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Found 6 results

  1. Hello fellow nerds. In the last few minutes before the new year, I'm frantically scrambling to finish my New Year's resolutions. I had a lot of fitness ones this year after I realized that I could use my stomach like a drum. I've really been inspired by Steve and the rest of the NF community. My resolutions this year are as follows: 1. Is to lose 2 inches off my gut by July. 2. Because I've been bad about this before, my second resolution is to exercise at least every other day. On days when I don't do any official exercise, I need to do 300 jumping jacks and 15 pushups divided thro
  2. Sticking with similar things from my last challenge and adding some new ones. I meant to have this all typed up over the weekend but life got in the way. Nutrition *Bring lunch to work at least 3x/wk -- I've been falling into the habit not preparing my lunch bag the night before and then I end up running out of time the next morning. *Veggies with lunch and/or dinner -- I did ok with this during the last challenge but I need to do better. I wasn't consistent *One non-water drink/day -- This will be difficult for me because I always seem to think I have to have some
  3. Hello, my name is Tobi, I'm 29 years old, I am 175cm tall and my weight is 60kg. I am a vegan. I try to eat as healthy as possible, lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, tofu, rice,... and I only drink water. Since June I walk at least 8000 steps a day and I work out 5 days a week for 30 minutes. I use an app called Sworkit (it uses body weight excercises) which tells me what to do. For example, I do push-ups for 30 seconds, then sit-ups for 30 seconds, a 30 second plank,... and every 5 minutes I have a break for 30 seconds. After doing this I am completely exhauste
  4. Hello beautiful people! I'm writing from the wonderful city of Boston, USA. I'm a third year university student studying bioengineering. My weight is always something I've struggled with. I was blessed with a wicked slow metabolism(thx mom) and my parents didn't enforce the good values of nutritional education as I was growing up. My first two years of college were not good, as I carried those uneducated eating habits with me in extreme ways. I started mega binge eating to cope with stress, closet eating, and only exercising minimally which ultimately led to horrific skin, weight gain, and pre
  5. Howdy Folks, I've lost 18lbs since I started dieting (Huzzah! ), I've stopped eating bread and stopped drinking fizzy drinks, and I eat paleo lunch & breakfast (though I admit to succumbing to chocolate and a little ice cream). I cycle to college each weekday (and to work on saturday), which is only about 10 minutes each way, and then climb up 3 floors worth of stairs and arriving to lectures sweaty in the morning sucks... I live with my parents, so mainly eat what they do for dinner (main offenders are potatos/pasta/etc. along with some processed stuff like pre-made korma sauces and the l
  6. Look what the cat dragged in! A high five and some carrot sticks for the person who can tell me where I quoted the topic title from? :3 My name is Daniel, I hail from Somerset, in the Southwest of the United Kingdom - A mostly cold and wet puddle, full of cows, tauntauns, sheep, dragons and hobbits. I've been lurking in the shadows of NF for a month or so now, like some snotty-green troll that lives under a bridge, building up resources, information and facts to help support myself on a quest for better health, and more so a better life (and if I get my hands on a few 1UPs whilst I'm her
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