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Found 2 results

  1. So this is less of a bucket list/epic quest and more a list of achievements available in my game of life. As with most games, some of these achievements are reached just by playing the game correctly and some require varying degrees of extra work to unlock. I'm sure there will be a lot of creep in the requirements, so if anyone has recommendations feel free to let me know. Master Explorer: Complete the All-American, World Traveler, Full Passport, and all Photo Album achievements All-American: Visit every state (lived 7; visited 25/50 complete) World Traveler: Spend a week on every continent (3/7 complete) Full Passport: Visit 50 countries (4/50 complete) Photo Album: Visit the following landmarks: Africa -Cape of Good Hope -Congo -Go on a Safari -Madagascar -Pyramids -Sphinx Asia -Akihabara -Angkor Wat -Great Wall -Gyeongbokgung -Hagia Sophia -Japanese Imperial Palace -Korean All-Wars Memorial -Kremlin -Okinawa -Taj Mahal -Tokyo Tower Australia/South Pacific -Borneo Orangutan Preserve (check name) -Borobudur Temple -Great Barrier Reef -Hobbiton -Uluru (Ayer's Rock) Europe -Athens -Big Ben -Blarney Stone -Buckingham Palace -Coliseum -Crete -Eiffel Tower -Giants Causeway -Hohenschwangau Castle -Hohenzollern Castle -Leaning Tower of Pisa -Loch Ness -Louvre -Neuschwanstein Castle -Notre Dame -Parthenon -Roman catacombs -Stonehenge -Venice North America -Dinosaur Graveyard -Disney World -Disneyland -Gettysburg -Grand Canyon -Meteor Crater -Mt Rushmore -Mt. St. Helens -Niagara Falls -Redwood Forest -Smithsonian -Statue of Liberty -Volcano National Park -Yellowstone South & Central America -Amazon -Chichen Itza -Easter Island -Galapagos -Machu Picchu -Panama Canal -Teotihuacan Sanity's Overrated Anyway: Backpack across Transylvania Go bungee jumping Go skydiving Go hang gliding Go spearfishing for shark Go to space Visit the Moon Get a building named after me Responsible Adult: Pay off a car Pay off all student loans Buy a house Pay off said house The Doctor is In: Get a Master's in engineering Pass the Professional Engineer's Exam Get a Ph.D. in engineering Continuing Education: Become conversationally competent in a second language Become conversationally competent in a third language Learn to play the piano Get a degree in philosophy Top of the Food Chain: Kill and eat all of the following -Alligator -Bear -Boar -Elk -Moose -Lion -Shark Classic Car: Build a Shelby Cobra God Among Nerds: Complete the Advanced Technology, Master of Disguise, and Wait, What? achievements Advanced Technology: Design and build a man-portable rail/gauss rifle Design and build a powered armor/exosuit Design and build a laser gatling gun Design and build a lightsaber Master of Disguise: Create and wear the following costumes -Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) -Battousai (Samurai X) -Carnage (Spiderman) -Eva-01 (Evangelion) -Heavyarms (Gundam Wing) -Improved Heavyarms -Knight in scale mail -Nightcrawler (X-men) -Improved Nightcrawler -Sith Warrior (SW:tOR) -Tasuki (Fushigi Yuugi) -The Riddler (Batman) -Tau Fire Warrior (WH40K) Wait, What?: Design and build a prehensile tail Design and build wings capable of carrying a person Design and build a neuro-interface to control both Top of the World: Climb all of the following: -Aconcagua -Mont Blanc -Mt McKinley (Denali) -Mt. Elbrus -Mt. Everest -Mt. Fuji -Mt. Kilimanjaro -Mt. Kosciusko -Mt. St. Helen's Were-Orangutan: Learn Monkey Style Kung Fu Learn Monkey Staff Professional Badass: Complete the 300 workout Learn a combat martial art Learn parkour Shinobi: Build a Ninja Warrior practice course Compete on Ninja Warrior Complete the 1st stage of Ninja Warrior God-Emperor: Take over the world Found the Solarian Empire Become immortal Last Update: Aug2018
  2. Hi crew! My name is Lyra, and I'm trying to find a little structure for the huge pile of things I do. In particular, I want to automate my good habits so that when a particular project consumes me, the rest of my Good Things continue at maintenance mode/autopilot instead of being dropped. I don't really know RPGs (except HabitRPG, which I do with my housemate), and the last time I was active on forums was during highschool... So I'm not sure how to attack this. Halp? Stats: 24 San Francisco, CA, United States 5'1" 135 lbs 16% BF I'm an aerialist (mostly hoop), amateur contortionist/handbalancer, and casual traceur. I habitually do other sports like rock climbing, hiking, and martial arts as part of my social life. I'd like to lose weight, including muscle mass from my pole vaulting legs. I've been using plyometrics for this, and they've been working to some degree. Other goals are increased flexibility, stamina, and grace. I'd like to be Mrs. Emma Peel, when I grow up. I live in a wonderful warehome with aerial and acrobatic equipment, so bodyweight exercises are my favorite. Pleasure to make your acquaintance! Lyra
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