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  1. HEY THERE! IF YOU THINK FASTING IS UNHEALTHY OR UNSAFE THEN DON'T PARTICIPATE IN THIS! Last minute challenge! Here in Michigan it is 10-17-14, 7:00 PM. I will be fasting as of midnight tonight for 48 hours. Anyone else interested in trying this, go ahead and post here. I will only be consuming water, black coffee, and water with crystal light in it until Monday morning. I'm carbing up with beans and lentils right now. Any and all participants get a stoic nod of appreciation and respect from yours truly. All those who complete this tiny challenge get an imaginary high five (you can't feel it, but if you close your eyes and concentrate, it's like I'm actually there smacking your hand with my hand, and it stings soooo good). Sorry for the late notice, I will probably do this again next weekend. Five hours to go!
  2. Yep.. I crossed that all out. I am not happy with these quests. Starting a new one on monday - with quests and a story I like ... makes another attempt Today is my second day of fasting – not including the pre-fasting day. So the second day without eating. I only “ate†rice-soup and drank water and teas (unsweetened of course). For those who don’t know me by now: I am suffering from health problems for about 2.5 years now and I am trying out different things in order to get rid of those problems. The fasting is going to be continued till the fifth day (Monday) and then I start eating again. I guess now that this is said my motivation for this challenge is clear: L i v i n g w i t h o u t h e a l t h p r o b l e m s a g a i n . MAIN CHALLENGE: CLEAN UP NUTRITION 1) Follow the plan for the first days after the fasting & each day half an hour workout (Mon - Fri) For the following list: risotto = one cup of rice boiled in beef broth omelet = 2 eggs, ¼ bell pepper, salt, pepper, dried basil Mon, September 15: eat nothing Tues, September 16: one apple Wed, September 17: one banana and one bell pepper edited on September 14 Thu, September 18: risotto Fri, September 19: one apple + risotto Sat, September 20: 100 g turkey meat roasted with peach + vegetables / salad + risotto Son, September 21: same as yesterday Mon, September 22: two breakfast eggs / omelet + the same as the two days ago Edit: My boyfriend is cooking once in that week so one of the days after the 12th I won't be eating what's on the list but take care that the portion fits to the day. After that I can eat whatever I want again. Of course I try to eat healthy but I won't try to fulfil a certain diet like vegan for example and I don’t have to follow a meal plan anymore. The plan above is just to make sure my body has enough time to get used to eating again. In the apothecary I got some tipps for fasting. One of them is that I should take a certain probiotic which they showed me after I finished fasting (so after the fifth day in my case). Edit on September 15: I am taking probiotics for building up the inestinal flora and I have to take one each day till September 27. Want to have this here to make sure I remember it. Sept 17: Added the workout stuff because this quest would be over on Sept 19 and I also need enough exercise so my body's inner life can work like it should be. Workout can be cardio kickboxing, a walk, the beginner bodyweight workout, and so on. 2) Eat properly take my time for eatingchew enoughconcentrate on eating – not be distracted by watching series or playing games (this will be the most difficult for me I guess)small portions 3) Eat at certain times Of course it doesn’t have to be at minute but the closer to the set target the better. This could be also rather difficult because my lecture times are very, very different from day to day and from week to week. This is only for the days Mon-Fri. 06.00 AM09.00 AM12.00 PM03.00 PM06.00 PM(08.00 PM) I do not take any side quests or life quests this time. I messed up so many challenges by now that I have to take it even more to the basics than before. Exercising and studying enough is of course very important, but it’s not what I want to concentrate on this challenge. If I cannot get rid of the health problems, all the efforts of studying and exercising won't be useful. During the fasting I have to concentrate on exercising because otherwise my body will take the protein from my muscles and use it because he thinks he wouldn't need it. This time I also don’t set the attribute points now. Last time it was kind of motivating for me but it’s difficult to set them this time. I will simply decide which attribute points and how many I receive when the challenge is completed. Man I really hope that at least this time I can complete it.
  3. Hey there! I am struggeling with health problems for 2.5 years now. Sometimes they are are bad, sometimes good, sometimes worst. I tried out some things by now to get rid of it and for two days yet I fast. On Wednesday I had the pre-fasting day and yesterday the first day completely without eating (only drinking water, tea and rice soup). I am feeling awesome For about one hour there are slight hunger pangs now but really slight. Guess I am way to delighted about my health condition to give attention to it I started many challenges here so far but I failed each. On Mon, September 15 I am going to make another attempt. Maybe there are some people who also think about fasting or are even fasting at the moment also or are simply concentraining on their diet mainly in the next challenge (my main goal is to clear up my diet and I am going to have no side quests). I really could use a sidekick for this challenge and would be very happy if someone wants to fight as a team, pushing and supporting each other through the next six weeks. Greetings Curse PS: please don't get deterred by my username, it's just chosen by how I felt most of the time
  4. I have never seen a bodybuilder/powerlifter/strength athlete do an extended fast or a water fast. A youtuber that goes by the name Low Carb Cory did a 9-day fast with great results, but he's the only one I've ever found, and I wouldn't consider him a bodybuiler or strength athlete per se (although his physique is pretty great). I've been trying extending my fasts lately to see how much I can push myself. So far I'm having what appears to be positive results. The problem is, when I research this, I get very frustrated. The extended fasts that I've found that were studied were not performed by these types of athletes. I can't find any data suggesting the rate of muscle loss in someone performing heavy resistance training. I've found plenty of information showing protein is spared largely once the body adapts to a ketogenic state. But most of the information I have found pertains to intermittent fasting, which is what I currently do. I did find two videos of a guy saying "I'm doing a 7 day water fast to settle this once and for all, because none of you on the forums have the balls to try it." He did a video the first and second day, and was never heard from again. Has anyone here tried an extended fast? How long did you try it? How did your body respond? Why did you do it? I'm not advocating that people starve themselves or anything. But intermittent fasting has me asking a lot of questions and I'm not really finding any answers. And even though I'm interested in this, I doubt that I will ever attempt a true seven day fast. But this is one of those things that everyone talks about but there seems to be little data available to reference. Just trying to start a conversation guys. Thanks for any feedback.
