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  1. "How is my excess fat like BSG?" you ask, brows furrowed. Because it's about to be obliterated like Caprica and the rest of the twelve colonies, that's how. Cylons and humans welcome. One God or many- we all have fat to destroy. This is a group for people who want to just generally lose weight, eat better, and exercise more. I'm a writer / business owner and a stay-at-home mom of one. I need to take more walks (even if it is 100 degrees in FL right now), and cook more food from scratch for my family. I have a modest goal of losing 10lbs. (I may be the only GB lover on the board, but that's okay - I'll just motivate myself GB-style.)
  2. Hello Rangers! I come from the land of assassins, searching for a wider range of technique to accomplish my goals. Last challenge I ended up with a decent body-weight routine, a lot less sugar in my system, and a healthy new attitude about higher education. It's been a lazy two weeks between challenges, so today I'm gonna jump-start my healthy attitude and get the engine purring like a kitten. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Goal 1: Eat Better Last challenge, my weakest goal was to transition to Paleo. A lot of that weakness came from a combination of being busy and not buying my own food. Most of this challenge will be during my summer break, and if I get a certain callback from a certain Pizza Hut today, then I'll be able to start buying my own food again. Either way, here's my plan: -Eat within an hour of waking, and eat total daily calories within 9 hours (via LeanGains) -Eat protein with every meal -Eat veggies and/or fruits with every meal -No more than 1 serving of other carbs a day (preferably potatoes or rice, preferably no servings) Goal 2: Strength Training This was my strongest goal (heh) last challenge. Very few things can get in the way of my strength training. I mean really, it only takes 30 minutes of awesome sexy hard work every other day. I signed up for a barbell class at my college, and that starts on the 26th or so. -Maintain strength training schedule -Continue to beat bodyweight PRs -When school starts, Focus on form rather than PRs Goal 3: Regulate Sleep Regardless of whether I exercise or not, I have always had insomnia. It's been a lot better than it used to be, but I haven't been watching it lately and I ended up nocturnal, oh no. I might have a job very, very soon and school is a month away, so I want to make sure I'm on the right track when it all goes down. -Go to bed from 10pm - 3am -Wake up from 6:30am - 11:30am -The closer it is to school, the earlier I need to go to bed/wake up. Goal 4: Do nice things for the girl that I'm into I was trying to figure out what to do for the "life-bettering" goal, and since I might have a job and school is starting soon, I figured it would be best to keep it kind of low-key. The girl I've had a crush on for a pretty long time has shown a lot of interest in me lately, and I want to show her appreciation and encouragement. Man, she's been really adorable lately. -Finish the bracelet I started making for her a while ago -Plan and execute a second "good deed" during the challenge -Casually compliment her once a week (we see each other once about every 1-2 weeks) ______________________________________________________________________________ Generally, my main focus is eating better, because it requires the most daily attention. I like to keep my goals on the general side, because I find it easier to get back on track if I falter. Specific goals make me put too much pressure on myself and I end up flaking. On a side note, my one-year anniversary for a healthy lifestyle is during this challenge! I haven't gotten as far as a lot of popular success stories (lost about 45lb, learned a great deal about healthy eating, and gained a decent amount of physical skill), but I enjoy my slow and steady pace. I feel like it's more ingrained into me and very likely to last. I didn't make it a goal or anything, but when school starts I'll be cycling about 35 miles a week. I'll also try to do more geocaching during the break so I can be comfy on that unforgiving bicycle seat. If I do well in the cardio dept., I'll probably give myself a couple of extra credit points like last time (I won't go over the maximum, of course).
  3. Well, I was going to wait until the next challenge...but then I noticed that this one starts today, so why the heck not? Starting point Last weigh-in was last Wednesday (which is when I normally do them), so this will be a little off until I update in a few days. Height: 6' Weight: 193 BMI: 26.17 Waist: 41" Body Fat: 31.04% (see post #7 for more accurate starting numbers) Goals #1: BMI down to 24.99 or lower (out of "overweight" range). To achieve this, I would need to lose about 10 pounds. I've been playing with these same 10 pounds since about February/March. Reward: CON +2, CHA +1 #2: Body fat down to around 24% (out of "obese" range--apparently, they step from "normal" right up to "obese" when you get to 25%. ). This one will be a very aggressive goal for me, considering #1 above. But I plan to clean up my diet and track what I eat more using Daily Burn. Reward: CHA +2, CON +1 #3: Be able to do 1 unassisted pull-up. I've been using an assisted pullup machine (don't kill me, Steve!). In my workout today, I went as high as 130 lbs displaced down to 90 lbs. When I hit 12 reps at a certain weight, I "graduate" from that level and move further down. Reward: STR +2, DEX +2, STA +1 #4: Pay off my remaining student debt. This one will be agressive, too. I have a few thousand left to go, but I'm so close, and I'm going to try to do it without dipping into savings! Reward: WIS +4 So that's me. We'll see how this one goes. Looking forward to it!
