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  1. 2016 has been a crazy year for me. Not only did I manage to do a lot of prenatal workouts during my second trimester (which I loved), I also went past my due date and wound up having a c-section. But I have semi-completed 2 postpartum challenges. I say "semi" because I forgot to update them or complete the last week. At the beginning of 2016, I had plans to workout to keep myself healthy and to buy new gear to help accomplish that goal. Then I went over 38 weeks and was too exhausted to workout anymore. By the time I had my daughter at 42 weeks, I found myself unable to workout. I had a c-section and had to stay off my feet AND rest for 2 months. Then I could start easing myself in to exercising and normal life again. But life doesn't wait. And I am impatient. It took me 3 months to be able to start working out without feeling pain. And "normal" still hasn't came back to me. I wound up getting hit with postpartum depression that comes from feeling broken and overwhelmed. My body will never be the same. I've lost a lot of flexibility, but during my 4th month postpartum I was able to hold my arms over my head without feeling soreness in my belly. I have a long way to go to get back to my definition of "normal," but I want to finish 2016 off strong (and did I mention I'm too stubborn to believe I'll never be able to do the things I used to do?) . So I'm going to write out my goals by the week and then spruce them up a bit. Done. Just kidding. However, I would like to state in spruce green that The main goal of this challenge is to workout 3x a week and get out of the house 1x (groceries not included). Oh yeah, I'm also bringing back the grading system I used to use last year! The better I do, the better the reward. ...This train of thought is why I got the 2nd most expensive reward from my orthodontist's wooden nickle rewards. Let's see how good I do! Week 1: Warming Up Complete Week 5 of Breaking Muscle's C-Section Recovery Workout Walk for 1 hour. Shop the local thrift stores for an active winter coat. I need one that won't rip when I'm putting the baby in her car seat (goodbye, cheap jacket). Gather groceries for the week Week 2: Half-Way There Complete Week 6 of Breaking Muscle's C-Section Recovery Workout Walk for 1 hour. Gather groceries for the week Go to a store I've never visited Week 3: Keeping My Momentum Going Complete Week 7 of Breaking Muscle's C-Section Recovery Workout Walk for 1 hour. Gather groceries for the week Go window shopping for new gear Week 4: At The Finish Line Complete Week 8 of Breaking Muscle's C-Section Recovery Workout Walk for 1 hour. Gather groceries for the week Go out and have FUN! 2016's over! Time for a glass of sparking grape juice! (or a whole bottle.) Grade Scale: A - I completed four weeks and get my daith pierced. (I cannot believe I put this here. I am terrified of pain and keep putting off getting it done. If I get an A, I will be waaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone.) B - I completed three weeks and get a fleece balaclava. C - I completed two weeks and get a new workout outfit from Goodwill. D - I completed one week and get 1 mp3 album (or 10 songs) from Amazon. F - I did nothing and get nothing.
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