the direction of a little more structure, but I like advice and I'm open to it. I have fitness goals - namely get strong enough to do pull ups, deadlift my body weight, and lose 60lbs this year. That being said, most of my support is long distance (family in another state) while the people close, namely my husband is doing his best to be encouraging. His family (in state) is my biggest group of haters. He is remodeling the house with his father who is very unsupportive and dismissive of me. It's been a long haul for this introverted homebody to watch the guys tear my house to studs and redo pipes and electric. I was pregnant for 8 months of it and now they're still going strong and my baby is a 9-month old. I hope that doesn't sound like I am too whiny to be an encourager. I guess what I mean is that I think it makes me tenacious. I dig deep to ground and encourage myself and my husband, but I am looking for someone to talk fitness shop and encouragement and goals with away from the rest of things. I'm 29 and working my way back from 210lbs to a weight I can't remember being (150lbs.) I work full time and then have the little one, but I squeeze in workouts wherever I can. It's not easy and it's not my dream (which is to have my space and some peace n quiet with a home gym and fancy equipment of course!) but it's a damn sight better than it could be and I am proud of myself. And all I'm going to worry about is moving forward. So if you're looking for an online partner or someone to touch base with from time to time, let me know. If you're good or I don't sound like a match to where you're headed, that's cool too. Thanks for reading. Keep being awesome!
  4. Hi Rangers! I'm Sky Elvenword and I am here with an invitation! As part of my first Rebel challenge, I created a backstory for my character, in which she discovers her true identity as the daughter of two visionary scholars who died trying to bring enlightenment to a backward people. She joins a group of Rangers who also happen to be students or scholars; and together they are going back to the savage borderlands and try again to bring education and progress to these people (actually hobbits). I was thinking about this story last night at 1AM, and I started wondering if any of my fellow college / university / graduate students here on NF would be interested in forming a loosely coalesced "Scholar Ranger Corps". I have no expectations that this would involve any extra duties or challenges; but we could put it in our signature lines if we liked, and have a thread in each challenge where we supported each other's quests to pursue health/fitness and academic achievement at the same time. Eventually we could figure out a way to work this into our challenges if people were interested. What do you think? Would anyone like to create a Scholar Ranger Corps?
  5. short time lurker, first time poster i plan on jumping on the next challenge, but for now i'm starting on my LVL 1 quests as i go from rebel to ranger! Main Quest: be able to run a 5k in the next 6 months, lose fat and gain muscle and become stronger. bonus main quest - look better while cosplaying. diet: reduce fast food/processed food by 50% i work 4am-1pm at a retail giant, so lunches are more like breakfasts and it's hard to eat healthy. time to start meal prepping at least 3 days a week! replace processed snacks with a healthy protein, fruit, or vegetable adding one extra because i've been trying to do it anyway, so now it's officially official! swapping out one soda a day with water. fitness: complete NF bodyweight exercise program at least 1-2x a week. level up your life: five minute daily dance party floss at least once daily in the next month or so, i'd like to go from a rebel as i respawn (been on and off the fitness wagon a few times) to a ranger.
  6. I'm told this is where I start, so here goes. I'm a drow. I grew up in the passive agressive, down and dirty, cut throat world. I learned quite a few skills there, but what I learned most of all is that I hated it. I hated the politics. I hated the backstabbing. Not to mention, I HATE lies and secrets. This dark society just wasn't for me. Problem. I had troubles with sunlight. Migraines, illness, dizziness, pain. This was the first wave of a whole slew of problems. Did you know that if you try to communicate with a surface dweller using nothing but sarcasm and passive aggression, that they don't react the way they should? I've met many races, and many different rebels and adventurers, npc's and more. I've found that very few understand the headspace of those of us from the darkness underneath. Huh. I commited myself to learning about this surface world and how it works. Once I got past the initial problems with sunlight, the communication barriers, and the change in air quality, I started to see colors. This world had so many colors. So many people. So many places. So much more variety. So here is the...well not the beginning, as my journey began many years ago. This is the beginning of book one. Not book one as in "the first book". This book one is what comes after the hobbit. This is my fellowship of the ring. This is where I start becoming aware and making my own choices. So I'll start with the challenge. I, Ayancia (for now) resolve to start here: I will replace one processed snack every day with something natural. I will eat one vegetable with one meal per day. (At least) I will walk every day, and that's not including my normal transit walking. I will meditate. Every. Day. Something has to help me get used to this surface world. So, if you can see it in your heart to trust and encourage this wayward Drow, it would be much appreciated. (Though don't be surprised if I'm unsure of how to show my appreciations to you surface dwelling creatures.)