  5. Okay so from what I understand LeanGains and IF are old hat now,they've given way to other, newer "diet fads." But it's still new to me, and I've been doing IF for about six weeks now and I've lost 20 pounds. I've maintained my strength, even gained some on the deadlift. My question is, has anyone on here had any long term success with intermittent fasting? I plan on going back to a more normal, albeit more controlled eating schedule once I reach my weight goal. But I'm curious if anyone on here has done as well or better than I'm doing on it? I haven't struggled at all with binge eating, my cravings are minimal and easily ignored, and I'm getting awesome results. On the weekends I just eat normal, whenever I feel like it, and Sundays I go right back into the protocol. From all of the issues that I've heard people have struggled with on this kind of diet, I really expected this to be a lot more difficult than it really is. This is probably the easiest diet I've ever done, and the most effective so far. I'm not trying to boast about my current results, I'm just baffled at the complaints about fasting that I've heard. I grew up as a fat asthmatic loser, my after school snacks were zebra cakes and oreos. If a guy like me can do as well on this as I have been, it seems like the science behind this must be sound. I'll stop typing before I put my foot in my mouth now.
  6. Influence of Ramadan Fasting on Anaerobic Performance and Recovery Following Short time High Intensity Exercise An interesting study about fasting on the ninth month of the Muslim calendar (which begins at sundown today).
  7. Main Quest Death Squad Approach’s! - Lose another 14 Assassins that are within close proximity! I’ve lost the first 12, and rooted out an additional four on the first leg of my journey; but the forces of Gorge Monger are persistent!I’m going to try for 14lb lost in six weeks. I crushed it the first challenge, so I’m upping the ante by an additional two pounds.MissionsOut Run the Assassins! -The assassins of Gore Monger are slow; one of the best ways to lose them is by endurance and speed; to put more distance between them and myself, I’ll need to run at least six miles in the course of a week!\1 DEX and 2 STAIncreasing the distance I need to run each week by a mile. The end of my first goal I was able to achieve five miles by mid-week; adding an additional mile should push me just a little bit further, as once I complete a goal, I typically like to grind it into the dust.Stay Hidden! – The assassins have the ability to track by the food their prey consumes. While the Paleo diet reduces the range in which they can track. I must remain 80% Paleo for this tactic to work!1 CON and 1 WISContinue to remain Paleo, I achieve very good success in my first challenge, but I could do even better I think. I'll also use this goal to try and refine what I've learned.Strength comes but one day at a time! – If my first quest taught me anything, each day may not seem significant, but over the course of 42 days their fruits are plentiful! Continue to train as denoted below.Morning - Advanced Bodyweight Workout – Every other day.2 STR and 1 ENDI enjoy this workout quite a bit, it gives a good overall workout that leaves me well winded and really picks me up in the morning.Evening - Dumb Bell Routine - http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/wotw3.htm2 STRI used this Routine the last half of my previous quest. I cycle this, so I don’t really take a break from this particular routine. I consider the Abs Only day as the break.Throughout Every Day - PLP – 60 Day Challenge 1 STR, 1 END, 1 STAThis was something else I started near the end of my first quest. Currently on 29 Push-ups 29 Lunges and 19 Pull-ups (yes I started at one Pull-up, cause there was no way in hell I could do 10! J) I’m pleased to say I’ve been able to complete 5 pull-ups with fair form now; but getting to 19 in a single session is brutal, I bought a pull-up bar (Iron Gym) so I can do it at work (off the I-beams in the basement) and at home. I do not plan on restarting at 10/1 for this challenge, I will continue to the 60 day mark; and then? Probably restart.Life QuestSell That Castle!1 WIS and 1 CHAThis is a multi-step Life Goal; and something due to weather has been hard to do; it is also a big agro (the house in general) for my wife, so I need to get this done.Complete Kitchen by April 18st.Complete Master Bedroom by April 23thComplete Front Porch by May 28stComplete Painting Work (whole house) by April 30thGet House on Market by May 1st = A. Every 7 Days after = Lower Grade.This might be a little complicated; but the first steps are to just keep me on track. If I miss the deadline for the Completion parts, each one missed is a half letter grade drop. The On the Market is the primary goal.Starting Weight: 265 Lbs. as of 4/15/2014 Measurements as of 4/16/2014 Neck: 17" Chest: 46" Waist: 47" Hips: 44" Thighs: 26.5" Calves: 18" Biceps: 15" Wrists: 7.25" There you have it; does it look good? Any comments/suggestions/criticism is welcome! Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)? Is it reasonable? I believe it is, admittedly I set the goal higher than the last one; but I view this as a challenge, not something I should simply succeed because I set it too low, or don't need to make effort. Do your 3 main goals all build towards it in little ways, or are you taking on too much? Cardio, Diet, and Strength Training; I believe when these three decide to dance it is mind-blowing. Are your main goals realistic? Can you scale them to smaller steps to fit your life better, even if it will make it take a little longer to achieve them? My first, and second goals (running/paleo) I certainly think are realistic, I'm hesitant, to a point with the third. I have a lot of lifting/BW going on between the increasing amounts of PLP; we'll see how I do. Realistic? Yes. Pass with flying colors with no problem? Maaybe not? Challenge accepted. Are your goals able to be measured and tracked? What will you use to track them? Yes. I have a spreadsheet at work for my weight and body measurements, along with my schedule for working out in Outlook. Paleo there is more Grey area, since I've stopped logging all my food. How are you grading your goals? Are they pass/fail (“every dayâ€, “not even once over the six weeksâ€? Is there a reward for the effort, or are you only grading yourself on whether or not you “lose the weight†or “run the distanceâ€? While I did not specifically say, days I miss I'm logging with the above spreadsheet; and I'll attempt to 'make them up' in some way worst case scenario. If I don't work out 'exactly' to my scheudule I'm not immediately slamming my score; I'll work that out in more detail near the end. I'm pretty brutal when it comes to judging myself, so I have no issue with doing it in the end. I like the 'grind'... I don't like getting stuff simply for showing up (well not entirely true) Give me 8 hour 1/2 blue grind in Upper Spiders in EQ rather than 5 levels in WoW for the same time... I'm weird I guess. What is your plan for continuing/altering/grading those goals if you become ill or injured? If I am unable to run, or complete certain exercises for my goals I do have back-ups, walking, or lightening the load, or being even more strick with my diet. Again, viewing this as as game. X-COM for example, you make a bad choice in the beginning; or roll bad so you injure your best guy? You try and sluff by with a newbie; that injury might cost you the game in Hardcore... or in this case, it may cost me a Level if I fail to complete it. Run 6 miles. I plan to adhere to it even if I break my leg, I don't see myself changing the goal itself. Did you take into consideration any special occasions (Passover, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, birthdays, anniversaries, etc) that may occur during the challenge? What modifications do you need to build into your goals for those? I don't forsee an issue actually. Do any of your main goals conflict with each other? I don't believe so? If so; please anyone reading them shout it out! Do you already have the time in your schedule to actually complete the goals you’ve set? If not, what are you planning to do to make time for them? Yes, I have a busy schedule but I believe what I have lined up can be fit in. I can workout for an hour at work, which allows me to complete running or my exercises as needed, and I can always squeak in 30minutes in an evening... if I can't? Well, I'm doing it wrong. Are you trying to build multiple habits, or is all your energy focused on your main quest? My main quest is the result of building multiple habits I believe. I don't need to focus my energy into my main quest because focusing it into my goals will, I hope, feed the main quest.
  8. So this is my first challenge as part of the Rangers and I’m very late starting my challenge post, but I have been doing my some of my challenges from the start. If you just want to know about my challenges skip ahead to the bottom, otherwise keep reading for Albertigog’s next adventure. Albertigog and the beast within Cresting the top of a hill after a week in the wilderness, Albertigog got his first view of the valley below and his next destination, a small village at the other end of the valley. “Finally, I’ve found it! But I’m never going to make it that far by dusk. Oh well, best get started.†He continued his journey into the valley heading toward the track leading to the village, but he was indeed right and didn’t make it halfway by the time the sun set. After stopping for the day, getting the fire going and some food cooking, Albertigog sat down against a tree, looking across the valley at the small village marked on the map with the words keep away. “If no one’s supposed to go here, there must be something worthwhile for me on my quest down there.†He muttered to himself with a buzz of excitement at what he would find. After eating and settling down for the night he watched the full moon as he drifted off into dreams of greatness. ...................... As he opened his eyes the next morning, Albertigog had a banging headache and felt like hell. “That’s weird I don’t remember drinking last night. Huh.... where am I? And why am I naked?†As he looked around he could see small houses scattered around and herds of sheep and cattle in the fields outside the village. He’d woken up in a pile of hay. Looking for something to cover himself up with he stood up and fell over again as the headache hit him. “What’s going on? I bet some locals decided to play a joke on me and fed me booze while I slept.