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  1. Aerisand

    Aeri's Game

    AERI'S GAME Last invisible-challenge, Aeri approached a wormhole, it accelerated things on some areas though she wasn't much in control. It's time to get back on track, and do some tracking! The challenge is: steering the wild beast of choice. "To be mindful, to smile, to love and live." CHALLENGE BRIEF Dailies: Daily tracking on a 4-part checkbox, in my calendar. Ritual morning Study Review Ritual night Weeklies: Will analyse performance by the end of each week, brief notes will go on the calendar next to that week. Feedback Improve processes To be tracked here: CHALLENGE IN DETAIL Ritual morning [20 min] [5] Meditate [1] Detox [2] Dump Mental RAM [2] Energy [5] Warm up & Stretch [1] Cleanse [2] Remember Death, Purpose & What matters [2] Daily Highlight & Gratitude [1] Mindful onward Study [30 min per subject, 2 subjects per day] Tackle today's step(s) Subjects have been scheduled in advance Learning progression has been mapped and steps specified for all subjects Review [15 min per subject] Main takeaways Ritual night [35 min] [1] Mindful onward [5] Intent & Visceral Mental Rehearsal [5] Feel, Acknowledge & Let go [5] Cleanse & Maintain [4] Prep Power Food [5] Journal & Dump Mental RAM [5] Declutter [5] Meditate
  2. I did not know where to put this but here goes I need your help. Summer is coming around the corner I am looking for people to join me on my mission to become Rebels with a cause. The mission is the spread some nerdiness, some geekiness and a whole lot of weird to defeat the mundane. I am participating in GISH (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) and looking my friends and I are looking for teammates. We call ourselves the Federation of Weirdness Even though I live in Wisconsin for this you do not have to live any where near this cheese loving state to participate. (Tell your friends) I have application attached please fill out if you are interested. any questions don't be afraid to ask The Rebels of the Federation of Weirdness
  3. On the NF blog, Steve wrote a blog titled https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/want-results-be-like-groot-i-am-groot/ He talked about the "Groot Method" Groot grows from a twig to a " giant walking tree badass hero" Groot's power is in his slow consistent growth. I've tried to make big Epic Quest goals, but not done very well. I made to many and had a hard time following through, and often completely forgetting them until suddenly it was the end of the year. The aim of this accountability group is to take big goals , that take longer than a month, but break it down into smaller goals.Working on our epic quests consistently will help us complete our quests and "Be Like Groot", Specifics: Your goal (s)can be whatever you want. Fitness, family, life, adventure etc. Try and choose a goals that you can complete in about 12 weeks. You can pick more than one goal. I plan on having two Break that goal down into weekly goals. Each Monday we will report on how far along we are on the goal. For reporting purposes we'll give ourselves a percentage as to how far along we are each week for our weekly goal. 70%- 79% complete=C, 80_89% = B 90- 100 % = A Thanks @annyshay for the unit idea. The GUardians of the Galaxy uses units for their currency, and since we are Groot, we will too, Here's how it goes For each goal: 100 units for task 1 of dividing your goal into smaller chunks Each week: 100 units for reporting in each week ( even if you totally miss your goal if you report in you still get units) If you completed 70% - 79 %of what you intended to FOR THAT WEEK= 200 units If you completed 80- 89 % of what you intended to FOR THAT WEE=K 300 units If you completed 90- 99% of what you intended for that week =400 units If you are 100% on target for the week you get the= 400 units + 100 unit bonus BONUS ROUND- At the half way point March 25th- if you are on track for finishing your goal and at about at least 40 % of the way there 500 BONUS UNITS End Game; If you achieved about 80%- 89% of your goal= 100 Units if you achieved 90 -99% of your goal=2,000 Units 100 goal complete =8,,000 units To break that down (per goal) You get 100 units once you pick a goal and break it down into smaller goals 100 Units for each week you report in The max number of units each week is 500 units the Bonus round is 500 units end game max unit= 5,000 Each goal has the possibility of earning 21,300 NITS Plus, As the game designer, I may hand out random units just because I liked something you did. I don't have an excel sheet or anything fancy to keep track of it. Each person is responsible for counting their own Units. Tagging @elizevdmerwe and @annyshay
  4. Hello Rebels, I wanted to come out and share why I'm here, and why I'm doing all this. It starts with the "Big Why", why did I choose to start loosing weight and what's the whole endgame for me? For me, I have a bit of a "cursed physique" to say the least. Being 6'6" tall I've always carried my weight somewhat well. People had tried to guess my weight and would flatteringly guess sizes about 80lbs lighter than I actually look, the reality is I was at my heaviest close to 360 lbs. I used to be an avid runner and weight lifter until I started a job that wasn't very physically demanding but required several long days a week, lots of driving and a lot of time to think. I hated that job, and because of the circumstances, my weight ballooned and my fitness dropped. Until one day the best thing that ever happened to me came along, I was laid off. For the first time my adult life I had something I never had before, free time. Now loosing your job seems like something that sucks and it kind of did, but it opened a door for me, the chance to go back to school and finish my degree in Criminal Justice I had bailed out on a few years ago. So when I resolved to go back to school I resolved to go for my dream career in Law Enforcement. Now we know my big why, I want to get into my dream career working as a Peace Officer. So my membership to Nerd Academy started in Feb of 2018 when I started my first semester back as well. So here is my Epic quest: 1. Crush Push-ups: All agencies require some level of Push-ups to be commited as part of a physical agility test, and the minimum is 25. But I don't want to do the minimum, I want to be able to crush as many as I can in the time given. 