  7. Introduction: I’m Strider (yep, a Tolkien fan from way back in the day) and like the idea of how the name plays off of “small stepsâ€. I’m on the upper side of 40’s and have passed the point where my metabolism fell off and my desire for tasty food increased. Looking to lose 10+ lbs and 2 inches around my waist. I think that’s do-able in 4 weeks. To get there I’m going to: FIRST REBEL CHALLENGE: Diet Goals: · Substitute one sugary coffee drink per day for black coffee or tea. “One does not simply walk into Mordor.†No kidding! That path goes by the Keurig! · Be at or below my calorie goal for the day 5x a week “What about second breakfast?†Let alone anything with peanut butter and chocolate! Fitness Goals: · Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 3x a week “…for thy labours and thy cares will be heavy, but in all it will support thee and defend thee from weariness.†Not easy for an old guy that avoids pain like I do. · Meet my daily step goal 5x a week “You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.†Easier than it sounds, not nearly as hard as I make it. Level Up Your Life Goals: · Journal one page every day “There and back again.†To keep my sanity, I’ll need this! Overall, I think I need the encouragement that this group can provide. So that when I struggle and want to give up, a chorus of voices helps me so that I rise up and say: “A day may come when the courage of men fails… but it is not THIS day.†Strider
  8. Breakthroughers, it's our time! All those who want to better themselves, get healthy, and be a part of the best team ever welcome! Introduce yourself, tell us your challenge goal, and give us your why. I'm Jerem The Great. I'm the inventor of such wonders as the kale-puccino. My challenge goal is to hit the gym at least twice a week, lose 3% body fat, and eat better, which is all tied into bodybuilding. Why? Because late this coming summer, my wife wants to be pregnant, and I don't want to be the dad that can't play with his kid. Because my wife deserves a strong, dependable husband who isn't constantly uncomfortable with his body. Because I deserve to look and feel good for the first time since puberty. I deserve the best I can give me.
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Carter and I am a 33 year old woman living in St. Augustine, FL. I say 'woman' as it's my birth gender, but I associate with the male gender, so there's that. I usually call myself a guy/man, etc. BUT, with that out of the way - I am glad to be here! Nice to meet everyone. I have always been a long-time athlete. From a very early age I have ALWAYS worked out, been active, eaten well, etc. I actually have taken it too far in my youth and was not only anorexic, but an exercise bulimic. I have since gotten back to weight and found a healthy balance of diet and exercise. I have always been a swimmer, a runner, a surfer, a weight lifter, but I just seem to 'not care' anymore. As soon as I turned 30 - it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm Lazy now. And I enjoy sleeping until the late afternoon/early evening. Waking up, showering, eating and doing nothing. It's the total opposite of how I have been my entire life. I want to change it and get back to working out, doing water sports (like kitesurfing, etc.) but I am ALWAYS hungry and have absolutely 0 energy. What is happening to me? I used to be a Scout who became a Warrior and now I am looking to turn myself into a Ranger. Any advice? Encouragement? Words of Wisdom? Please help a comrade in arms. Thanks.