†At the edge of the hay he managed a sack to cover himself up with and started to set off to find someone, when he spotted a bloody sheep’s leg next to the hay as well. “What the??? This joke is going a little bit too far. I best find someone.†At that point he heard some shouting from around the corner and went to investigate. Peeking around the building he saw a village gathering that looked more like and angry mob. “All right!! Who lost control last night! Find any youngsters that haven’t changed before, we need to sort this before any more damage is done tonight.†The group crowd replied with a huge yell that reminded Albertigog of his head ache. A wave of nausea caused him to fall forward around the corner. At the noise everyone in the crowd turned around and saw Albertigog. “Get him, before he runs away!!!†“Uh oh†Albertigog tried to run as the crowd swarmed at him but his headache stopped him from getting anywhere. The man who’d been talking before approached him. A tall, powerfully built man with a little too much grace in his step for someone his size. There was something else about, something wild that Albertigog couldn’t put his finger on. “How are you feeling young man?†he said. “Huh, what do you mean?†“Feel like you’ve been on the drink by any chance?†“Yes actually. Why what did you people do to me last night?†“We did nothing, it was you who did all the damage to the village that you can see.†He hadn’t noticed it until now, but looking around there was bit of damaged buildings and broken things everywhere. “How could I have done all this on my own?†“Why did you not follow the warnings and leave the valley? Surely you must have seen them on the path in.†“I wasn’t on the path when I stopped for the night.... Why are you changing the subject?†“This valley is cursed young man! Any adult who sleeps in this valley during the full moon turns into a beast.†“What? So you’re telling me that I turned into some sort of werewolf? Don’t be ridiculous.†Thinking upon what he said, Albertigog began to think that it would explain everything, but it was just not possible. As he looked back to the tall man, who looked rather annoyed, he began to change. His muscles bulged, hair started growing all over his body, his legs lengthened and his face started to shift and move. A few seconds later the man had turned into a huge wolf standing on to legs. “Believe me now young man!?†Albertigog just sat there, gobsmacked with his mouth wide open. The wolf began to shrink and turn back into the man. “My name is Freki and I am the leader of this village. We keep to ourselves and advise others to keep away from this valley, so they do not fall victim to the curse that has now affected you.†“So I really turned into a wolf last night and did all this damage. I’m really sorry, I’ll help you fix the houses and then leave you in peace so it doesn’t happen again.†“I’m afraid that’s not possible, now you have changed once, you will continue to change at every full moon wherever you are. You must learn to control it otherwise you are a danger to everyone you meet. We have built this village to withstand such attacks from uncontrolled transformations, but other villages could be laid to waste in a single night.†“So I can’t leave... If you can transform at will, why didn’t you come out and stop me last night?†“It is too dangerous, when you are not in control you are far more powerful and violent and it would have led to serious injuries. Now young man, if we may know your name so we may help you learn to control the beast within.†“It’s Albertigog.†“Well Albertigog, come with me and let’s find you some clothes and teach you what you must do.†.................. “Thanks for the clothes they fit perfectly†“They belong to my son, so please look after them. Now come sit, so we may discuss the challenge that is ahead of you. Transforming is a highly stressful time and you must learn to cope with this stress and maintain a cool head and keep control over your body and the animal instincts (Challenge 1). You are also always hungry when you transform, hence how you ate almost an entire sheep last night. You must learn to control the hunger and learn to go without food (Challenge 2). Finally, although it takes great control to contain the beast within, you must learn to let it out once in a while otherwise it will build up and make it more difficult to control (Challenge 3). Oh and one more think whilst your learning to keep control you can keep that promise to help us repair the village (Life challenge). If you’re ready we’ll get you started right away.†Challenge 1. HIIT I’m going to do some HIIT training 3 times a week. Improvement in fitness is a sideline goal with this. My main goal is to improve my ability to keep focus and work through fatigue whilst under stress from working at close to 100%. I’m following a tabatas protocol with five different exercises Warm up Parkour rolls Bear crawls (3 steps forward, 3 backwards) Step unders carrying log Forward sprawls Broad jumps Cool down Each exercise will be done for 4 minutes, 20 seconds on 10 seconds off X 8 with a 1 minute break between each exercise. I’ll record how many reps I do as my most for each exercise and how many I do on my least( normally the last 20 seconds) trying to limit that difference. 