2. Smash Sit Ups: Again based on the average PAT, the standard is 25, but I'm not as worried about this one as I am with the Push-ups, I've always had a pretty good core. 3. 1.5 mile run in under 14.5 minutes: I want to make 1.5 miles happen as quickly as possible. That's it, a seeming simple goal to get to, I know as I improve my fitness, weightloss will come with it. Here is my progress over the last few months: Push-ups: I struggled to do one in bad form, but now I can do at least 5 thanks to the use of knee push-ups and elevated push-ups in the body weight workout series. Running: I went from barely a min to about 3+ mins in a single burst, I use C25K to help develop running for time, I plan on once I get to 15 consecutive minutes without rest, I'll start upping my pace. Sit Ups: I don't really practice these as much because of their debatable effect on health, but I did go from a 20 sec plank to about a 45-60 sec plank depending on my day. And my starting weight for the academy was about 350 (highest was 358) to 329 at my last weigh in. Thanks for reading, I also should share that I've been training on Stronglifts 5x5 before I started the Nerd Academy Plans. One of my big reasons for Starting with Nerd Academy was to help find some direction on what else to do and this site has been a big help.
  5. Morag's The Mountain I don't know if THE MOUNTAIN holds the same significance for others as it does for me. Neil Gaiman coined the term in my mind. Joining the rebellion has been an enlightening step towards the mountain. I just yesterday realised that I am only with the rebellion for 10 short weeks. Wow. I have turned a few things around, have learned A LOT, am making real progress... and it's only been 10 weeks. Which makes me wonder: what else is possible? And with that thought I am formulating my list. It's an unfinished thing. It's going to change without notice. Things may vanish without explanation, appear without warning or change because that's what life is like: Impossibly to gauge and full of changes. Fitness Freestanding handstand Push up 5 consecutive push ups Pull up Muscle up get into crow pose June 13th 2017 hold crow pose for 10+ seconds or longer (Dance onstage) Done a staff fighting class Done a wall climbing or bouldering class Do a kayak thing with the hubby Try out aerial silks Try out parkour Run (and walk) an OCR October 8th 2016 Run (don't walk) an OCR (I didn't walk exept for the obstacles but it's hard to cross this out anyway) Travel Visit friends: Kansas Cornwall Scotland West Australia East Australia Florida Abu Dhabi Visit megalithic temples of Malta Visit Hathor Temple in Dendera, Egypt Visit Faroe Islands Visit standing stones circle in Portugal Visit Denmark Visit Japan - rural and urban Visit China Visit Atacama Desert Languages german sign language have a conversation about life without stumbling over missing vocabulary Spanish sing a spanish song, knowing what the words mean / write a poem -- not sure if I want this anymore Learn French alongside my older boy -- he shall enjoy his exchange programme 2017/2018! Danish give directions to someone who is lost / ask for directions Dutch visit friend and have a conversation in his language -- not sure if I want this anymore Learn Maltese. Visit Malta and avoid Tourism Arabic haggle over a coin belt, veil or other piece of clothing (and get a good price) Try Russian see if you want to learn it... Try Tyrkish see if you want to learn it... Try Swahili see if you want to learn it... Sanskrit (?) Give a drive by compliment in any of the languages I'm not native with. Skills Shoot a bow -- and hit my mark (and not by accident) Forge a brooch or other item of adornment Spin a ball of yarn Knit an entire garment from yarn I made myself That is not a shawl cook a delicious 3-5 course feast for guests (no instant sauce) Cooking and Nutrition - Knowledge is Power learn about coconut oil learn about almond milk make my own learn about smoothies learn about meal planning And do! learn about batch cooking And do this too. learn about liver learn about home made bacon (Ressources, other ressource) make a batch of bacon at home learn about brewing mead, Link Personal Remember people's birthdays -- I'm -slowly- getting better at this Remember and use new acquaintances' names -- I'm -slowly- getting better at this too Live a life connected to Source -- more shamanism in everyday life -- fallen a bit by the wayside... Write (and finish) a short story -- Wildwood Manor Write (and finish) a good short story Write (and finish) a novella Write (and finish) a novel Write (and finish) a screen play Be happy (and confident) with how I look naked and feel with myself Be happy (and confident) with my body and wardrobe and how I am perceived from the outside Raise my boys to be good men Find apprenticeship -- not sure at all Learn a trade -- not sure at all Professional Get Licensed - C-Licensed since May 21st 2017 - yay! Figure out what I can do and can not do with said license -- picture is clearing up some. Yoga instructor -- Ressource: expensive. long. is it worth it to me? Not sure yet. Pound instructor - hell no! maybe in the future sometime... Try out Zumba, see if I could stand doing that... if yes, get instructor thingy... No. Learn about anatomy, Legs, Shoulders, Pelvis, Ligaments, Sinews, Muscle chains and imbalances, rarara. As hinted above: this list is going to evolve as I go.
