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  1. Aerisand

    Aeri's Game

    AERI'S GAME Last invisible-challenge, Aeri approached a wormhole, it accelerated things on some areas though she wasn't much in control. It's time to get back on track, and do some tracking! The challenge is: steering the wild beast of choice. "To be mindful, to smile, to love and live." CHALLENGE BRIEF Dailies: Daily tracking on a 4-part checkbox, in my calendar. Ritual morning Study Review Ritual night Weeklies: Will analyse performance by the end of each week, brief notes will go on
  2. I did not know where to put this but here goes I need your help. Summer is coming around the corner I am looking for people to join me on my mission to become Rebels with a cause. The mission is the spread some nerdiness, some geekiness and a whole lot of weird to defeat the mundane. I am participating in GISH (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) and looking my friends and I are looking for teammates. We call ourselves the Federation of Weirdness Even though I live in Wisconsin for this you do not have to live any where near this cheese loving state to particip
  3. On the NF blog, Steve wrote a blog titled https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/want-results-be-like-groot-i-am-groot/ He talked about the "Groot Method" Groot grows from a twig to a " giant walking tree badass hero" Groot's power is in his slow consistent growth. I've tried to make big Epic Quest goals, but not done very well. I made to many and had a hard time following through, and often completely forgetting them until suddenly it was the end of the year. The aim of this accountability group is to take big goals , that take longer than a month, but break it down into small
  4. Hello Rebels, I wanted to come out and share why I'm here, and why I'm doing all this. It starts with the "Big Why", why did I choose to start loosing weight and what's the whole endgame for me? For me, I have a bit of a "cursed physique" to say the least. Being 6'6" tall I've always carried my weight somewhat well. People had tried to guess my weight and would flatteringly guess sizes about 80lbs lighter than I actually look, the reality is I was at my heaviest close to 360 lbs. I used to be an avid runner and weight lifter until I started a job that wasn't very physically demandi
  5. Morag's The Mountain I don't know if THE MOUNTAIN holds the same significance for others as it does for me. Neil Gaiman coined the term in my mind. Joining the rebellion has been an enlightening step towards the mountain. I just yesterday realised that I am only with the rebellion for 10 short weeks. Wow. I have turned a few things around, have learned A LOT, am making real progress... and it's only been 10 weeks. Which makes me wonder: what else is possible? And with that thought I am formulating my list. It's an unfinished thing. It's going
  6. Just curious, when creating quests for your EQ, how do you choose appropriate amounts of XP? Can anyone provide some examples for newbie items? I'm honestly not even sure where to start.
  7. "In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power- Green Lantern's light!" It's great to be back Rangers! My last challenge was a way for me to get back into the groove of things. However, it’s time to get busy again! I decided that it would also be cool to link things up with my epic quest. Here are my current level 1 epic quests Complete 8 English classes in 1 month = 25 xp Correct Sleeping schedule by 1 minute
  8. There are a few reasons for writing this and posting it, the main reason is by putting it out there I am making myself accountable for what is written. I will be dividing the quests into groups based on common rpg stats, ‘cause a nerd is gonna nerd. Strength bodyweight front squat double bodyweight back squat(already more than half-way there, I squatted 110 during the last challenge) 2.5x bodyweight deadlift 1.5x bodyweight bench(this is going to take time) bodyweight press bodyweight split snatch 1.5x bodyweight c&j handstand press(still working on handstands)
  9. REVISING IN PROGRESS (indefinitely): ENCUMBRANCE #1 - Financial encumbrance ENCUMBRANCE #2 - Fatness (non-fitness) ENCUMBRANCE #3 - thriving vocationally THE CORE - Grounding in truth and knowledge - soul, science, world events THE LIST OF THINGS - the stuff about which I'm passionate and hope to do in this life... * Have 1 viable business * Learn Python (thank you Catspaw) * Master double unders * clean / jerk over 200 lbs * Break 30 minute 5k * Take my family on journeys around the world (well-traveled family) * Master outdoorsman, fora
  10. I am Six. Padawan Assassin The Origin of Six Six’s Ambitions Like most in the Rebellion, I want to be healthier, stronger, and live more fully. On a daily basis, I will not anger or worry. I will be present, grateful, and work diligently. I will be kind. In my endeavors, I will strive to create and act in a manner that is innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, thorough, efficient, and minimal. Six’s Epic Quests Survive Like Les: Primitive Survival
  11. THE LEGEND OF - Will - “Believe in your strengths...Believe...†- The Happy mask Salesman, Majora’s Mask -- Key: Each Chapter is one Six Week Challenge.It begins from the start of one challenge to the start of the next. If a challenge has started but hasn't been attempted, the current chapter continues until another challenge is started.Each Volume is roughly one year.-- PrefacePrologueThe SearchLetting go of the Immortal ChildhoodSetting sail; Islands and OceansEmbracing my dreamsVolume 1: New BeginningsChapter 0: The night it all beganChapter 1: Enter the Nerd Fitness CommunityChapt
  12. My epic quest is pretty simple; I want to make music for a living. Original music. I've been in a two-piece band for going on three years now. In that time we've managed to tour through the US without label support, racked up 150 shows, played to crowds large and small, and released a whole bunch of music. We're planning our moves for the next two years(I think one of them is overseas, just a question of the UK or Europe). We are lightning in a bottle; I've never had creative chemistry with somene like this. The road is hard sometimes. Being away from my wife is difficult, sl
  13. Hey Friends, I knocked off a large item on my EQ! I finished 75 books this year! And, since I still have a few weeks to go, I'm going to make a push to hit 100!! Here's my list if you want to see it. https://www.librarything.com/topic/210984#5823330
  14. (Roughly listed in order of priority or expected completion) Fitness Yoga (minimum of 30 consecutive days) - Completed 12/01/15 Meditation (minimum of 30 consecutive days) Hold a handstand (10s?) Lose 60 lbs. (From personal high of 277 on 1/1/15) Get down to 16% BF Do a chin-up Do a pull-up Squat my weight - Complete 02/01/16 Deadlift my weight Bench-press my weight Do 100 consecutive push-ups Do 100 consecutive burpees Do a Foam-Glow race Complete a Spartan Race Life Get debt free
  15. Since it looks like the 'epic quest' site feature has been updated, I gave it another look. Looks prettier than before, but a lot of the "quests" involve doing exercises that aren't clearly described. Yoga poses with exotic names, bodyweight moves that a beginner probably never heard of, etc. The quest to do "10 split squats" says to refer to the "exercise glossary" if you don't know what a split squat is. What glossary? I don't see such a thing.