3 X 6 is 18 sessions, so 17+- A, 16-B, 15-C, 14- D 13 or less is a fail Con- +2, Sta + 2, Str +1 Any suggestions on SMART targets for improvements would be appreciated. Challenge 2. Intermittent fasting. Fairly simple, I’m going to fast 2 days a week, from evening meal to evening meal. I don’t find it that difficult fasting and as I’m a week in I’ve already done 2 days. My hope is to not feel hungry at all whilst fasting by the end of the challenge and avoid thinking a lot about food around the time I would normally be missing. Otherwise success is based meeting the twice a week fasting. 12 sessions in total, 12-A, 11-B, 10-C, 9-D Cons- +4 Challenge 3. Go out and play For me exercise is about be able to do what I want when I want and having fun. I haven’t been doing enough of this recently. So twice a week I’m going to do a decent session of spontaneous exercise play style. Again this challenge will be based on how many times I manage to do it. I haven’t started this one yet so I have a max of 10 I can do in the remaining 5 weeks. 10-A, 9-B, 8-C, 7-D, Wis- +2 Life Challenge. Do something productive every day. This is an attempt to improve my life slowly over time. I realise every day is going to be a bit too tough so I’m setting it at doing it 5 times a week. The productive thing can’t me everyday stuff, like cleaning/washing but something out of the ordinary to makes my situation better. 26+-A, 21+-B, 17+-C, 14+-D Wis or Cha - +4 (Depending on the end results)
  9. Today marks my first full week of IF (16/8) and I'm down from 180lbs to 175.5 so far. I'm 5'9" and 40 years old, my calorie intake has been around 1700-1800 per day with 150-165g protien daily. I'm "skinny-fat", I can grab about a 3" fist full of fat from around my belly button but I can feel it getting firmer by the day. I bought some calipers this weekend and after taking several measurements I've concluded that I'm in the 30% range for both chest and stomach. Flubbery... My only workouts have been fasted intervals on a treadmill 3x week, 50 pushups every other day, and 25lb kettlebell squats. Starting this week I'm doing the basic bodyweight circuit. My goal is to get down to 165lbs and develop my back, chest and legs. My diet has been mostly home made soups (beans, veggies, turkey kielbasa, Beef and Barley.) eggs, chicken, fish, broccoli, green beans, lamb chops, whey protien shakes, and sometimes 1-2 glasses of dry red wine just before 6pm. Am I eating enough? What's a good protien target? Thanks for any help. Eric
  10. Introduction & Current Spec: Hi! I'm 23, from the UK finishing up on Uni for preparing for big change in my life. I've always been overweight, and this isn't my first time I've attempted for change, but I'm gonna make this third time count! So far I've been going for over 3 months, and things have never worked so well for me pre-NF. I'm hoping to keep this momentum going to reach my life quest. Starting Weight (from 05/01/14): 234.2lbs Current Conditions: Asthma (Currently Better) I've been on NF for over 3 months and have currently lost 30.5lbs and I hope to keep that up in order to fulfil my goals. Picture Progress: Starting: Month 1: Month 2: Month 3: If anyone's interested, here's my weekly weight loss results from the very start: 10/11/2013 251.8lbs (-2.2) 17/11/2013 249.0lbs (-2.8) 24/11/2013 247.2lbs (-1.8) 01/12/2013 244.2lbs (-3) (=9.8) 08/12/2013 241.8lbs (-2.4) F: 35.9% W: 44.8% 15/12/2013 239.0lbs (-2.8) 22/12/2013 239.0lbs (0) F: 34.6% 29/12/2013 237.4lbs (-1.6) (=6.8) 05/01/2014 234.2lbs (-3.2lbs) F: 33.5% Main Quest: Reach the following Desired Spec: Desired Weight: 175lbs (considered BMI range) Desired Health: No/Controlled Asthma, Fit, In Routine Fit into a suit purchased just under 5 years ago... Missions: 1. Keeping up with my current routine that I've practiced here for over the past 3 months, which includes: - Intermittent (food) fasting from 8pm to 3-5pm the following day. - Drinking herbal teas - Keeping up with Exercises - Lenient on Sundays - Measuring progress on Sundays - Picture progress every month 2. Exercising @ Level 3 for 3 Days a weeks with 3 days of interval jogging 3. Lose at least 10lbs at the end of the 6 week challenge... Life Quest: Tapping into my talents, making sure that every 6 days a week, I'm doing the utmost I can to ensuring that I can keep on top of work and creativity. I have to be focusing on my portfolio and website so I might as well have fun with it! (I've been dreading it for a while...) I will be trying new stuff too, so keep an eye out for new images and stuff. My Motivation: Wellbeing. Rid myself of potential illnesses, asthma. Feel great. Fitting in smaller size clothing would be a bonus! FYI: I'll be continuing to update my daily battle log in conjunction to this as well. P.S. I've finally got my head around the leveling system and will be posting this under my signature soon... Thanks for reading! I'm happy to be an adventurer! :-D Let's go!
  11. Im not trying to lose weight, or bodybuild. I just want to look good, while feeling good. And im doing the looking good part, but i eat terrible, so i was thinking about paleo or intermittent fasting. whats you guys opinion?