  4. You could say that I'm a mage who wants to know how to climb up a wall for a quick getaway when my magic doesn't work So, I ultimately want to learn free running and crazy BW routines. Except I'm level one, and a half-orc, so I don't see myself doing wall flips just yet. (currently at 185lb; 40lb lost) I've never done any sort of strength training before June 7, but I freaking LOVE BW routines. I mean, I've only done the super basics but seeing myself get better every time is the coolest thing I've done with my body besides being in a marching band in high school. So let's get to it! 1. BW Training I will complete the 6 week challenge with 3 BW sessions a week, using the beginner's bodyweight workout routine since it's challenging, but not too much for me. I actually started strength training 2 weeks ago so I'm not THAT far behind on the challenge. I switched from p90 to NF's routine because A) p90, not p90x, is kinda boring and outdated I wasn't feeling nearly challenged enough C) I have to work out in weird places since I live in a tiny metal box in my friend's backyard (yeah I laugh about it, too), so being tied to a TV screen was annoying D) I like composite exercises. I read good things about them, and they make my body very sore A= 0-1 workouts missedB= 2 workouts missedC= 3 workouts missed 2. No more juice/ sugar drinks! I cut it all out a year ago, and one day somebody let me have their lemonade after not wanting it. I hate seeing things go to waste, but it was the first of too many. I'm kicking the habit again, not letting those nasty sugar particles infiltrate my bastion. A= Clean!B= A slip up. No biggie.C= More than one slip up? C'mon, man. 3. Transition back to Paleo When I first started Paleo, it worked really well and I lost 20lb (after losing my first 20lb by cutting out sugar). Unfortunately, I'm a student and I don't buy the food for the house, so it was pretty impossible to eat paleo for a while. My weight loss was completely halted (ugh ugh triple UGH) for 3 months. No more! I'm done with no progress! A= Sufficient protein & veggies, limited fruit, no grainsB= Sufficient protein & veggies, no more than 2 servings of grains (for the whole challenge)C= Sufficient protein & veggies, no more than 4 servings of grains (for the whole challenge) 4. I will make it to math class every time. My class completes the same time as the challenge. I've had problems with consistency my whole life, and it's time to put my own foot down. Weight loss taught me that great things take one step at a time and this is my way of internalizing it. A= All classes attendedB= 1 class missed OR left early once a weekC= >1 class missed, or left early >1 a weekD= Missed 2 or more classes in a rowF= Did not complete course
  5. Hi Rebels, I fell by the wayside (again) for my last challenge, I'm finding it relatively easy to keep my diet under control, especially having started work and not being able to snack (if I want to snack I've taken to having a multivitamin). So I feel like I've got that down and I've set up a PVP for calorie counting just in case anyone wants to join me with that particular goal! But now I definitely want to expand my health and fitness regime to get myself stronger as well as a bit healthier. For this challenge I'm going to have four goals, three health and fitness goals and one life goal. 1. Become a Smaller Target +2 CON +2 DEX I'm going to try and lose some bodyfat, after all an assassin needs to be as small a target as possible! So over here I've got a spreadsheet for the amount of calories I need to be eating a day to lose as much as I can (hopefully without losing any muscle) and how much protein I need to be eating a day as well. 2. Swift Like Lightning +2 STR +2 DEX For this challenge it's all about making myself faster, so working on reflexes and my running speed. So for this one I want to run at least once a week and my target will be to get my 6km time (as that's the length of my route) down to under 30 minutes, at the moment it's about 37 minutes. And I will also try and start attending fencing/playing squash once a week, as both of these activities need me to be able to react quickly as I would in any assassination! 3. Strong Like Thunder +3 STR This aspect of the challenge is focused on making myself stronger (All the better to kill you with!) so I will be doing strength building circuits 3 times a week. I say strength building because whilst I will be focusing on bodyweight circuits (using progressions for the major exercises from this website) but I will be trying to get to the gym to use weight training as well at least once a week. 4. Learn the Ways of the Word +4 WIS This is a life goal to write 500 words a day. This is so I can do my literary blog and also work on some of my own personal fiction with short stories and maybe some larger stories too. If I do 500 words a day, that's not very many and I should also do enough writing to work on my blog once a week but also have enough to write some short stories. So I shall be posting up the links when I've made a new blog post so you guys can keep up with my progress! So now I'm ready to help out the assassins with their weekly challenges and make myself into a Warrior of the Night!