  6. Just curious, when creating quests for your EQ, how do you choose appropriate amounts of XP? Can anyone provide some examples for newbie items? I'm honestly not even sure where to start.
  7. "In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power- Green Lantern's light!" It's great to be back Rangers! My last challenge was a way for me to get back into the groove of things. However, it’s time to get busy again! I decided that it would also be cool to link things up with my epic quest. Here are my current level 1 epic quests Complete 8 English classes in 1 month = 25 xp Correct Sleeping schedule by 1 minute per day for 1 month = 25 xp Track expenses and Make a monthly budget and follow it for 1 month = 25 xp Create and start new workout plan for 1 month = 25 xp Here in this section I'll show my feats for the RangerPool challenge 1 Rangerly Feat! 2 3 4 Bonus Quest! There are strength in numbers, so with this in mind I plan to make a much better effort in staying in touch with everyone! This will be a part of a larger green lantern series based on willpower and conquering fear which all go towards earning a real green lantern ring! https://www.etsy.com/listing/493939316/injustice-emerald-green-lantern-ring?
  8. There are a few reasons for writing this and posting it, the main reason is by putting it out there I am making myself accountable for what is written. I will be dividing the quests into groups based on common rpg stats, ‘cause a nerd is gonna nerd. Strength bodyweight front squat double bodyweight back squat(already more than half-way there, I squatted 110 during the last challenge) 2.5x bodyweight deadlift 1.5x bodyweight bench(this is going to take time) bodyweight press bodyweight split snatch 1.5x bodyweight c&j handstand press(still working on handstands) Constitution 10km run in <75 min(running plan is in place, this is only a matter of time) maintain 80% paleo diet to improve my bloodwork put on lean muscle mass at least 10kg(working on this right now) daily yoga and mobility because I want to be able to walk and lift when I am 100(I do this daily, sometimes more than once) walk to Mordor and back(93.87km so far) Intelligence/Wisdom Speak Japanese, German and Russian with some fluency(German and Russian are studied every day via Duolingo and I live in Japan, so use it daily) Speak 2 other languages with some fluency The reading is more geared toward this year. Read 10 history books(reading Rome and the Barbarians by Peter Heather right now) Read 10 philosophy books(finished Seneca, now reading Boethius) Read 10 economics books There are several goals that don’t really fit, mainly financial goals debt free asap, this includes the mortgage my kids graduate university debt free increase savings so that one day I can retire(this is slowly coming along) As you can see these goals run the gamut and as such do not have a completion date, as time goes on some will become closer to achievable and others will be fleshed out and more manageable with associated dates. One other reason for the posting of these goals is to allow a place for me to flesh out some personal philosophy and allow for some feedback. Some of these will be ramblings with no point while others will be nuggets that may turn into something substantial, only time will tell.