  12. Well, This is the time I start my first full challenge. Joined the last one about two thirds into it so am a level one again. My last challenge was a bit "haphazard". I didn't really know what I wanted to gain from it and kinda wrote down just some things I was doing. It wasn't a true challenge. Since the last challenge I have increased my calorie intake. I wish I knew how much I was eating before, but judging from the fact that I was losing body fat I would imagine it was around 1800? maybe. Now I am eating between 2400-2800. Also on the leangains intermittent fasting method and eating/drinking the calorie bomb shake that Steve mentioned, sometimes with an extra spoonful of peanut butter in it. (like it needed more calories anyway) But, I digress, to my goals! Main goal! Keep a low bodyfat and gain muscle mass! (and strength) How I plan to do this? Well, firstly I will be sticking to no less than 2400 calories a day. (over the course of the challenge if I don't notice an increase in size I will up the calorie intake) Second, at least 4 workouts a week. 2 body weight circuits and 2 weight/kettlebell workouts Last but not least try and walk at least a mile everyday while in my fasted state. Side/life quest! This would be to pass my first grading for my JKD belt. I have done it for an extra two months longer than a lot of the other beginners but missed the grading last time. So I am fully commited to grading, this will be happening around the beginning of December so some time into the challenge. Motivation!!! Well this is a big one. With regards to my main quest I suppose it is a bit of a "shallow" one. Personally I think I am "too" skinny. I have always been a slim male and during the summer I tend to lose loads of weight because I am a diving instructor. (if you ever want to lose weight, get into this profession) I really want to try and track my calorie intake and how many calories I burn one year but pretty much the whole day (usually 12-14 hours) is a workout. Anyway, Up on my shoulders and arms I have quite a large amount of bone showing through. I want to get a larger back as well. I want to increase my flexibility to help keep my body in a good state and to help with grading for JKD. I hope people will follow and enjoy the ride
  13. Wandern tiptoes back into the Druid lodge and takes her place in the back corner. After attempting to go it alone for a bit, she misses her fellow Druids. To sum up: The last time I posted here was just after our awesome, level-up family vacation back at the end of August. I did not complete that challenge, and by the time I got caught up on life and work the next challenge was well underway. Plus, Steve launched the Academy, and I thought I’d try that out in lieu of time on the Rebellion board. It’s pretty good, the new workouts, instructions, and demos are great, but I find that I really need the structure and accountability of the Challenge to stay on track. I’ve continued to get into the gym fairly regularly, and have watched the diet pretty well, but the scale is starting to trend in the wrong direction. The Patagonia shorts still fit OK, so I’m not too far off the path – but if I’m to head into 2014 feeling like I’ve made good progress this year, I have to challenge myself now. The Overall Goal: A clean start to 2014 Subgoal 1: Increase overall strength I’m doing an Academy barbell workout. I want to increase the amount I’m lifting by 10 pounds on all lifts. Current: Deadlift, 105 lbs; Squat, 95 lbs, Bench Press, 65 lbs; Overhead press: 55 lbs. Bonus points if I can finally do a pull-up at the end of the 6 weeks. Method: Hit the gym, do 3 lifting workouts per week. I lifted yesterday, so am on target so far. A (+2STR, +2DEX) = +10 on 3 lifts; B (+1 STR, +2 DEX)= +5 on 3 lifts; C(+1STR, +1DEX)= increased weight on 2 lifts Subgoal 2: Lose some fat I tell myself I really don’t care what the scale says, and yet I still do. I don’t like that it’s going up instead of down these days. I know that it’s probably muscle gain, but there’s still plenty of fat on top of that muscle that could go. So, I’m going to try a 5:2 fasting diet for these 6 weeks and see what that does. I’ll consume 500 calories or less two days every week and not worry about calories the other 5. I fasted yesterday, so am on target here. A (+3CON, +1STA) = 10 fast days; B(+2CON, +1STA) = 8 fast days; C (+1CON, +1STA) = 6 fast days Subgoal 3: Focus! Here we go with the meditation goal again: 10 minutes of meditation daily. I missed yesterday, so am off to a late start. A (+2WIS, +2CHA) = 36 sessions; B (+1WIS, +2CHA) = 30 sessions; C (+1CHA, +1WIS) = 24 sessions Life Goal: Clean the house I like to start the new year with a completely clean house: windows washed, cupboards and closets cleaned and organized, baseboards wiped, etc, etc, etc. I still have to make the task list. A (+1CHA, +1DEX, +1STA) = 90% of the task list complete; B (+1CHA, +1DEX) = 80% of the task list complete It's good to be back!
  14. Hey dudes! Long time lurker...first time poster. After following NF and making a few of the sort of "staple" changes (regular body weight work outs and eating 80-90% paleo) I've dropped almost 15 pounds in two months. The thing that I'm probably most excited about is just how little urge or desire I have to fall back into my old habits. I've lost weight in the past by super stringent calorie counting and virtually starving myself...but I think in the back of my mind, I was always thinking "man...I can't wait to hit my goal weight so I can eat a whole pizza in a sitting again" This time it feels very permanent and I'm super stoked. BUT My buddy and I are going on a road trip out east tomorrow to see one of our favorite bands play their last couple of shows. It's going to be an awesome trip and I'm wicked excited, but I know its going to be 4 or 5 days of me eating garbage and drinking a lot. Anyway, sorry for that wall of text just to get to my point, but I'm wondering if intermittent fasting might help me better manage the trash I'm going to be shoveling into my face for the next couple of days. If so, would you recommend I fast for 24 hours starting today, or that I just only eat for 8 hour windows over the course of the whole trip? Any tips or ideas are majorly appreciated...thanks!
