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Found 7 results

  1. HIIT Workouts are best for the people who are looking to lose some fat and want to increase their metabolism. Exercise 1 : HIIT Running Workout Exercise 2: Unlimited Squats Exercise 3: Crunch Time Exercise 4: Burpees Exercise 5: Unlimited High-Knees Benefits of HIIT Training The best part of the HIIT training is that it can be done anywhere, the amount of rest you get is very high. And the result are just awesome.
  2. Hey yo from Canada. I'm around my goal weight, but I'm wanting to focus on my least favorite part of myself: my legs and glutes. I really need to kick my own ass, pun intended. The basic hip thrusts on the floor aren't doing anything. So many workouts I see on Pinterest and whatever look really basic and I don't feel any burn from doing them? I'm watching my form too... What are your favorite/most effective exercises for lower body? I've heard hiking is great too, so I might add that to my routine. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys about 2 years ago I was in a car accident and I've had back pain since then. We recently found out it was an "extruding disc" that has become large and inflamed. I'm taking cortisone shots to help it out but I need some advise on exercising. I have been given a list of some stretches to help out but I also really want and need to lose wight to help with my GERD and hopefully any other issues I may be having. I noticed that walking (or being on my feet for extended periods in general), lifting, and bending over cause some pain. I have one of those stationary bikes that work
  4. Just want to let everyone know I have started putting up instructional videos on my youtube channel so everyone can benefit from getting detailed information on performing all different types of exercises in the gym. I have put up quite a bit now and will be filming more to put up very soon (today hopefully). They are organized in playlists by body part. If you want go check it out search Hodgeapp on youtube and subscribe. I am also available to answer any training or diet questions for you guys in here if you want so just message me or reply to this post and I'll be happy to offer what I
  5. Hey All, What are some arms exercises? I know losing arm fat is very difficult to do, but I'm not sure where to start other than push ups. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! -Zee
  6. Here's an article I wrote in answer to an old debate that really shouldn't exist in the first place!. I tried to keep it objective, but it seems to have been better received in the bodyweight community than by weight lifters! http://www.startbodyweight.com/2014/04/weights-vs-bodyweight-exercises.html
  7. Hi guys, Not new to exercise, but returning after a while. I am a very visual person and I need some examples of exercises I can do in my home. It's been a while, but even when I was training before I had a hard time with the list my trainer gave me because I couldn't remember the exercises. Is there a good free guide to exercises I can do in my home? Thanks ahead of time for your input! Kelli
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