  6. I need to lose fat, gain muscle and finish killing DEBT!!! SO MUCH PROGRESS on the debt in my last challenge! by the way, Wolf = debt (in case you missed my last cheesy challenge). There is a LOT for me to do over the next year, and I need a foundation of sleep, which is my primary focus 1) Sleep 9pm to 4am... main goal is to get more than 6 hours of sleep per night (I know, I need MORE than that, but 6 would be HUGE progress for me). Points to earn - CON: +4 and STA +1 because I will reduce cortisol and increase recovery 2) GET THOSE DOUBLEUNDERS - I tried that last challenge, but got derailed. Also, there is something in my brain that is CONVINCED that I can't do doubleunders until I lose fat... this is false (though weight-loss will help), and I should totally be able to get 10 consecutive doubleunders in the next 6 weeks. Points to earn - DEX +3 STR +1 3) Get fat back on the retreat - drop 2" off the belly diameter - eat clean and under 2k calories (with some extra on WOD days) - Eat To Perform methods plus Paleo with 80%+ compliance tracked in Myfitnesspal... and please don't give me grief on the 80% compliance - progress, not perfection. Points to earn - CHA +3 4) LIFE: Kill the last two wolves at the door (how appropriate - bacon = pig, and wolf... piggies, etc. - you get it, right?). So, I post the Radiohead video again until the debt is gone (and fat is on the run - fat-loss being another wolf)... and finish the book on grace (from last challenge). Points to earn - WIS +3 ... and I would add +100 to peace of mind. I'm a little excited this time... a little less pissed off, and a little more excited. Ready go...
  7. Hello, I'm Betty Krypton, currently teaching abroad in South Korea and trying to get back on track with my life. The last year has been super hectic, and that has come with a 30+ lb gain and an avalanche of other issues. I've been trying to do too many things at once, and I finally had that moment where I realized I need to take small steps to a better me. My Three Goals the next six weeks: 1. Exercise 5 days a week M-F I will workout as soon as I wake up. That will get me going for the rest of the day and allow me to unwind when I come home after screaming--erm-teaching English to Korean kids all day. 2. Plan out food for the day, then stick to it. I will write up a meal plan each week, then shop according to it, that way there are no unnecessary foods that may derail me. I will also learn to say 'no' to well meaning coworkers and students who try to feed me (it happens more often than I'd like) 3. Get 8 hours of sleep a night. Lastly, I will have a bedtime routine that will begin 30 minutes before I intend to be asleep. That will signal my body to get off the internet, disconnect from everything, and sleep, dammit. I have a stressful job and am also doing my Master's degree, which leads to moments where I zone out, take comfort in food, and pretty much run on zombie mode instead of taking care of myself. I'm also involved in roller derby. In South Korea I'm not as actively involved, but I want to get back into fighting trim for when I return stateside. To be a good player, i need to have strength, flexibility, and endurance. I love doing violent things (My favorite fighting game series is Guilty Gear), quite honestly, so Roller Derby, Kickboxing, and other forms of athletic violence make me happy. I hope that I can get positive support as I shift gears and start being Betty Krypton, menace of the track and all star on 8 wheels. P.S. This is my first time-erm-challenge. I'm a little nervous.
  8. Hello there fellow Rebels! For this challenge I'm going to (or at least try to) track my calories to help with some fat loss. Now I know that's quite a common goal amongst, well people in general! So I thought that making it a PVP style challenge might help to keep us all motivated! Despite the name of the challenge I've still got a way to go to get to my abs! I've used this webpage to help me find out how many calories I should be having everyday to help me lose some fat, but hopefully not too much muscle. I've set myself up on there already with my amount and the protein on there is to help retain muscle rather than losing it with the calorie deficit. Otherwise I might just end up getting smaller but retaining my pudginess. For anyone else wondering you should eat at least 0.75 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass daily if you don't do regular weight training. Or 1-1.3 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass if you are doing weight training. So I'm going to do some strength training (Weights and bodyweight) so I'm going for the higher amount of protein. If you want to sign up just shout out in this thread and sign your name up over here! If there's enough interest we could even split into teams to see who can do the best! So let's lose some fat!
