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Found 12 results

  1. ((Edited Friday afternoon (7 Aug) to add a couple of side quests, and update some formatting.)) Hello everyone..I'm Luxia. I'm choosing to post here instead of the Level 1 group because I've been here before, just a long, looooong time ago, and I know this is where I belong. I'm a dancer and a fencer, though the fencing is very new for me. I'm a little late to the game for this challenge, but I figure, better late than never! I'm working on trying to keep it somewhat simple, especially with my first dive back here. So, here's my plan for this challenge. As I
  2. Hallo, Kate again. So this is my battle log. I try to gain a little muscle, accomplish some endurance and stamina - and lose some weight on the way. Currently I weight 64 kg with 1,57 cm height. (I'm really not very tall.) I'll update my weekly journal here with my workouts and progress with improving my eating habits. I would like to add some tables with figures as well, but I couldn't find out, how o add my excel tables. Perhaps I'll post some screenshots. Goals: I want to accomplish a leaner self. I want to reach 60 kg and build a little muscle. Stamina is also important, because
  3. Mods, if "Martial Arts" is the wrong place for this thread, kindly move it to wherever it should have been. Thanks. I know there are a few other fencers here at NF. Chime in! What weapon do you fence? How long have you been at it? What kinds of workouts do you find to be the best support for your fencing training? For me, I'm a foil fencer. Just now getting back into the sport after a 20-year hiatus. I had an "E" rating in high school, and am working toward getting back into good fencing form to earn that back. That means dropping about 10 lbs and practicing regularly with my coach. The cl
  4. I fell in love with fencing. Obviously this calls for a Utena-themed challenge. So last challenge did not end so well for me. I was getting burned out on life and everything, and then tragedy hit and I just couldn't with anything anymore. After giving myself the past couple of weeks to regroup and recuperate, I have a clearer path going forward in all sorts of things, which makes my summer less panic-inducing (if you're just joining in, work is going to be crazy busy PLUS I'm going to be in rehearsals for Evita starting on May 22), and I know what I want to do with my fitness goals
  5. MAIN QUEST: Become a master of disguise. Or at least an actress who can dance like she’s in Buenos Aires and can perform feats of magnificent skill. … Like a ninja. Pascal, my Spirit Animal for this challenge When the question was posed in the Assassins’ Den last challenge about what kind of Fitness Superhero we aspire to be, I mentioned that I want to be a chameleon, where I can blend into whatever role I’m needed to be (or want to be) easily. It’s part of my whole thing of always striving to be a better actress, after all. And what better role model for an aspi
  6. Hey there, Rebels! I'm heading into my third challenge, and I'm hoping to push myself even harder. I only have 3 weeks left in this semester, but I'll probably stay on campus for an extra 6 weeks to take a "Maymester" and work. Anyways, life will for sure get a bit easier, so I want to start my summer break off strong by finishing this challenge! I'm breaking this challenge into "Fitness" and "Life" goals, although there's a bit of crossover. Thanks for following me on this journey! Current Weight/Measurements: Weight - 120lbs Bust - 34" Waist - 30 1/2" Hips - 37" Thighs - 21 1/2“ Fi
  7. Hello, fellow nerds. Silverdrag0n, 61 year old female n00b here. I just found Nerd Fitness a week ago, and this is my first challenge. Overarching goal: To build my fitness level to a point at which I can go on a long day hike in my local mountains (roughly 12 miles, with lots of elevation gain/loss) without fear. If I get some money, I may take up the sword again as well (swordmasters generally like to be paid... ) I wouldn't mind having the 61-year-old version of Spezzy's physique as well... but that would be gravy. Why: Other than the joy of getting out into the hills (and maybe stabbi
  8. Good afternoon to all! I know I'm a little late (oops), but there was a visiting fencer at the club which stole my attention. Main goal- Earn "E" ranking in foil. Goals to get me there- Practice foil three times a week Do some form of PT six days a week (currently looking at two days of weights, two days of plyometrics, and two days of run conditioning) Intermittent Fasting at least four days a week.
  9. IT'S BAAA-AAAAAAACK. Hey Monks! Harris here...now flying under the callsign PointyEnd. To remind me to keep things simple. First lesson: STICK 'EM WITH THE POINTY END. DUH. Sometimes the simplest lessons are the hardest to follow. It's been awhile, Monks. After making quite a bit of progress with help from y'all at NF last year, I've been largely a slug for a great while. Doing some swordfighting and fencing, sure, but not with any kind of sustained diet and exercise plan behind it. And it shows. So, back to basics. GOAL: Make the body engine run better. Here's the four-point b
  10. I train in Karate - currently 8th kyu, will test for 7th in a month - and fencing (ranked D14). I prefer to work with body weight exercises than use gym weights, but I am open- minded about it. I hate running. It took me training for a half marathon to realize this, but I finished that training and I will never run more than I have to again. Star Log 1 4 2014 Started my commitment today. I will follow a semi-Paleo diet with a focus on veggies and eating healthy snacks. I want to join the 6-week challenge that starts in a few days. Looking forward to character creation. Did my weekly weigh
  11. Hello people of the rebellion! My name is Tom and I am from Australia. I have always struggled with my weight from an early age, from being extremely overweight from over eating and under exercising to being underweight and fuelled by a diet of alcohol and bananas and over exercising with running. (Strange I know.) I also suffer from anxiety and I find my appearance makes me feel incredibly anxious around other people. This year I decided to make a huge change in my life and got into university to study Science (I have a huge interest in Genetics and Immunology). I also took up Fencing a
  12. I fence épée. Maybe I am taking on too much because I don't think my muscles get ample time to heal between practice (M/W/F and sometimes sundays with tournaments with a lot of sprint cycling every day)... But do any of you fencers have any exercise regimens they suggest to accelerate fencing strengths (especially weights)? We already work on plyometrics during practice, and that's great. But...
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