  15. Hi Everyone, I've been trying desperately for years and years to lose the excess body fat on me, everytime I've tried I've made progress for 2 or 3 weeks then I turn back to junk food and gain back all the weight I've lost plus some more :-( Well now I want to put an end to that, I've been doing Starting Strength for the past year and weightlifting for the past 2 years or so. I've been dabbling with Intermittent Fasting since April (whilst still eating junk food so my results haven't been good at all). This is my battle log to help track my progress, keep myself accountable, and hopefully inspire others. My Goals Lose 10kg by Christmas Eve Not eat any junk food at all over the next 12 weeks Cut down on smoking, by Christmas to only 3 cigarettes/cigars per week Maintain or Increase my current lifts Go to Kickboxing once per week Go Weightlifting three times per week on non-consecutive days Stick to my diet plan Cut 10cm off stomach measurements Current Lifts(as of 2nd October 2013, all 3x5 except Deadlift is 1x5) Squat: 140kg Deadlift: 162.5kg Bench Press: 60kg Overhead Press: 60kg Power Cleans: 70kg Diet Some Leangains style intermittent fasting with a bit of paleo involved. I count my macros and try to hit that, so on a day I do weightlifting I'll eat 160g of Protein, 230g of Carbohydrates, and 55g of Fat, eating Protein from only lean sources of meat and having lots of fruit, veg, and whole grains like rice. On my days when I'm not weightlifting I'll eat 170g of Protein, 50g of Carbohydrates, and 75g of Fat. So I'll cut out Carbs except for fruit and veg, and eat fattier cuts of meat such of beef mince. On the days I go to Kickboxing I'll eat more carbs. Starting Stats and Measurements (2nd October 2013) Weight (kg): 87.0 Body Fat %: 25.5% Chest (cm): 104.1 Right Arm: 35.2 Left Arm: 34.3 2 inches above Belly Button: 99.1 Around Belly Button: 103.2 2 inches bellow Belly Button: 102.1 Hips: 99.6 Right Thigh: 62.5 Left Thigh: 62.0 For Pictures see below, so far I've only uploaded pictures from 2/10/13, but I aim to upload new ones every 4 to 6 weeks Thanks Everyone and Wish me Luck, Any Help or Advice would be appreciated!
  16. Main 3 Goals Increase runningCross trainIntermittent fastingLife quest Increased RunningThis is about my passion. In my early years of being active - a long time ago - running was something I thought was probably a boring activity and wondered why any one would do it - let alone actually enjoy it. So fast forward to my the past three or four years of my life and I have a passion for running. So much so that I did zero cross training. I just ran - run Forest run. I didn't think I needed to cross train. If you have read some of my other posts you found that I need to cross train. I started getting the typical runner's injuries. I am now on the mend and can enjoy my running again. This was a short pause in my running while I trained in other activities to recover. So this goal of Increased running comes with cross training. Without it, my time in running will come to an end. Cross TrainingAhhhh. To cross train. Similar to running I wondered why anyone would like to do it. While I don't have the same passion for cross training, I do have the passion to do cross training so I can run. It's all about the running for me. My challenge her is to get better at a more methodical approach. I have some good cross training activities like swimming, cycling, and strength training. I particularly need to get more regimented in the strength portion. Intermittent FastingThis goal is to help me lose weight for..... you guessed it... so I can run more. I want to run a marathon in May of 2014 (will be at least a 1/2 but want the full). I have run the half marathon in Cincinnatij known as the "Flying Pig." My current weight at the beginning of this challenges was about 198 pounds. I had started the fasting before the challenge and had already lost 2 pounds. I want to get down to the low 180's for the marathon. Life quest - Follow 10 Scouts This is pretty simple. I want to follow 10 scouts and post every week on all 10 providing encouraging comments. Hope to get like feedback. ============= Schedule============= Schedule for increased running and cross training Week 1 10 miles (include intervals 1/2 x5) Dropped intervals because calf muscles tight from a fast 5K last Saturday. Cross train - upper body Week 2 12 miles Cross train - Abs Week 3 run 15 miles Week 4 run 10 mile (Include intervals 1/2 x5) Cross train upper body Week 5 run 15 miles Cross train abs Week 6 bike 60 miles run set of intervals 1/1.5 x5 Intermittent fasting to continue weight loss 8 by 16 hours 7:00 pm to 11:00 AM Edit for a couple of changes:1) fix title to include my name2) Didn't change any distances yet, but calves are super tight after a 5K on 7/27. May not be able to do the running. Will mix in walking if needed and may have to lower the distances until my calves recover. BUT hoping recovery is going to be fast. 7/30 EDITS. Changed formatting after reading some other posts and realized mine was pretty bland. Also embellished some to on why I am doing what I am doing. I am doing grading a spreadsheet.
