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  1. Hey all, back for more but this time i'm in the Scouts - for the simple reason that i'm about to start training for an endurance cycle in March 2015 (109km, yoh). My current challenge goals might not be about cycling per se, but it's about endurance Main Quest: Be fit enough to complete the Cape Argus Cycle Tour in March 2015 with my cousin. Quest 1: 1000 pushups I'm gonna be working out normally (3 days on, 1 day off), but my goal is to have reached a total of 1000 pushups over the next six weeks, in total. I'm not picky about the type of pushups - can be wall pushups or incline/decline pushups (i'll basically be working my way through the Convict Conditioning pushup part - with the other things too). Rating: A = 1000 pushups, B = 900 pushups, C = 800 pushups Reward: A new pretty bra - that JV (Rampokker)gets to pick out (if he also hits the 1000 mark). Quest 2: Intermittent Fasting 5/7 days per week I had great success with IF, but then went on holiday and got sick and it's time to get back on the IF wagon. I do a 8/16 hour split and it works really well for me. Rating: A = 30 days, B = 24 days, C = 18 days Reward: Deluxe Manicure Quest 3: Cut down on eating out to max 3 nights per week This might still seem like a lot, but those three nights include the weekend. Also since getting back from Brazil, I've been staying at JV's place (things are still a little complicated at my own place but Jay is out by the end of Febm so will stabilise) and he's kitchen isn't necessarily conducive to cooking so we've kinda eaten out a bit. That will stop because I will get back in my own kitchen and keep working on my black belt Rating: A = < 18 meals eaten out, B = 18 - 21 meals, C = 21+ Reward: Deluxe Pedicure Side Quest: Stick to your budget of R500/week We're coming to 'Murica in December 2014/January 2015. I've worked out roughly how much I need to save to get there and I'm going to have to pull some tight purse strings here. I'm also losing Jay's rent as income so really really tight budget strings, but it's totally worth it. The budgeted amount includes groceries, dinners, lunches, clothes, gifts and entertainment. It doesn't include the special date that I'm in charge of for March (which has already been added to the budget). Rating: A = <R500/week; B = R500 - R550/week, C = R550 - R600/week Reward: Money in my savings account - wooooo! Motivation: 2 years ago when i joined NF, I promised my cousin I would do the cycle tour with him for his 18th birthday - that's next year. Girl's gotta make it over those hills. If I lose some weight along the way, then yay! Starting Stats: to be posted on sunday.
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