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  1. Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo (that was a howl btw) My name is Heather. Some of you probably already know me as @Wild Wolf Wifey of almost 8 years. (LOVE YOU BOO!) Some of you may not know this, but I am the reason he is, or every was “Wolf” or “Wolfie”. You see, my nerdy heart has always beat for Werewolves. And WildWolf is definitely one Although he does not believe me. I always told him he was a Werewolf. Based off my personal criteria for a Werewolf. He meets the profile perfectly. Tall, Strong, Hot Tempered, Amazing in bed (Is that allowed? We are married ) He is not very hairy, but he is a ginger and you really just cant see most of the blonde hairs. He is also a Ginger Wolf when he transforms. Yes, very Jacob-esque in Twilight >>>>>>>> However he is more humanoid like Hugh in Van Helsing with the abs. But enough about @Wild Wolf. This challenge is about me. But I will warn you I do talk about him, our children and my family a lot. Because they are whom I was entrusted with. My loves, My life. My challenge is a Wolf Pack theme. Our family is known as the Wolf Pack. Mainly because of Ryan and his activity here on the boards and then carrying it over into his Wolf Lean Lifestyle. However, I am done letting him have all the wolf fun. I am getting in on it. I am also done letting him have all the health and all the strength. He has always been the health nut and workout guru (My words). I also have him at my disposal pretty much 24/7 and just do what my Orange self usually does (Four Lenses Assessment) and just do it alone an not ask for help. But not anymore. I need help. I know that now more than every. I need my Savior Jesus Christ, I need my Husband that God gave me. I need my Family and the support of friends. I could never do this life alone. I need and love of the Pack life. **TRIGGER WARING** INFANT LOSS ********************************************************* Living the Pack life is awesome, and I am so grateful to Ryan for starting a pack with me. I am embracing my role in the pack as Mama or “Breeder” (I am technically the Bitch- Breeding female dog, wolf, fox, or otter ) This is a very important role in the pack though. I am seeing that more now. The packs strength derives from the size of the pack and strength of its members. I am charged with making sure our pack is strong with new members as well as the strength of its current members. This is really the only place I feel comfortable talking about this, but we are currently TTC (Trying to conceive). We want to grow our pack in strength and numbers. We are still reeling from our recent family tragedy, but with Gods grace it has brought us closer together, it has given us drive and hope, it has given us strength. So, forward we go, through the darkness and into the light, trying to conceive and God willing one day, lick and smell our rainbow baby. Goal 1. Breeder Points 96oz of water daily +2 Endurance I have never drunk enough water. I usually reach for a coke before I reach for water. No more. Not only will I be drinking more water but cutting coke outs and other bad drinks. Now I am cutting alcohol because we are TTC, I would not usually lump that in with bad drinks. I like my beer and wine in moderation. Drink Kombucha +1 Constitution -If you don’t know what Kombucha is I’m sorry. We brew our own and its full of good probiotics. It curbs my coke and wine cravings also. Goal 2. Pack Points Make a healthy breakfast +3 Strength Some would say this is the most important meal of the day. Well not me. I very rarely eat breakfast. I have been this way all my life. Basically, I ‘m a naturally faster . My stomach is always just unsettled 1st thing in the morning. By the time I am hungry I might as well wait for lunch. However, when my pups wake up the 1st thing they want is food. I have been in a bad habit of having quick fixes for them. Cereal, Poptarts, Instant oatmeal. However, I am changing that. I want to make a healthy breakfast every morning. I have a lot of new kitchen toys from Christmas I plan on getting a lot of use out of. Bonus Prepping Ryan breakfast +1 Charisma Ryan is the alpha and leader of the pack. He needs to be strong to keep us safe and secure. I am doing good on lunches for him for work but I wanna step it up with including breakfast. Goal 3. Spiritual Points Read 2 Chapters of the bible a day. +3 Wisdom My spiritual walk has not been what it could be. I want to rectify that. God is my refuge and my strength. I can do nothing apart from Him. I also want to help lead my Pups and family to Christ. I want everyone to know Gods perfect love and spend eternity with us in heaven. Goal 4. Tithe every paycheck. +3 Dexterity This is a hard one for me. I pay the bills. I know how little money we have lol. Its not that I don’t want to give to the Church. It’s the moment I do, I see all the things that money could pay for, all the debt it could pay off. I want to be better at this but I need to practice what I preach. You can never out give God. He has given me everything. Bonus Finish Challenge +1 Strength +1 Charisma Some of you may remember that I have started a challenge before. I did not finish it. I want to finish this challenge and be worthy of the Ranger guild by doing all the things! At least all the mama wolf things
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