  9. REVISING IN PROGRESS (indefinitely): ENCUMBRANCE #1 - Financial encumbrance ENCUMBRANCE #2 - Fatness (non-fitness) ENCUMBRANCE #3 - thriving vocationally THE CORE - Grounding in truth and knowledge - soul, science, world events THE LIST OF THINGS - the stuff about which I'm passionate and hope to do in this life... * Have 1 viable business * Learn Python (thank you Catspaw) * Master double unders * clean / jerk over 200 lbs * Break 30 minute 5k * Take my family on journeys around the world (well-traveled family) * Master outdoorsman, forager, hunter * Journeyman filmmaker - this is just fun for me * Journeyman guitarist * Study Physics (hahaha!.... mastery? maybe hobbyist) * Investment and trading mastery (CFA & CAIA & CMT?) - my job is in this world, and the capital markets are infinitely fascinating to me (and infinitely complex, it seems)
  10. I am Six. Padawan Assassin The Origin of Six Six’s Ambitions Like most in the Rebellion, I want to be healthier, stronger, and live more fully. On a daily basis, I will not anger or worry. I will be present, grateful, and work diligently. I will be kind. In my endeavors, I will strive to create and act in a manner that is innovative, useful, aesthetic, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, thorough, efficient, and minimal. Six’s Epic Quests Survive Like Les: Primitive Survival In Like Flint: Secret Agent An Adventurer like You (or Until I Take an Arrow to the Knee) Deviant like Lolish: Artistry Rich like McDuck: Financial Independence A Mind like Sherlock: Temple of the Mind
  11. THE LEGEND OF - Will - “Believe in your strengths...Believe...†- The Happy mask Salesman, Majora’s Mask -- Key: Each Chapter is one Six Week Challenge.It begins from the start of one challenge to the start of the next. If a challenge has started but hasn't been attempted, the current chapter continues until another challenge is started.Each Volume is roughly one year.-- PrefacePrologueThe SearchLetting go of the Immortal ChildhoodSetting sail; Islands and OceansEmbracing my dreamsVolume 1: New BeginningsChapter 0: The night it all beganChapter 1: Enter the Nerd Fitness CommunityChapter 2: Struggles and mistakesChapter 3: Newfound strengthChapter 4: Return to the battlefieldChapter 5: Finding courageVolume 2: What Makes a HeroChapter 6: The winds of changeChapter 7:Chapter 8:-- Preface The Search Letting go of the Immortal Childhood In progress... Setting sail; Islands and Oceans In progress... Embracing my dreams In progress... Volume 1: New Beginnings Chapter 2: Struggles and mistakes Chapter 3: Newfound strength Chapter 4: Return to the battlefield Chapter 5: Finding courage Volume 2: What Makes a Hero EDIT: This is still in the works for anyone reading this. The chapters will have other stuff written too, along with the link's to the challenges. I just wanted to get a place to be able to write all this stuff down so it all feels connected, like a home base of sorts. Anyways, it shall be updated in the days to come And this challenge marks the first one in Volume two! Woo! I've been working out for a year (well, a little more than that technically, and I've run all my life, but whatever) Oh, and the reason there's a chapter 0 is because I did one Six Week Challenge on my own before I joined up with the NF community, so I wanted the chapters to match the challenges I did on here (you know, so chapter two isn't talking about challenge one on the community, and chapter three is talking about two, etc.). Less confusion that way, because then each chapter matches with the number of the challenges on here.
  12. My epic quest is pretty simple; I want to make music for a living. Original music. I've been in a two-piece band for going on three years now. In that time we've managed to tour through the US without label support, racked up 150 shows, played to crowds large and small, and released a whole bunch of music. We're planning our moves for the next two years(I think one of them is overseas, just a question of the UK or Europe). We are lightning in a bottle; I've never had creative chemistry with somene like this. The road is hard sometimes. Being away from my wife is difficult, sleeping on couches is OK, and the food is an adventure. I'm always getting the question from people, "Oh what are you going to do after the band is over?" Like I'm going to willingly hang this up. And so...this is what I want to do. I'm still working on figuring out how, and what the parameters are for how much I need to make to have the life my wife and I want. But for me, 8 hours in the car to play a show beats 8 hours in an office any day of the week.
  13. Hey Friends, I knocked off a large item on my EQ! I finished 75 books this year! And, since I still have a few weeks to go, I'm going to make a push to hit 100!! Here's my list if you want to see it. https://www.librarything.com/topic/210984#5823330
  14. (Roughly listed in order of priority or expected completion) Fitness Yoga (minimum of 30 consecutive days) - Completed 12/01/15 Meditation (minimum of 30 consecutive days) Hold a handstand (10s?) Lose 60 lbs. (From personal high of 277 on 1/1/15) Get down to 16% BF Do a chin-up Do a pull-up Squat my weight - Complete 02/01/16 Deadlift my weight Bench-press my weight Do 100 consecutive push-ups Do 100 consecutive burpees Do a Foam-Glow race Complete a Spartan Race Life Get debt free (Credit cards, Auto & Student loans) Become conversational / fluent in Spanish (using Rosetta, if I decide I do not like, start Duolingo) Learn to play guitar well enough to serenade Learn to dance (haven't decided which style yet, but will take lessons) Become conversational in Irish Become conversational in French Become conversational in German Buy a house Local Travel Visit Niagra Falls - July 2014 Visit Toronto - Aug 2014 Visit Isle Royale - June 2001 Visit Boston, MA - Oct 2014 Return to Isle Royale Visit Washington DC Visit Las Vegas, Nevada Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras Surf in California Visit Seattle, WA Visit New York, NY International Travel Go to Mexico - Jan 2011 Return to Mexico See The High Kings play live in Ireland Visit Spain Visit France Visit Germany Visit Peru Visit Thailand Visit India
  15. Since it looks like the 'epic quest' site feature has been updated, I gave it another look. Looks prettier than before, but a lot of the "quests" involve doing exercises that aren't clearly described. Yoga poses with exotic names, bodyweight moves that a beginner probably never heard of, etc. The quest to do "10 split squats" says to refer to the "exercise glossary" if you don't know what a split squat is. What glossary? I don't see such a thing.