  9. In order to talk about now I have to start at the beginning (well not the beginning as that could get a bit graphic, but last April 2012). Last April I was a sophomore in college and really 'enjoying the college life' (read: binge drinking, junk food, and all around neglecting myself). After doing this for over a year and a half I ballooned up to 220lbs (the heaviest I'd ever been) at the time I was having too much 'fun' that I didn't really care. Then towards the end of April I had a reality check; my grades sucked, my health was declining, I looked like crap, and was destroying myself. I decided to take it easy for a little while and just worked and didn't really do anything to improve my health just stopped partying all the time. Then in August I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Beijing, China for six months and study Mandarin Chinese; I jumped on that ship the second the opportunity presented itself (the plane did leave two days after I was offered the opportunity, so didn't have much time to think about it). I said goodbye to my friends and family, got a ride to Dulles Airport, hopped on the plane, and threw myself into the unknown. When I got to Beijing the city was amazing, the food was spectacular, and the people were really nice (and understanding about my lack of communication ability). I started attending my classes and really struggled picking up Mandarin; I was also eating a lot of Chinese food (which is pretty healthy- NOTHING like the stuff we have here in the States but quantity+deliciousness+insanely cheap= recipe for disaster). After struggling a bit I decided I decided that my time in Beijing was going to be that one point in your life where you can definitively say "Yep thats when I changed." I came up with 3 goals (which happen to be very similar to the goals I'm setting this time too!) The main thing that was completely terrifying to me before was coming out of the closet (which I never even dreamt of doing in America- but hey I was 6,993 miles away from home, who could find out?). I also needed to study more and come back to the states and shock my friends and family with a new body and a new language. So Goal #1 was to come out of the closet and accept myself Goal #2 was to learn Mandarin Chinese Goal #3 was to lose weight I started studying constantly and eating really healthy. I also decided to tell people I was gay (which was very very difficult). I lost a good amount of weight and was flying high; but after two months I started reverting to old habits (not eating healthy and not studying as much as I needed to). Coming out also proved to be a double edged sword; I made tons and tons of new gay friends (which I had never had before EVER) but I also started going out to clubs and bars with my new found friends (something I wouldn't change even to this day, it just made it harder to stay on track). Fast forward to when I came back to the States, pretty much all the weight loss I initially had in China didn't last. I didn't want to come out of the closet here (I have no idea why, I was welcomed with open arms in China. I could speak Mandarin Chinese almost fluently. So Goal #1 Coming out of the closet- Passed/Failed Passed in China but didn't continue it here in the States Goal #2 Learn Mandarin Chinese- Passed Even better than I could've imagined Goal #3 Lose Weight- Failed- Managed to lose some but couldnt keep up with it So I essentially failed 2 of my 3 goals (I still have no regrets about this, it was my time to learn- away from family and friends about myself and about the world. Fast forward to the end of January when classes were starting at the College I go to (I bleed Maroon and Orange). I heard about this thing called a Paleo Diet and at first I was very skeptical and couldn't really get a grasp on this intriguing idea. That's when I discovered NerdFitness.com it was the first time where I had read an article (Nerd Fitness' Paleo Food Guide) and wasn't confused or felt like I was being babied- most nutrition articles are either for experts or aren't "juicy" enough for my liking but this had humor, sarcasm, hard facts, and was just perfect. Then on January 21st I decided it was time for me to make a change in my life. I was 230 lbs, Almost 6' tall, 43 inch waist, and just generally unhappy with my appearance. My 3 New Goals were Goal #1 Come out of the closet Goal #2 Work Hard in Class Goal #3 Reach a 34in waist and 190lbs (Nerd Fitness recommended quantifiable goals) I threw myself into a full on Paleo-Keto diet regime that I still follow to this day. I had amazing gains (well losses, but that