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  1. MAIN QUEST To obtain the goal I set out to accomplish when I was 16. I want to get down to 137lbs and feel good when I see myself in the mirror. I want to accomplish this before my 24th birthday. (January 10) GOALS 1) Work out 3x a week (or 3hrs a week) A: Work out Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday - for 3 hours total B: Work out Tuesday, Thursday & TBD day - AND/ OR for 2 hours total C: Work out Tuesday, Thursday & TBD day - for undetermined amount of time D: Work out 2x in a week - for undetermined amount of time My plan this time is to complete the BBWW as well as my own 30 day Little Black Dress (LBD) or Plank challenge. I also want to try to run more. I was doing really well last challenge and then I kind of fell off near the end and only stuck to my 30 day challenge, then I ended up injuring myself and slowed my roll again. I hope to accomplish this and lose more than 5 pounds this time around. +2 DEX +1 CHA + 1 STR +1 STA 2) Drink Mas Agua A: Drink 5376oz in 42 days - 128oz/day, 896oz/wk B: Drink 4480oz in 35 days - 106oz/day, 747oz/wk C: Drink 2688oz in 42 days - 64oz/day, 448oz/wk D: Drink 2240oz in 35 days - 53oz/day, 374oz/wk F: Drink 1386oz in 42 days - 33oz/day 231oz/wk Last challenge I know I increased my water intake, but this challenge I have a gallon water bottle that I take with me everywhere and I plan to consume all of its' contents every day. I will use my kitchen scale to determine how much I drank every day if there is any left over by the time I go to bed. +2 CON +1 CHA +1 STA 3) Eat better. A: Paleo B: Home cooked every day, mostly vegetables, no bread C: Home cooked every day, smaller portions & with salad D: Home cooked at least 5 days +2 CON +1 CHA +1 WIS LIFE QUEST "Become an advanced DT/Sports/Therapeutic Bodyworker who is healthy and plays the role of a model therapist. I want my clients to take what I say seriously and feel confident that I know what I’m talking about when I recommend certain stretches/habits because I look fit and healthy." This life quest still applies. However I will be adding more specific goals to this. I have a deep tissue massage book and an anatomy book that I need to start reading again. LQ Goal A: Read a section of both books every day B: Read a section of either book every day (alternating books) C: Read a section of either book at least 5 days a week D: Read a section of either book at least 3 days a week F: Read any less than or equal to 2 days a week. +3 WIS +1 CON MOTIVATION My dresses are collecting dust in the closet because they're too snug Looking good GREAT in less clothing or & no clothing Finally accomplish the mission I set out to do 7 years ago I want to turn myself on when I look in the mirror Can't let my best friends get sexy without me And let's be honest, I wanna look damn sexy for my boyfriend current weight: 174.1 lbs goal weight: 137-145 lbs waist: 34" hips: 44" bust: 40.5"
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