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Found 6 results

  1. My first 3 challenges this year were all about prepping for kayak season: lose some wt (dropped from 178 to 168), develop core, general strength conditioning and flexibility through daily exercise (everyday except 1 since Dec 28, 2015). I also wanted to quit smoking (quit Mar 11) and improve my career work performance (developed and used a daily planning spreadsheet every workday since Jan 22). My first major kayak trip this year will be around the 3rd week of April, and I feel I am physically well prepared for it. So far, my battle log has dealt with how I am changing my life t
  2. Background: I created an account on NerdFitness a while ago-don't remember exactly when, and I don't remember my username. Anyway, I stopped after a few weeks because I got annoyed by a post I read. Stupid reason, I know. Anyway....I've been working out fairly regularly since last year. Got in decent shape-not anything to write home about, but at 212 lbs I was benching 3x5x265, so I was doing something right even if my diet wasn't awesome. Then came my fall semester of electrical engineering-my final semester. Between having to do a RF design course for teams by myself (long story) and bei
  3. *For those who know me, this is really similar to my last challenge, but since I skipped a challenge I’m trying to go back to the basics a bit* Also, I just bought an Xbox One, primarily so I could play the new Witcher game. I love it, but NO SPOILERS PLEASE! So that may or may not be taking over my life. Just so you know. (Some of my challenge may or may not be witcher themed….). Introduction: Hi, I’m elvenengineer and this is my third challenge. I really want to get stronger so that I could theoretically swing a giant sword to fight monsters and save people. I started the St
  4. Introduction: Hello ! I'm SchrodingersMinion and this is technically my second challenge , but I hadn't posted anything online last time on account of being a scaredycat so I'm going to treat this one as first I'm almost 22 years of age. 5'5" . Found NerdFitness a year ago , slapped myself figuratively and literally and got my fat arse in a humanoid shape by going from 243lbs to 145lbs ( it's 138lbs today..but 2lbs are whizzing in and out of my weight at all times ) I'm a weapons engineer by profession . I design weapons and dream of one day being dressed in a soldier's uniform inste
  5. Hello All ! I've been a looonnggg time lurker , first time post(poster?) now. I'm hoping I don't break any protocol rules here.. but I figured it might be better to post than not to ! And away we go.. I'm 22 years of age. 5'4" . Got *GROSSLY* obese over a period of around 4 years post 14~15 years of age after I qualified for a premier engineering institute ( have always been a little pudgy , gained all that extra weight due to a lot of sitting on my arse and studying and being an egotistical little chump and not going out to even hang out with people , forget getting in my weekly exerci
  6. Hi! I'm a 25-year-old newlywed mechanical engineer in Central PA. I started weight training back in September, and quickly became obsessed. I found Paleo in December, fell in love, and completed a Whole30 in January (www.whole9life.com). I'm not ready to do another Whole30 just yet, but I found nerdfitness about a month ago and wanted to sign up for the forums so I could join the next challenge My life is like one long episode of Big Bang Theory, although I wish it was a little more like Firefly or Battlestar Galactica. I married my very own Sheldon Cooper last year, but I wish I looked a l
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