sounds negative and who likes negative words?). I started researching supplements and such; which I actually take a lot of, not necessarily for any perceived benefit but I've found for myself that if I'm taking this pill before every meal I actually think about what I'm eating at every meal, it's a little reminder for myself to stay on track. I also started working really hard in all my classes and putting myself out there in situations that before would've made me uncomfortable (ie talking about gays or myself being gay). I read more and more on Nerd Fitness (still haven't been working out a lot- as NF says nutrition is 85% of any body composition change) and followed everything I read to "T" Status of My 3 "New" Goals Today Goal #1 Come out of the Closet Passed/Work in Progress Of course I can't magically have everyone I know, know that I'm gay (without coming out on Facebook which in my opinion is impersonal) but still working on it Goal #2 Work hard in classes- Passed I made Deans List and a 3.99 GPA for this prior semester (technically a 4.0 but some weird thing with credit hours makes this the official number), the highest in my entire College (not University) Goal #3 Reach a 34 in waist and weigh 190lbs Passed I currently have a 32in waist and weigh 180lbs Since I started reading Nerd Fitness and through my own hard work and dedication I Have lost 50lbs and 11inches off of my waist and this is just the beginning. I wish I knew about the challenges before when I was making my most amazing gains but I still have more goals that I want to accomplish. My goals for this challenge are: Life Level Up (Goal #1) Continue coming out of the closet and help others dealing with similar issues Life Level Up (Goal #2) Work Hard/Study in all my classes Health Goal (Goal #3) Reach a 29 or 30inch waist Health Goal (Goal #4) Do Weight Training at least 3x a week I definitely think the hardest goal on here is Goal #4 I've always had this fear or aversion of working out, but I have a good feeling this time. Wish my luck Nerd Fitness- Tomorrow is another Day Numero Uno for me.
  10. Howdy nerds! Man, not having internet at home sucks. Thanks AT&T! Hopefully we will have things back up and running soon. Until then, I'm being a typical state employee. Hooray. I have some pretty basic goals this go-round, but it's really gonna be challenging for me. 1. Don't eat ALL the things! (+3 STA, +2 CHA) While I'm not unhappy with how I look most days, I would really like to get a bit leaner. According to some online calculators, I'm hovering between 25-27% bodyfat. I'd like to get that closer to 20. So, here's to the beginning of a cut! Make a plan: 1350 kcals M-F, 145 g PRO, 50 g fat, 85 g CHO* 2000 kcals S-Su, 145 g PRO, 80 g fat, 170 g CHO (yes, this only adds up to 1960. leaves me room to play)* 2. Don't drink ALL the alcohol! (+3 CON, +2 WIS) So, this could really be considered part of the first goal, because if there's anyone who can have a decent diet on 1350 cals and still drink alcohol is a hero in my book, but I wanted to underscore the importance of it. Make a plan: No alcohol during the week. Yes, that's right, no alcohol. None. Not one drop. And I'd like to limit my alcohol intake on the weekends...I haven't come up with a specific goal for that yet. This challenge is all about fat loss, and those liquid calories are really holding me back. 3. DO keep on keeping on! (+2 STR) So while I'm restricting calories, I want to keep up the same activity level. This should be fun. Make a plan: Keep doing what I'm doing. Weight training during the week when my schedule allows (hoping to get to a consistent 4 days a week here, but we'll see), running 1-2 times a week (including a conditioning/interval run), kickboxing once a week, and maybe some yoga when I feel up to it. 4. Get my shit together already. (+3 DEX) Okay, so maybe this isn't really dexterity, but it's juggling multiple things so it's mental dexterity! That's what I'm saying. I'm tired of rushing around in the morning trying to get everything ready for the day, especially since I'm really not very good with mornings. Make a plan: Get my food (+1), work clothes (+1), and workout clothes (+1) ready the night before work. I can't math right now (morning, remember?) but this will be based on a percentage of total possible points. So. Let's do this. *I may change this to be Su-Th, and then F-S. I don't know yet. P.S. I'm starting tomorrow with the calories. Because today we are celebrating 3 (!) birthdays at work, and there's going to be pizza. I can't resist pizza. But, I will still try to be mindful the rest of the day.