  16. Ready to Hack... On the surface, this won't look that much different than my last challenge. (Don't let appearances fool you.) This challenge, I will still be stretching... Swimming... Getting enough Zzzzzz... Eating my vegetables... Coding... Meditating... Keeping my journal... and taroting. However, some major family dysfunction that went down last challenge has caused me to look far more deeply into my current life situation. This challenge will be about hacking my depression through the above methods and setting up a better system to get me through the rough times. There are some life events that are also be factored into this challenge. We have a new addition to the family - an injured stray tuxedo cat who is a delight and quite the character - but is causing some disruptions to life as we have known it. (Pictures soon!) And, I am studying for an exam to certify in a particular data visualization software the first part of November. It is going to be a real stretch to get ready in time, but I have a plan... Next couple of challenges - Some of the changes I have chosen to make will take a couple of challenges to put into place. Between now and the end of the year, I will: Revamp my Epic Quest Move my challenges back to my more gamified, storified, and creative model of yore Move to a more visual model of challenge tracking. My budding skills as a data analyst/engineer have bumped into to my previous nerdy, rangery desire to create the perfect spreadsheet. The result is a goal to "Viz All the Things!" That should keep me busy. I will be continuing to use an adaptive change model over the course of this challenge. It was a bit bumpy last time, but I think I have worked out a better tracking model and have learned where things went off the rails. More musings on that later...
  17. Hello, everyone! Just introducing myself to the group... my name is Cory, I'm 26 years old and live in a small-ish city east of Columbus in Ohio. I've been following Steve and the Nerd Fitness crew for years (I think I discovered this place via Chris Guilleabeau's Art of Non-Conformity) but only recently purchased a membership to the academy. I'm loving things so far, but I know that the key to my success is really going to be having a support system built up around me to keep me accountable. I tend to isolate myself from friends and family, especially when I'm focused on a task or a challenge like the ones presented to me in the Academy, so I'm reaching out to you here on the forums and on the Facebook group to keep me in line! Along those lines, I'm posting my first Epic Quests. I structured my big goals around 5 areas and then envisioned what I might look like when I've completely leveled up my life! Goal 1: Socioemotional I am a genuinely happy person who is not afraid to meet new people and to form close relationships with others. (Example quests along the way include consistently taking my medications for generalized anxiety and depression, challenging myself to meet new people and remain in contact with extended periods of time, and to get out of the house more often to experience life in the company of others.) Goal 2: Strength Training and Weight Gain I am a reasonably strong guy, weighing in at just over 125 pounds*, and since beginning my journey, I've tripled my strength! (Example quests along the way include milestone weight gains on the way to my target weight of 125 pounds, as well as completing the workouts and challenges in the Academy.) *I know - I'm pathetically underweight! I'm 5'7" so I can get by without looking like Jack Skellington, but my size has always been a thing that I am not altogether proud of. I realize, though, that there are people struggling to lose weight and that this sounds like a champagne problem, but... Goal 3: Financial Stability I am debt-free and live within my means, with a budget that allows me to experience new and unique things from time to time. (Example quests along the way include paying off my credit card balance, paying the rest of my current car loan, establishing a household budget, etc.) Goal 4: Sleep Quality and Energy I feel energetic every morning after getting 7.5 to 8 hours of high-quality sleep each night. I don't get tired by 3 PM and feel like I can work at my full potential at any time of the day. (Example quests along the way include increasing my average number of sleeping hours from 6-ish to 7.5-8, making my bedroom more suitable for high-quality sleep, adjusting my diet to eliminate most sources of sugar, and taking some vitamins and supplements to assist in not feeling so drained and groggy