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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Nerd Family! It has been awhile since I have been on the Forum but I do lurk from time to time. Today tho I need your help! I recently reached a target goal weight and I feel really proud of myself. I thought today I would have a cheat day and go to lunch with my co-workers. HUGE mistake. I ate a double quarter pounder, a half of a med fry, and a few sips of sprite. The problem now is I am sitting at my desk and I honestly want to cry. I feel terrible like I want to throw up I wont but I feel that bad. My stomach is in knots and mentally I feel like a steaming pile of kry
  2. Hello All, I am VERY new here...and I've already run into some difficulty. I just joined the Academy and I am trying to think of ways to customize my Batcave...I have a gym bag ready to go in the car, and water bottles in the fridge instead of soda. I have a book on my nightstand (so I will read more and not watch tv late into the night...) I think one of my biggest issues is Fast Food...If I am hungry when I am out and about, I tend to stop at a drive thru. I buy healthy groceries! Even been sticking to Paleo at least half the time, for the last several months, but then I ruin everything
  3. So my new years resolution was to start being more active, eat better and get off the soda for good but I don't know where to start. I have the worst time committing to a workout routine and I can't resist the temptation of fast food and soda. What's the best way to kick my bad habits and lose the pounds.
  4. Like many, I laughed at the idea of being "addicted to food" for a long time. But the more I've considered it, the more I've realized: being addicted to certain combinations and kinds of processed foods is quite real. One need only review several Google searches on the topic, as well as statements from physicians and neuroscientists that various combinations of food spike dopamine and serotonin levels pretty high, which, just like cocaine or meth, can lead to tolerance and require more and more of the same to get the same "high". Anyway, I'm here to ask the question: how do you act
  5. AgentC resurrected Back in 2013 I joined NF to help train for a Zombie themed 5k and did well achieving my goals (I even was able to do push-ups, cross monkey bars and nearly hit the 150's weight wise!), after the race my motivation wavered, and I kept getting hit with work related injury after another. This past January I went back to school to get my Wound, Ostomy, and Continence certification and start over. I have since finished school, started a new job at a well known health care facility, moved nearly 4 hours away from home, and gotten myself a new kitten! For the first time since Janu
  6. Tiggs8786 like the Phoenix Hi everyone a little intro about myself. I had a rough year last year injuring my back (TWICE!), not being able to really do ANY exercise for 8months then had some personal loses this fall causing me to lose all the fitness progress and motivation I had gained the year prior. Now to rise from the ashes and regain what I lost (or lose what I gained?) Goal 1: Dirty Yoga 3x per week (STR 3 STA 3) EDIT YOGA TOTAL FOR CHALLENGE 18 times (3x6) try to do 3x per week I’ve discovered at work and in my own personal life that my back is definitely not like it had been b
  7. Hey everyone! After lurking around Nerd Fitness for the last few months and living vicariously through my friend Priscillia I've finally decided to partake in a 6 week challenge of my own! A little about me - I'm 23 years old and currently work full time in retail. My whole life I've been on and off fad diets, losing weight and gaining weight. As an occasional gamer (not so avid anymore), I love the concept of NF... if you can spend so many hours leveling up your character in game and making it the best it can be, why can't you do that with your own life? Love the idea! I really think
  8. The War of the Body Snatchers - Staring Wirilome Plot: Wirilome lives in the fictional town of Fontucky, California. Her house has been invaded by microscopic imps that have drifted from chemical factory plants into the supermarkets. The imps conceal themselves as fruits, veggies, and meats with “easy cooking meals†while Wirilome and her family has slowly turned to dust. The imps live surprisingly a long shelf life and they cannot survive without an abundance of sodium or strange chemicals not found in nature, consequently, if unstopped, they will quickly turn all Earthlings into Jabba t
  9. For those of us who end up eating out from time to time, you probably have a mental list of restaurants where you can get Primal/Paleo food. Until now, Panera was not my list. But at the beginning of this year, they opened up a "Hidden" menu to all their US locations featuring surprisingly low-carb, protein-packed meals! http://mypanera.panerabread.com/articlestips/article/access-into-paneras-hidden-menu/ For nutritional information see: http://www.paneranutrition.com/NutritionCalculator.aspx (Note: The steak wrap and hummus bowl are tucked under "Soups & More", and the breakfast bow
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