  10. Welcome All Who Enter Here The 6-week challenge is upon us again, are you ready? Although the time of knights and dragons is over, until we turn on the consoles and PC , we still battle against our own personal demons, dragons, monsters, and sin. This group is dedicated to keeping God first, and helping each other battle those forces of evil. After all, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working." (James 5:16) Just because we are soldiers under God's command doesn't mean we are to do it alone. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year coming around the corner our goals, whatever they may be, will be tested. 1. You can sign up at the link, in the Cross Guilds section. 2. Put your goals up 3. I'll put your name down as a member! That easy! I'll put up daily devotions, and it's not mandatory but discussions about it are encouraged. Also a prayer list will be put up to, everyday. But the prayers don't have to have specifics, they can be simple and brief. New Members please read The devotions I'm using is not only online, but on the Youversion Bible app. So if you can't get on Nerd Fitness you can just pull it up on your phone! Members: LostOne1775 BlamedCat Randa Rooskie Feowyn TheMormonRebel
  11. Here we go again. Former 6-week challenger, fallen off the bandwagon. On-and-off runner, sometimes closing in on 10K... but never exercising with consistancy. "Skinny-fat" accountant who has made some changes but has a LONG way to go. I've made SOME progress in the time since I first joined NF... about two years ago? Three? Yikes! But consistancy has ALWAYS been a problem for me. I go for things hard and strong, burn out, and am left back where I started. Repeatedly. Year after year after.... Running? Worked up to a 5K many times over the years, pushed too hard and injured myself or caught a cold and dropped running altogether, and... stopped. Strength training? I had been doing sets of 10 pull ups at one point. Today I can't do one. Pushups? I've worked my way back UP to a set of four! Food? Over the years the ltitle changes have stuck, the big ones have not. I eat like a pig, constantly. And drink enough coffee to kill a horse. But I'm down from 5-ish sodas a day to zero (maybe once a month or so as a treat). No sugar in my coffee (except for rare occasions), and chomping trail mix or pretzels instead of candy. It's a start.... but I've also gained 17 lbs in the past two years, so.... I have lots of areas to work on but am seeing some progress in my life: - soda, candy and sugar-in-coffee practically eliminated from my diet - converted my desk to a standing workstation at work - running 2-3 times a week, but not particularly consistantly - signed up for Endomondo so I can track my runs and post to Facebook for some encouragement And I've started various other things and just not stuck with them. Then I saw today's NF blog post in my email. And I realized: I need a rez... and some encouragement... and I know where I can find them. You guys have never let me down, and I've only failed when I walk away from my NF teammates. So here we go again! REZ PLEASE! How will I move forward? - I will seek community and encouragement where ever I can: facebook, endomondo, NF... - I will commit to regular workouts (setting phone reminders to run 4x/week and do BASIC minimal bodyweight exercises 6 days a week) - and I will make one small diet change, since it's the small changes that serm to stick! I commit to making one veggie snack every day to bring to work
  12. This would be the second challenge for me. In the first one, I didn't reach most of my goal, but I got to know the goodness of fitness. Also, there is always a way to break through! Challenge two I'm going to work more on my attitude, in which case I will focus on my way of thinking. If you don't think in the right way, you will never get there. Main Quest: 5 pound weight loss 1. Cut down eating amount by 1/3, and eat 80% Paleo 2. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week 3. Meditation to stay positive at least 3 times a week Mini Quest: improve spoken English 1. Keep watching shows everyday 2. Talk whenever have a chance 3. Pay attention to conversation skills Motivation: Everyone is his own worst enemy Desire and greediness erode our mind and sole day by day No one should lose the battle with themselves Nor should I Control my own mind and heart, I know that's what I want Nobody should see themselves as enemies We should be friends with ourselves Fighting and war is not the solution Control is not the end Get to know the needs and get along with the soul inside We will eventually know Who we are Where we will be and Win Progress Tracking 1. Weight every week on Friday, not everyday, log progress. If no progress, make changes to diet and workout plan. 2. Log food list and amount on challenge treads everyday 3. Log workout One day I woke up and found that I'm totally alone That was the time that I realized I'm totally free and I should be fully responsible for the future me What kind of person I would be? Where I would go? What I should do? It's totally up to me There is no transition between a child and adult You just grow up in one night and found everything changed Because your attitude has changed One day I woke up and found that Life is not TV shows We cannot just give it new starts by shooting another season It's a continuous process And everything matters and counts for the future It's an gradual accumulation Which makes the future me But you also found that even if you have a bad history you can still be good now Better late than never Since it's never too late to quest goodness in life Gao, sooner or later you will appreciate that you did what you should.
  13. Need some encouragement? The Fellowship of the Fit is here for you! Geared at first timers, the Fellowship of the Fit is here to help give you that little push you need when you just can't motivate yourself to lift yourself off the couch. We will help you get your butt to Mount Doom. Looking for more members of all fitness persuasions to help fight the dragon of procrastination.
  14. Need some encouragement? The Fellowship of the Fit is here for you! Geared at first timers, the Fellowship of the Fit is here to help give you that little push you need when you just can't motivate yourself to lift yourself off the couch. We will help you get your butt to Mount Doom. Looking for more members of all fitness persuasions to help fight the dragon of procrastination.
  15. Hey! I'm new to NF, and hoping to find someone to help me along the way and keep in touch via email regularly. I want to send you motivating emails too! I'm mainly trying to get fitter and stronger, and keep eating paleo!! (Because when I do I feel great, but when I don't food takes over my life and it's not pretty) I'm currently embarking on my second whole30. I love to travel, try new things and learn new skills, and I'd love to share my adventures and hear about yours too. I also love Legend of Zelda and Lord of the Rings! Please get in touch!
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