by mid-afternoon.) Goal 5: Side Business I have a side business creating and producing content online that is tailored to my interests and expertise. My audience is widespread and engaged, and my network of professional contacts is vast and willing to help me with any project, and trust that I can and will do the same for them. (Example quests along the way include producing episodes of a podcast that I have been formulating and developing for waaaaaaaay too long, as well as attracting a community of listeners who are willing to pledge their support on Patreon. Shameless plug: educreators.org if you're at all interested in the fields of education and education technology!) Thanks to Steve and the Nerd Fitness crew for this opportunity - I look forward to meeting more of you in the future! -Cory
  18. OH YEAH! Time for a second challenge my friends! The theme of this challenge is focus, what I am trying to do with this challenge is build some habits for some of the worst things I've been procrastinating with and really need to work on. To kick it off here is some challenge music! Challenge 1! Eat a calorie intake of 3000 on workout days and 2500 on rest days. Challenge 2! 28 day handstand challenge! Practice every day on handstand form! Challenge 3! Continue Reading "Level Up Your Life" and doing assigned chapter tasks! Challenge 4! Honor to the Rangers! Complete one Ranger quest from The Academy per week! Challenge 5! Finish modeling second 3d character model within challenge's time! Challenge 6! In relation with the following challenge 7 work on my cartography project for my story! Challenge 7! The hardest challenge off all! My goal of this challenge is to write the equivalent to 3 hand written pages of the story I've been writing for a long time. Its been one of the huge things I have been procrastinating on and I've had enough of it! Grading system (added points scale for a weekly average ) 1. Weekly caloric intake A= 19500 (100 points) B= 17000 (86 points) C= 14000 (72 points) F= less than a C 2. Handstand challenge A= 100 points (no days missed) B= 86 points (1 days missed) C= 72 points (2 days missed) F= less than a C 3. Reading and assigned tasks A= Reading and tasks done (100 points) F= failure to do so 4. Honor to the Rangers! A= Quest completed! (100 points) F= failure to do so 5. 3d modeling A= progress made each week F= failure to do so 6. Cartography in relation in story A= progress each made each week F= failure to do so 7. Writing A= 3 handwritten pages F= failure to do so
  19. My to-do list. To be completed, in no particular order, between now and estimated date of expiry sometime around the year 2070. - Become light enough to fit a wetsuit designed for a 5ft 3 woman - Snorkel in the sea - See a basking shark - Build something useful out of beach litter - Build something beautiful out of beach litter - Learn to SCUBA dive - Get a dry suit - Train for the British Divers Marine Life Rescue team - Go to another country, at all - Deadlift your own body weight - Hold a plank for two minutes - See the Christmas market in Munich - Visit the Medieval market in Turku like I promised a friend way back in 2008 - Sell a painting - Paint a stormy sea from life instead of my imagination - Finish reading Moby Dick - Build a weaving loom - Learn to weave wool - Knit a sock - Knit two socks that just about match - Give socks to someone who needs socks - Squat your own body weight - Build a canoe - Learn how to paddle a canoe - Do something useful with your ability to SCUBA dive - Teach someone else how to knit - Dive somewhere in Cornwall - Snorkel somewhere along the North West Highland snorkel trail - Go to another continent, at all - Do something useful with your ability to lift your own body weight - Learn how to paint realistic rain - Go to a marine science conference - Plant an apple tree, and keep it safe - Work out a way to turn non-recyclable takeaway cups into something actually useful, instead of pencil holders - Go north of Aviemore - See the fairy pools on Skye - Walk the West Highland Way - Go back to Breachacha bay armed with gardening gloves and a trailer; remove all of that washed up fishing gear - Make Christmas chutney from apples grown on my apple tree - Cook Christmas dinner for my family - Take out life insurance.
  20. I've just started filling in my Quest details on the Level up website so I thought I'd add them here to. Or at least add a link to the page. https://www.nerdfitness.com/character/1671 I'll add more details here when I get the chance but I just wanted to reserve my spot before anybody tried to take it.
