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  1. Spoiler info on me for those who are interested. So the last year, like many rebels has been rougher than expected. While I don’t feel I have made as much progress as I like, a number of people here have reminded me that I have. As I leave the warmth and comfort of the library, I again strike out into the forest hopefully on the path to where I want to be. It is cold, and there is snow falling from the sky, which makes the walking harder and slower. As I trudge down the path, I hope to take the things I learned in the library about how to continue forward, and that all magic comes at a price. There is no magic that will make me instantly reach my destination, but with the magic of technology and friendship from my fellow nerds, I hope to maybe make some real progress this challenge. While I know there will be hurdles and challenges in my path, all I can do is hope to stick to the path and go forward. In the upcoming month is multiple things that can throw me off track, school restarting for me and the Agents. 3 more Christmas celebrations, a birthday party and a wedding to name a few. Things never slow down, but I need to adapt to the curve balls better and not just go “well that’s destroyed, scrap the day.” Part of the focus of this month is to maintain what I already do while handling all the things that need done. But part of the focus is on making a bit more progress on moving forward. While I know the snow and cold outside will slow me down, hopefully it won’t stop me in my tracks completely My Goals, broken down by category since that made sense to me from last challenge. Life and Family o Spend time with Agents (1pt) – I find this is helping remind me why I am doing all of this, and its helping them know it’s okay to come talk to mom since mom does spend a ton of time doing homework. More time with them now is important. o Plan (1pt) – Our lives need a plan for each day. I can’t just punt and say “we will figure it out” since we spend more time trying to plan on the fly then accomplishing things. Having a starting point is a huge step. o Be in bed by 11:30 each night(1pt) - I can’t keep living without sleep or on 3 hours a night, so time to set a bedtime. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to be in bed on time or do the rest of my goals. o One Good Thing (1pt) – I am not going to lie. Some days this is easy, some days, I struggle to find a good thing. But it is reminding me that as hard as life can be, as many “one more things” that get thrown at us, I can still find something good each day. o Check Seedlings and plants (1/2 pt) - In mid Jan, we will be starting the first sets of seedlings for the summer garden. This needs done since we do rely on that food produced to feed out family and it’s a good quality time for me and Youngest. On top of that, I need to remember to water the plants we brought in from outside (the pineapple and lemon tree look sad) and this is a good reminder to just check them once a day to see if they need something. Walking o 10,500 steps (1pt) – When I am working, this is easy, but I need to focus on doing it every day and not just some days. o Walk 15 minutes every day (1pt) – Either outside or on the treadmill. However, this cannot be just walk the longer short way to the school and back. This needs to be either the long long way or another route entirely. This will help with the extra steps each day. o Walk to Mordor (1/2 pt) – I am going to start walking to Mordor. I may try jumping into the NF one, but if not, I have my own spreadsheet I can track on. This will be using my daily steps. This will also be a bit of a long term goal since it will take me more than once challenge to get there. Strength o Continue other exercises (1pt) - I need to continue working on my previous strength exercises. I would like to be able to do 75 sit ups, 50 leg lifts, 25 reverse sit ups, 25 pushups. o Balance Ball pushups (1pt) - I will be using this form. My goal is to do 25 by the end of the challenge Flexibility o Continue other stretches (1pt) - I need to do these stretches once daily. Butterfly, Toe touch, Ballet bar (with the half wall), Wrist extension, then the 2 Yoga (dog and child) o Mediating Groot (1pt) – Not this Groot but more the Yoga Tree pose. Youngest called it Meditating Groot, so that is its name now. Fighting Chaos o At least 5 minutes in at least one room (1pt) – The battle rages here. I could do more each day, but if I get at least one of these, it’s a win. If I do more than one. Then gold stars for me. Counts for Computer room, bedroom or basement o Keep current surfaces clean (1pt) – Half of why this works is keeping the current parts rolling, so I need to make sure that the table, Island and peninsula, bathroom up and down sink and my desk stay clear. If I stay on top of this, it shouldn’t be too bad. o Clean the half wall (1pt) – This has become a collector or stuff. I need to start moving stuff off it. Especially since Agent Black has decided to start knocking stuff off into the water bowl below. Because I am crazy (or overachieving) – BONUS GOALS Bonus Nutrition Goal o Eat at least one of each every day (all 3 items) – So I had decided on this one until @fleaball reminded me that I need sleep. I need to eat the dried apricots and bananas as much as I am not a fan for my potassium levels. I need to eat the yogurt for the probiotic bit. None of these things are my favorite foods, which is why it’s hard. A bonus point for each one achieved. What does all this mean? Total points for the day is 15, with a possible 3 bonus points per day. Hopefully I see progress by the end of this challenge. Right now, it’s time to keep going forward.
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