  16. Ready to Hack... On the surface, this won't look that much different than my last challenge. (Don't let appearances fool you.) This challenge, I will still be stretching... Swimming... Getting enough Zzzzzz... Eating my vegetables... Coding... Meditating... Keeping my journal... and taroting. However, some m
  17. Hello, everyone! Just introducing myself to the group... my name is Cory, I'm 26 years old and live in a small-ish city east of Columbus in Ohio. I've been following Steve and the Nerd Fitness crew for years (I think I discovered this place via Chris Guilleabeau's Art of Non-Conformity) but only recently purchased a membership to the academy. I'm loving things so far, but I know that the key to my success is really going to be having a support system built up around me to keep me accountable. I tend to isolate myself from friends and family, especially when I'm focused on a task or a challenge
  18. OH YEAH! Time for a second challenge my friends! The theme of this challenge is focus, what I am trying to do with this challenge is build some habits for some of the worst things I've been procrastinating with and really need to work on. To kick it off here is some challenge music! Challenge 1! Eat a calorie intake of 3000 on workout days and 2500 on rest days. Challenge 2! 28 day handstand challenge! Practice every day on handstand form! Challenge 3! Continue Reading "Level Up Your Life" and d
  19. My to-do list. To be completed, in no particular order, between now and estimated date of expiry sometime around the year 2070. - Become light enough to fit a wetsuit designed for a 5ft 3 woman - Snorkel in the sea - See a basking shark - Build something useful out of beach litter - Build something beautiful out of beach litter - Learn to SCUBA dive - Get a dry suit - Train for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team - Go to another country, at all - Deadlift your own body weight - Hold a plank for two minutes -
  20. I've just started filling in my Quest details on the Level up website so I thought I'd add them here to. Or at least add a link to the page. https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/1671 I'll add more details here when I get the chance but I just wanted to reserve my spot before anybody tried to take it.
  21. I just finished my first Ranger challenge and have been putting this off for awhile now but I decided it is time............FOR AN ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! I've had trouble with procrastination a lot and staying on track with my goals so I got sick of my crap and declared MAK'GORA upon myself! The 4 challenges of the Mak'gora are as follows below........... (this song goes perfectly to the challenge) 4 week challenge 1. Do intermittent fasting for one by skipping breakfast (never was a breakfast eater anyways) 2. Eat 2000 calories a day
  22. So this is less of a bucket list/epic quest and more a list of achievements available in my game of life. As with most games, some of these achievements are reached just by playing the game correctly and some require varying degrees of extra work to unlock. I'm sure there will be a lot of creep in the requirements, so if anyone has recommendations feel free to let me know. Master Explorer: Complete the All-American, World Traveler, Full Passport, and all Photo Album achievements All-American: Visit every state (lived 7; visited 25/50 complete)
  23. Okay, These 4 week challenges are great and all but I think for now I am going to amalgamate everything in the one log. That way my disjointed rambling posts will have some sort of backstory and probably make more sense. xD If you don't know me already (sheesh!) I am 24, australian, working in hopsitality, learning roller derby, and trying to live my aussie dream of owning a house with my lovely partner and gardens and no people and shit. Yeah! Most concise intro so far. Last challenge I focussed on tracking my food (having just come back from a 2-week holiday including
  24. Hi all, My name is Ron Nid, and I've been a nerd for all of my 27 years on this earth. A friend recommended Steve Kamb's book Level Up Your Life, and I bought it almost straight away. It was a fascinating read and more than anything, it excited me for the possibility that lays before me. Thankfully I don't have a weight issue, but I would certainly be a candidate for the issue of being "TOFI"(Thin Outside, Fat Inside - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TOFI) My diet at the minute isn't awful, but it certainly isn't perfect. My main mission isn't so much fitness,
  25. Get a helmet and strap yourself in. This will be a long and, hopefully, exciting journey, and I’m glad that you’re here along for the ride. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. Below is a living list of my goals in life; they are constantly adapting and evolving as I level up my life, complete these goals, discover more concrete steps for each, and find new goals to work toward. Fitness Goals reach 30% body fat live without added sugar do a full, dead-hang pull-up reverse my anterior pelvic tilt deadlift 250lb/bench press 200lb/row 150lb Hobby/S
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