  21. I just finished my first Ranger challenge and have been putting this off for awhile now but I decided it is time............FOR AN ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! I've had trouble with procrastination a lot and staying on track with my goals so I got sick of my crap and declared MAK'GORA upon myself! The 4 challenges of the Mak'gora are as follows below........... (this song goes perfectly to the challenge) 4 week challenge 1. Do intermittent fasting for one by skipping breakfast (never was a breakfast eater anyways) 2. Eat 2000 calories a day 3. Read 1 chapter of "Level Up Your Life" and "The Slight Edge" per week and DO what the chapter says! 4. Slay a great evil! (Pass college algebra with an A) These 4 challenges of Mak'gora start on July 17 (alright started on calories and fasting to ease into it :D) and I'll post regular updates at least once a week. Till my personal challenge starts i'll be researching more paleo and high calorie recipes (already found a great protein bar recipe from my bros at the NF academy on facebook) and tweaking my diet in preparation. This is my first challenge so I hope I got the formatting alright :D! Grading System 1. Intermittent fasting -A = 7x a week -B = 5x a week -C = 3x a week -F = Less than 3 times a week 2. Eat 2000 calories per day -A = 14000 calories -B = 10000 calories -C = 6000 calories -F = Less than 6000 calories 3. Reading and tasks alongside reading -A = Reading done and task complete -F= Reading and task incomplete 4. Pass College Algebra with an A -A = an A -F = Less than an A Link to my epic quest (still working on it!) https://www.nerdfitness.com/level-up/my-character/
  22. So this is less of a bucket list/epic quest and more a list of achievements available in my game of life. As with most games, some of these achievements are reached just by playing the game correctly and some require varying degrees of extra work to unlock. I'm sure there will be a lot of creep in the requirements, so if anyone has recommendations feel free to let me know. Master Explorer: Complete the All-American, World Traveler, Full Passport, and all Photo Album achievements All-American: Visit every state (lived 7; visited 25/50 complete) World Traveler: Spend a week on every continent (3/7 complete) Full Passport: Visit 50 countries (4/50 complete) Photo Album: Visit the following landmarks: Africa -Cape of Good Hope -Congo -Go on a Safari -Madagascar -Pyramids -Sphinx Asia -Akihabara -Angkor Wat -Great Wall -Gyeongbokgung -Hagia Sophia -Japanese Imperial Palace -Korean All-Wars Memorial -Kremlin -Okinawa -Taj Mahal -Tokyo Tower Australia/South Pacific -Borneo Orangutan Preserve (check name) -Borobudur Temple -Great Barrier Reef -Hobbiton -Uluru (Ayer's Rock) Europe -Athens -Big Ben -Blarney Stone -Buckingham Palace -Coliseum -Crete -Eiffel Tower -Giants Causeway -Hohenschwangau Castle -Hohenzollern Castle -Leaning Tower of Pisa -Loch Ness -Louvre -Neuschwanstein Castle -Notre Dame -Parthenon -Roman catacombs -Stonehenge -Venice North America -Dinosaur Graveyard -Disney World -Disneyland -Gettysburg -Grand Canyon -Meteor Crater -Mt Rushmore -Mt. St. Helens -Niagara Falls -Redwood Forest -Smithsonian -Statue of Liberty -Volcano National Park -Yellowstone South & Central America -Amazon -Chichen Itza -Easter Island -Galapagos -Machu Picchu -Panama Canal -Teotihuacan Sanity's Overrated Anyway: Backpack across Transylvania Go bungee jumping Go skydiving Go hang gliding Go spearfishing for shark Go to space Visit the Moon Get a building named after me Responsible Adult: Pay off a car Pay off all student loans Buy a house Pay off said house The Doctor is In: Get a Master's in engineering Pass the Professional Engineer's Exam Get a Ph.D. in engineering Continuing Education: Become conversationally competent in a second language Become conversationally competent in a third language Learn to play the piano Get a degree in philosophy Top of the Food Chain: Kill and eat all of the following -Alligator -Bear -Boar -Elk -Moose -Lion -Shark Classic Car: Build a Shelby Cobra God Among Nerds: Complete the Advanced Technology, Master of Disguise, and Wait, What? achievements Advanced Technology: Design and build a man-portable rail/gauss rifle Design and build a powered armor/exosuit Design and build a laser gatling gun Design and build a lightsaber Master of Disguise: Create and wear the following costumes -Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) -Battousai (Samurai X) -Carnage (Spiderman) -Eva-01 (Evangelion) -Heavyarms (Gundam Wing) -Improved Heavyarms -Knight in scale mail -Nightcrawler (X-men) -Improved Nightcrawler -Sith Warrior (SW:tOR) -Tasuki (Fushigi Yuugi) -The Riddler (Batman) -Tau Fire Warrior (WH40K) Wait, What?: Design and build a prehensile tail Design and build wings capable of carrying a person Design and build a neuro-interface to control both Top of the World: Climb all of the following: -Aconcagua -Mont Blanc -Mt McKinley (Denali) -Mt. Elbrus -Mt. Everest -Mt. Fuji -Mt. Kilimanjaro -Mt. Kosciusko -Mt. St. Helen's Were-Orangutan: Learn Monkey Style Kung Fu Learn Monkey Staff Professional Badass: Complete the 300 workout Learn a combat martial art Learn parkour Shinobi: Build a Ninja Warrior practice course Compete on Ninja Warrior Complete the 1st stage of Ninja Warrior God-Emperor: Take over the world Found the Solarian Empire Become immortal Last Update: Aug2018
