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Found 1 result

  1. ((Edited Friday afternoon (7 Aug) to add a couple of side quests, and update some formatting.)) Hello everyone..I'm Luxia. I'm choosing to post here instead of the Level 1 group because I've been here before, just a long, looooong time ago, and I know this is where I belong. I'm a dancer and a fencer, though the fencing is very new for me. I'm a little late to the game for this challenge, but I figure, better late than never! I'm working on trying to keep it somewhat simple, especially with my first dive back here. So, here's my plan for this challenge. As I said in my intro post (linked in my signature), thank you all for still being here! Epic Quest: Get to 25% body fat - - As of Tuesday (4 Aug 20), I'm at 42.01%. I've had more body fat on my frame, I've certainly had less. I'm choosing to focus on my body fat percentage over my weight, because I honestly don't care how much I weigh, I want to be fit and strong and healthy. A body fat percentage of 25% feels like a healthy and manageable goal, while still requiring a lot of effort to get there, which I'm fine with. I like a challenge. This is a long term goal for me, obviously. I don't have a short term version of this goal, aside from making progress each week/challenge. Challenge Quest #1: 100 kettlebell swings everyday - - I was challenged by a friend to do 100 sings for 100 days. Yesterday was Day 13. I'm currently using a 20# kettlebell. I started with 10# but switched things up on Friday. I want to, and plan to add, more exercise than this to my workouts, but in addition to using the swings to build some strength, I'm using the commitment to 100 days of swings as a way to get back in the habit of working out. Challenge Quest #2: Reduce gluten intake to near nothing - - My body does not like gulten. It's not a full-blown allergy..thank the gods..but I can really feel all the extra inflammation in my body when I eat it. A little bit here and there doesn't bother me, and with my history of disordered eating, completing eliminating foods is not healthy for me. So, for near nothing for me means not eating gluten everyday (or even every other day), eating minimal amounts when I do, and being intentional when I do eat it. Challenge Quest #3: Eat ~100 grams of protein everyday - - While losing body fat, I'd like to keep and gain some muscle. Keeping my protein intake up is going to help with that. I'll be tracking my protein intake in MyFitnessPal. Side Quest #1: Make progress on my 1560s Venetian outfit (Added 7 August) - - I'm a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (sca.org). It's a historical reenactment group. One of the big projects I started and have been working on during the pandemic is making a 1560s Venetian outfit. I post about each completed garment of the outfit on my blog (Luxia Sabina), but I need more accountability for actually making regular progress. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with health or fitness, but I hope you all don't mind! Side Quest #2: Do fencing point control drills 3x everyday (Added 7 August) - - I'm getting started with doing fencing. Due to the pandemic, my local group isn't able to meet for practice, so I'm doing what I can to work on my technique at home. I made myself a couple of point control targets (one for indoor, one for outdoors). Working on my fitness and strength building will help with being ready for practice once the time comes, but working on getting more comfortable with actually using my sword and hitting a thing will go along way. Here's a picture of my indoor target and my sword.
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