  11. Disclaimer: I've never posted regularly on any forum, so I'm a textbook n00b. I don't know the etiquette of this thread, but I figured the first post would be a good place to set up my baseline. It has been two months, but I finally made the transition to full Paleo a week ago. So far so good, down about ten pounds. The transition wasn't too bad, except I hit a hiccup when I switched jobs. A lot of eating out for lunch when I left the old gig. A man only has so much will power and after watching people down pizza and burgers for lunch everyday I had to break the diet or go crazy. Anyway, I'm back to my routine of bringing my lunch to work and eating healthy. Typical day of eating for me right now: Breakfast: Two eggs (over-easy), two slices of bacon (mmm...pepper bacon) OR three turkey sausage links, tea, and lots of water. Lunch: One handful of nuts, spinach salad (with carrots, bell peppers, cucumber, sometimes tomato, and 1 T of Oil/vinegar dressing) Snack: Either a protein shake (mixed with water) or a small portion of last night's dinner leftovers. Dinner: Something from this list (Mark's Daily Apple recipe archive) with the dairy cut out. My goal for training right now is completeing the Tough Mudder in Kansas City in the fall. My biggest worry with that is the amount of hanging there is and the fact that I can't currently do a pullup. The race is 10ish miles with 25 obstacles, so if they're evenly spaced that's less than half a mile between each obstacle, many of which will be choke points in the race (meaning I can slow down, wait in line and recover a bit). I've ran that much in worse shape than I am now so that doesn't bother me. I've been barbell training for a few months now, trying to get as many muscle groups as possible in each work out. I choose four of the exercises from the following list each time I lift which is 2-3 times per week. Bench press (max set 2x275lbs) Back Squat (max set 5 x 285lbs) Overhead press (max set 5 x 155lbs) Deadlift (max set 5 x 225 [though I can do much more if I use straps, I have a grip strenght problem]) Romainian Deadlift (max set 5 x185) Power Cleans (max set 5 x 115 [just added these and I'm working on form]) Assisted Pullups (I do these every workout) (currently at 5 sets of 8 pullups with one foot on a box for the assist) Outside of the weight room I play volleyball for 4 hours a week, this spring I'll be playing softball one night a week, and I walk between 1 and 2 miles at lunch. Once the snow melts, I'll hit the hiking trails on the weekend with my wife as she gets ready for her Dirty Girl 5k.
  12. Hi everyone! I have a question (well, a couple of questions), and they might sound very stupid, but I'm driving myself demented with all the information out there and I can't think straight anymore! I'll also admit that today has not been a good day for me diet & exercise-wise and I am feeling quite frustrated and confused, so please bear with me! Here goes: I've been tracking my calories on MyPlate, just to keep a general idea of things and be more aware of the nutritional content of various foods. I have a daily calorie goal (1400) that's calculated on the site based on my height (5'6"), weight (roughly 123 lbs), age (25) and gender (female). I enter the food I eat and it counts up the calories I've consumed, and I enter the exercise I do and it tells me how many I've burned off. Now, the stupid question: Is the calorie goal just what I'm eating, or the total after eating minus exercise? I find that after taking away the calories I've worked off, I tend to average around the 1000 calorie mark most days. This leads me to my next problem - 1000 calories per day really doesn't seem like enough! I'm worried that my body has gone into "survival mode" and is retaining fat for fuel because I don't feel like I'm losing fat really at all lately (I haven't got a calipers to measure but I'm basing my opinion on photos). I'm not trying to lose much weight overall, what I want is to be strong and athletic and to see muscles rather than fat when I look at my body. I've been trying to eat more protein but it's still nowhere near the "~1g per 1lb of ideal body weight" target. Or does that target only apply if you're lifting weights? Because I'm not lifting, I do bodyweight circuits & cardio. Am I not pushing myself hard enough to get the body I want? If I do a full-body workout one day, I usually take the next day off but should I be doing more? Do I have to completely cut out grains & fruit & dairy? I know many people here are going to think "eat clean & lift heavy - simple" but I don't have a gym membership and I really like fruit & dairy!! When I cook for myself I try to leave out the grains and just go for veg & meat/eggs or fruit & dairy, but if someone goes to the trouble of cooking for me then I eat what I'm given! Okay, I'm sorry for being so long-winded and frustrated. I really hope someone can help me out, and thank you for even reading this far!!
  13. Or a "Derp!" moment, depending on how you look at it. I've been actively working on losing fat and building muscle while eating paleo and have been around the same composition for a couple weeks now. Since January, I've lost 14 lbs and have gone from approximately 27% body fat to 19-20%. As I was preparing a dinner of 3 eggs, 3 slices center cut bacon, spinach and mushrooms, I suddenly realized that maybe I should be cutting down on my portions now that my composition has changed. I've been eating the same things in roughly the same quantities for almost 3 whole months. I kinda felt like a dummy. >.< Then I put an egg and a slice of bacon back in the fridge. Am I on the right track here? Any input would be appreciated.
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