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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all! I wake up at 5:00 AM, throw on clothes while half asleep, and 10 minutes after my alarm goes off I am warming up for my workout. Since I am beginning a new program to get me to a 10K (currently run over 3 miles/5K every other morning), I would like to know if anyone can recommend some nutrition tips for morning workouts. My New Years Resolution is to stop eating 2-3 hours before bed, I have done very well so far. Boredom eating is a problem of mine. Having said that, I have noticed that my workouts are suffering a little because basically I am hungry. Any ideas?????
  2. . I think I will try to make this post a little shorter than my introductory post So less about myself and more about the battle plan Main quest: Drop belly fat and flatten my abdomen I’ve already stick to exercise and diet before, with various commitment level but always disappointing results, so I think this won’t be easy But it’s something I damn want, so I’m going to work toward it. No excuses! 1st Goal: Workout 3/wk. I’ve already performed some gym before, but I think this is going to be tough, because I’m going to exercise A ) outdoor; B ) early (6 AM) in the morning and C ) before breakfast (a fasted workout is supposed to be more effective, is it? Any advice on this?) and D ) autonomously, without trainers or surveyors. I decided to use the Playground workout with a couple of exercises from the Beginner Bodyweight circuit that seems the right circuit completion to me. I think I should do the first level exercises in the first times, except for push ups: I'm pretty sure that I can handle regular push ups instead of assisted ones. Result of the blending is this: Explosive legs work: bench step ups (10 reps each leg) Push: push ups (10 reps) Pull: swing rows or, if managed, body rows (10 reps) Legs: lunges (8 reps each leg) Core: body plank (15 seconds, planning on working up to 60) Full body: jumping jacks (30 reps)Reward: +1 END STA. I’ve already built some muscular mass, so I think this will be more an endurance training, about waking up early, running to the park, performing more and more reps on each exercise. Please correct me if I’m wrong on this point Success Metrics: based on a total of 6*3 = 18 workouts A: Never miss a workout.B: Miss 1 workout (5% of the 6-weeks total)C: Miss 2 workouts (10%)D: Miss 3-4 workouts (25%)E: Miss 5-6 workouts (33%)F: Miss more than 6 workouts 2nd Goal: Adhere strictly to the diet, on food and quantities. I already have a non-paleo diet built by a nutritionist two months ago but the starting motivation is fading away, due to lack of sensible results. I’m sure that this diet, teamed with the workouts, will do its job, but I must strictly follow it for this to happens Reward: +1 CON Success Metrics: based on a total of 5 * 7 * 6 = 210 meals A: Miss up to 7 diet-clear meals (<5% of the 6-weeks total)B: Miss up to 11 diet-clear meals (5%)C: Miss up to 21 diet-clear meals (10%)D: Miss up to 52.5 diet-clear meals (25%)E: Miss up to 69 diet-clear meals (33%)F: Miss 70 or more diet-clear meals 3rd Goal: Drink at least 1,5 liters of waters daily This is part of the diet but it’s a separate goal: planning my meals is a thing I can manage to do but drink that much water is something I’ve never managed to do before… Damn, usually I drink from two to three glasses a day… And this already make me pee a lot! I can’t imagine what will be drinking 2 times more than that Reward: +1 CON Success Metrics: based on 7 * 6 = 42 days of challenge. I use days in order to prevent myself from drinking more than 1.5 liters a day to compensate a less-hydrated day. A: Don't hydrate appropriately for 0-1 day (<5%)B: Don't hydrate appropriately for 2 days (5%)C: Don't hydrate appropriately for 3-4 days (10%)D: Don't hydrate appropriately for 10 days or less (25%)E: Don't hydrate appropriately for 13 days or less (33%)F: Don't hydrate appropriately for 14 days or more Life Goal: Try to Stay in monthly money budget, adapting it to my needs but NOT to my whims. (Credits to 49er for the "try to" disappearance) That’s right, I’m budgeting my incomes and outcomes… And I really don’t like what I see I’ve written down a budget, using that budgeting software I bought some time ago (thank you steam sales! ) but I didn’t really follow it right up to now... In my next level-up I want this thing to be of some usefulness too! Reward: +1 WIS Success metrics: A: Overspend by 1% or less of monthly budgetB: Overspend by 2% or less of monthly budgetC: Overspend by 3% or less of monthly budgetD: Overspend by 4% or less of monthly budgetE: Overspend by 5% or less of monthly budgetF: Overspend by more than 5% of monthly budget Ok, I think this is it What do you think, for a first challenge? Feedbacks of all kinds are always welcome! Thank you very much!!!
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