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  1. Im back after having a baby - and Im determined to return to running, but this time be bulletproof! eg injury free. This means going slow, regaining lost strength and keeping the zen and yoga going I found in pregnancy. Hatchling is now 5 weeks old and Im slowly escaping the post baby blues haze and looking for ways to improve my mental and physical health. Running makes me happy therefore I shall run (ok shuffle/jog). About me: I live on a small sail boat in toasty mexico, new mum, prone to over doing things. Big aim - return sensibly to running without injury. Long term Im thinking of resuming my old pace <25 min 5 km, much longer term <45 min 10km which has always been on my wish list. But these are a long way off. First re-learn to run. Dreaming never hurt though. Goals 1) Be the tortoise not the hare I shall return slowly to running 2 times a week going slow and easy. Increasing my time spent running as my body allows. A 2, B 1, C 0 2) Be Limber Yoga or stretching 2 x a week. A 2, B 1, C 0 3) Be Zen Mediation 3 x a week (honestly everyday is ideal as I was into the habit of this but being realistic) A 3, B 2, C 1 4) Be Bulletproof Strength training such as hip stabilization, calf raises, squats etc which enable me to run. I want to avoid ITB issues and shin splints. 3 x a week A 2, B 1, C 0 Bonus points of awesomesause Be Mexican My adorable daughter was born here in mexico and it is really important to me to up my game learning about mexican culture and improve my pathetic spanish. Aim for either language, culture or history lesson/research 3 days a week. Be Social I live in a very small space (boat is 37 feet) and I have a tendency to hide away from the world. I will put effort in once a week to either meet up with friends, mum group, skype date etc. Things I shall not do! Stress my body - I do not want what precious milk I have to dry up. Criticize my post baby body - as Mr Kiwi so sweetly reminded me this week my health and the health of hatchling is far more important than how I look. Eat street tacos everyday - this does not count as learning about mexican culture. I shall put effort into improving my diet for optimal health Feel guilty ever. So much new mother guilt in the past month, this shall not creep back into my life. Day zero Sunday 22 Feb - Today I did my first run in at least six months. I have a family member in town so was able to leave hatchling with her. It is still crazy hot here and of course I went early afternoon. Walked 5 mins, jogged 5, stretched 10, jogged 10, walked 10. My inner knees are a bit achy but apart from that felt really good. kinda been buzzed since and this encouraged me to eat healthy.
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