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  1. mar·vel ˈmärvəl/ verb 1. be filled with wonder or astonishment. ◄ Also, this girl! So another challenge is on the horizon, and after the last few, I have to admit I am feeling a bit down on things! So I got to thinking about what I am doing right... and explore what I might be doing wrong. I'm active. I consistently do something intentionally active at least 4x a week, and often 5-6x a week. I run 2-3 miles at a time, I play ice hockey, I train my body to pick things up and put them down. I bike ride, play dance games, frisbee, take hikes, etc. I stretch, I foam roll. This list is not found on someone who is lazy or inactive. I'm health conscious. I don't eat whatever I want whenever I want to. I may not get this right 100% of the time, but I consistently put thought into my food choices. I track calories (more consistently now) and try to eat balanced. I'm creative. I have my hands in a lot of creative activities. Drawing, writing, roleplaying (which also allows me to be socially active). What I am not? I am not very kind to, or appreciative of, myself. I never look at all of those ▲ things and say, "Wow Starpuck, you're pretty awesome!" And therein lies the name to this challenge. I need to start marveling in myself. I need to start really, really cheering myself on for all the amazing stuff I am capable of doing! And what better time to do it than now... leading into ACEN, where I will be cosplaying as Wendy Marvell. With that wordy challenge introduction out of the way, let's get to the details! STARPUCK BECOMES WENDY IS MARVELLOUS Goal #1 -- Fuel yourself properly! Do not starve yourself, you need energy for all those magical attacks! Track Food Daily (One off day/weekend) Get more protein and spread meals out throughout day. Fill up on healthy sources of macros. TOTALS PER WEEK 6 CHALLENGE TOTAL __ / 30 Goal #2 -- Train for all things! All around training is required so you can face a range of unexpected situations! This boils down to my interest in straight up functional strength. I don't need to aim for lifting PR's or certain numbers of anything. I just want to be functionally strong so that everyday life is easier, and so that my bones and muscles stay strong and ready for life well into my senior years. RUN 2X/WEEK STRENGTH 3X/WEEK HOCKEY **X/WEEK TOTALS FOR CHALLENGE RUNNING __/10 STRENGTH __/15 HOCKEY __/ 8 Goal #3 -- Practice your Art! Wendy is a master of support magic, and that requires a calm mind and great focus. For me, this means maintaining my creative side- which forces me to slow down and get quiet. I am going to continue with the idea that I should do my art, but change up one thing. No longer will it be on 'these certain days, you do art before other stuff'. Because sometimes I am just not FEELING it. So, still aiming for 3x a week, but it can be broken up however. ART 3X/WEEK TOTALS FOR CHALLENGE ART __/15 Goal #4 -- Compliment yourself! Wendy starts off as a shy, uncertain girl in Fairy Tail. But she learns to build her confidence by believing in herself. Twice a week I will post either a picture of myself being awesome, or comment about something I am capable of doing, in such a way that I praise myself and love on my body for all that it does for me. Can we say awkward? >.> STARPUCK SHOWS OFF HER AWESOME 2X/WEEK CHALLENGE TOTALS __/8 You may have noticed I have some goals that are including all 5 weeks (off week + new challenge) and some that start next week proper. That's intentional. I also have data and a fun calendar (flaunts for @Karinajean) I need to post in a follow up post. But, work is crazy now, so I need to hit Submit Topic before the internet eats all my hard work!
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