  23. Okay, These 4 week challenges are great and all but I think for now I am going to amalgamate everything in the one log. That way my disjointed rambling posts will have some sort of backstory and probably make more sense. xD If you don't know me already (sheesh!) I am 24, australian, working in hopsitality, learning roller derby, and trying to live my aussie dream of owning a house with my lovely partner and gardens and no people and shit. Yeah! Most concise intro so far. Last challenge I focussed on tracking my food (having just come back from a 2-week holiday including an all-you-can-eat buffet) and trying to do some exercise and keep my house clean. The house cleaning plan got de-railed a little bit because everything ended up getting packed up and dragged over to our new house, so I have a clean slate to start again with good housework habits. (also, Mr. Tea said he'd buy me a dishwasher so booyeah!) For the next 4 weeks (at least, probably longer!) I want to be focussing on unpacking the rest of the boxes and throwing out anything I don't need, cleaning the old house, ticking off things on my house-moving list, and getting some sort of garden happening, as well as keeping the new house looking somewhat presentable. Awesome! I also want to re-route my derby focus to be working on the last few things that I need to pass my minimum skills, as well as get good at skills that come in handy in games but aren't necessarily skills that are demanded of you. I've been feeling a bit 'meh' about training since coming back from holiday but we've also had a string of public holidays depriving us of all our training sessions, so I need to get back in there! DERBY SKILLS LIST; 27in5 (currently 24) 360 transitions (at faster speeds!) side-skating / T-skating backwards crossovers pushing through walls core bracing THE HOUSE MOVING LIST: Get a mailbox - done, just need to put up Organise internet - waiting for tech support - still. Call the electricity company Order Gas Bottle Build a dog-fence Put in doggy door - completed (thanks dad!) Clean old house - Put bins out at old house Grab lemon tree from old house Take a load of rubbish to the tip Change addresses at various places (requires mailbox!) - Vehicle license + new license photo. - Car Insurance - Debit card - Superannuation - Work - Dentist - Spotlight (:P) Unpack Rooms; - Formal lounge - all the spare furniture is in here - move extra furniture to the shed - Ensuite - need to move a chest of drawers in for storage space - Craft Room Just gotta put my desk back in there Misc. Things Put up a washing line Oil the hammock stand Change ensuite shower head Stockpile wood for winter Got a good few weeks worth at least; ~ 8-10 wheelbarrow loads for now.
  24. Hi all, My name is Ron Nid, and I've been a nerd for all of my 27 years on this earth. A friend recommended Steve Kamb's book Level Up Your Life, and I bought it almost straight away. It was a fascinating read and more than anything, it excited me for the possibility that lays before me. Thankfully I don't have a weight issue, but I would certainly be a candidate for the issue of being "TOFI"(Thin Outside, Fat Inside - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TOFI) My diet at the minute isn't awful, but it certainly isn't perfect. My main mission isn't so much fitness, although it is certainly a goal, but more to enable myself to live the life I want to lead. I love my job at the minute, but it is still just that: a job. Hoping to meet similarly minded people and get some motivation, as well as motivate! See ye in the comments!
  25. Get a helmet and strap yourself in. This will be a long and, hopefully, exciting journey, and I’m glad that you’re here along for the ride. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. Below is a living list of my goals in life; they are constantly adapting and evolving as I level up my life, complete these goals, discover more concrete steps for each, and find new goals to work toward. Fitness Goals reach 30% body fat live without added sugar do a full, dead-hang pull-up reverse my anterior pelvic tilt deadlift 250lb/bench press 200lb/row 150lb Hobby/Skill Goals re-learn and become fluent in Russian complete writing my (fictional) stories complete costumes (list in process) join the 501st Legion/Rebel Legion/Mandalorian Mercs re-learn and become proficient in Physics/concepts learn and become proficient in Electronics get involved in the local Makerspace learn to align and use my telescope Capoeira Goals attend first ten classes achieve first cord level Life Goals get married (currently engaged, need plan of action) live off last month’s income (budget goal) live without social media (except the Rebellion) minimalize clutter (physical and digital) host weekly/bi-weekly game nights with friends train the huskamute Travel Goals Camp Ranger Fitness 2017 take the husband to Otakon take the husband to GenCon Feel free to join me in my daily grind to reach these goals. However, you will know when significant progress has been made along these goals and when they have been completed.
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