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  1. This challenge is going to be about getting back into good fitness/life habits and also focusing on more environmentally-friendly habits in honour of Earth Day, which falls on the 22nd of the month. As such, my quests are... Quest 1. Get outside! This goal exists because in March I barely went outside except to go places (e.g. the store). I would like to make sure I get some quality time (at least 30 minutes) outside each day. This goal includes going out for a run, but also walking/hiking in a park or even just wandering around the city in principle. As long as I don't have a super specific goal and I use my feet to send me on my way, it counts. Grading: A = 22+ days, B = 17-21 days, C = 11-16 days Statistics: +2 DEX, +2 CON Quest 2. Yoga! Yes, back to yoga. I lapsed on it while I was sick and have failed to resume it as a consistent habit. I will aim for five yoga sessions a week. I'm not going to be measuring the amount of time or anything, but I will be aiming for quality time with my yoga mat. Grading: A = 16+ yoga sessions, B = 12-15 yoga sessions, C = 8-11 yoga sessions Statistics = +2 STR, +2 CON Quest 3: Return of the poi! As there is more daylight out, I feel like this is something I should do now. My new place doesn't quite have the space for it (all the lights hang from the ceiling, which suggests it's a terrible idea), so it will have to happen outside, which makes it somewhat weather dependent, but I can spin in the drizzle so it's probably fine. I'll aim for 30 minutes a week of poi. Grading: A = 96+ minutes of poi, B = 72-95 minutes of poi, C = 48-71 minutes of poi Statistics: +1 DEX, +3 CHA Life Quest A: Waste not... Produce no unnecessary food waste. This means that what gets bought gets eaten, with the exception of the bits and pieces that normally aren't edible. So basically, I'm aiming to avoid letting things go bad. Grading: Pass = no unnecessary food waste produced; Fail = I throw something out that just went bad Statistics: +1 WIS Life Quest B: ...want not. Buy nothing (other than food/drink/non-material things) that's both new and unnecessary. If it's just something I would like to have, but don't need I'll buy it used if I buy it at all. Obviously the definitions of want and need are somewhat subjective, but if some emergency comes up (e.g. my washing machine eats my sports bra; I get a job that requires me to dress all fancy every day; if my laptop dies etc) and I actually need to buy something that's difficult to find used, then I need to be able to do so, but I'm not going to buy something that's new which I really don't need. Grading: Pass = no unnecessary new purchases; Fail = unnecessary new purchases Statistics: +2 WIS
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