  17. So I was reading Steve's post about Intermittent Fasting and decided I would like to give it a try. Since January I have lost almost 2 stone through HIIT training, running and watching what I eat. I have never and still don't follow any kind of diet, I just cleaned up my habits and stopped eating so much crap. 'My stomach is not a rubbish bin'. I've hit a plateau though and had to stop HIIT training. Well I didn't have to stop, but I would have had to start paying for classes and I didn't fancy that. So I've started strength training and I understand that muscle weighs more than fat and the number on the scales going up might be due to my awesome new muscles, but there is still some body fat I'd like to lose and I'm hoping IF might help kick start that again. So I'm going to keep track of how I get on here; unfortunately I wasn't a NF member when the most recent challenge started, otherwise I would have included this as part of the challenge. Get ready for a nice long post. Monday night/yesterday morning was my first day. I had dinner on Monday at around 7pm (smoked salmon on cholla bread with cream cheese - was delicious but I did eat a bit too much) and then didn't eat anything else all night. I woke up on Tuesday and would usually have had a bowl of cereal or some breakfast biscuits (I know they're not the best thing to have in the morning, but they're really good with coffee) but after I got ready I just left the house. I was mega thirsty though and wished I'd had some water with me on the bus to work. When I got into work I did get some water (I have a 75cl bottle that I refill throughout the day) and had a cup of coffee at around half 9. I found it quite easy for the first few hours; I wasn't hungry at all. I probably had about 2 bottles of water which I think helped and I was kind of busy which took my mind off of it. Usually I would have had lunch at about 1 o'clock but I gave in to hunger by half 12. 17 and a half hours fast was a pretty good first go though I thought! Lunch was a flour tortilla wrap with lettuce, cream cheese, cucumber and sweetcorn, along with a yoghurt and a small bag of crisps. I then also had one of my Graze Box snacks - 'Cookies and Cream - mini chocolate cookies, roasted hazels, white chocolate buttons and sunflower seeds'. Was delicious and only 214 calories. This was followed by more water, coffee and tea throughout the rest of the day (and many trips to the bathroom to pee!). I met my SO after work to pick up some food and because he needed help carrying everything home I didn't get to go to the gym as I had planned. I was a bit miffed and had kind of resigned myself to having an unexpected rest day, but when I got home I was inspired to go for a run (thank-you Instagram). I hadn't been for about a month and I have quite an expensive watch to track my stats and I felt bad that I wasn't using it. I managed 3.85kms in 27.22 minutes which is my fastest time yet! Obviously I'm doing something right I was dead pleased with myself for going at the last minute. I needed it, especially as during the food shop I'd bought a chocolate bar and a chocolate pastry Dinner was slightly later than normal, 9:45pm. My SO cooked dinner, which was a Bratwurst sausage in curry sauce with sweet potato chips (or fries if you're that way inclined ). He had given me two sausages initially but I decided to save the other for today's lunch (which I didn't end up having, but that's another story). Although it wasn't the healthiest of dinners, I felt it was okay. Overall, I know I could have done better throughout the day with my eating. I didn't need to eat the chocolate bar or the pastry, but I'm pleased that I managed to fast for 17 hours and that I made myself go for a run when my plans had to change. So I think that evens it out An okay first day with a few small successes to celebrate. Cuckoo
  18. I'm going to try intermittent fasting. I work the graveyard shift at a McDonalds and so it won't be too hard. Hopefully. A little about myself first. I'm 19. I gained weight slowly through high school. I got up to 250lbs and decided I needed to do something about it. After screwing around at a gym for a little while, mostly just walking, I noticed I dropped a few lbs, but didn't get past that. I came across Nerd Fitness and, being a nerd, I was excited. I started eating right, baked chicken, fresh veggies, nuts, fruit, fish. I started doing push-ups, squats, stretches before workouts. Anyway. I dropped down to where I am now, 183. Looking well. I've got more muscle, energy, and more confidence. I actually just broke my 10 month dry spell. ;] My schedule- I wake around 8 usually. Go to work at 10, get home at 6. Stay up until around 1p. I'll consider sleep and work my fasting period. I usually eat a meal before work, so we'll see how this goes.
  19. Hello! Hoping someone can help me here. Is it better to have breakfast before or after my morning workout? Or should I eat before AND after? ...and can anyone give me some quick paleo breakfast ideas? (I'm trying to cut back my daily fruit intake as I'm wanting to lose some more weight, so maybe recipes that don't include fruit) Thank you~
  20. Well, my first challenge went reasonably well so I'm here to try another. I think a couple of my goals last time were a bit too general, so I'm going to be more specific this time around. And now that I've got a workout schedule I'm sticking to, I can have more goals within the workout itself. For exercise, here's where I'm starting from this time around: working out 5 days a week; bench 80 lbs; legs 65 lbs; heavy bag 20 minutes. Here are my goals for this round: Exercise - bench press 100 lbs (at least 3x5)Exercise - walk at least 60 minutes per week Food - do an intermittent fast one day a weekLife Goal - replace a toilet (seems basic, but I'm not much of a home repair chick)For grades, if I manage all of this by week 6, it's an A. Any goal I haven't attained will drop a half or full grade based on whether there is partial completion.
  21. I just started fasting and was curious if I was doing it correctly. During my 24 hour fasting I take my daily vitamins and only drink water and decaffeinated green tea. During this time I feel a bit sluggish and can’t concentrate. I was wondering: Do you do something different when you fast? What do you drink? Also... I am worried on weather or not i should be fasting since i recently discovered that i could be undernourished in a different question i posted about breaking my plateau.
  22. Today is my first attempt at Intermittent Fasting. I'm a regular breakfast eater, so I'm wondering how my body is going to react. I'm mostly paleo, 90/10 I like to think. I've had one cup of coffee with a little bit of coconut oil (read about it on MDA) and am currently sipping on my second. I did my morning workout some HIIT (30s sprint- 60s jog 10X, pre/suceeded by 1ish mile run). I plan on breaking the fast at around 6 this evening, but if I begin to feel woozy I'm going to eat. I'm going to use this thread to keep track of how my body feels throughout the day. Here goes nothing!! (My tummy sort of already has the rumblies :/ ..... )
  23. So I have been hearing of the benefits of intermittent fasting and I am considering giving it a shot... Currently I was thinking about the 8 by 16 fast, where I would eat as normal in 8 hours and fast for 16 until breakfast the next day. Has anyone had experience with this? Was it successful?
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