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Found 14 results

  1. So, 2017 was hard for me. Me, basically all of 2017 I am still dealing with the existential crisis I dealt with all year, I gained all of my weight back that I had lost in 2015-2016, and I just let other people's issues come first, when I should have been prioritizing my own life. So, you know, 2017 can Anyway, 2018 is gonna be my year. I need it to be. Six years of graduate school really took a toll on my mental and physical health, and I refuse to go into my 30s less healthy than I went into my 20s. So, it's time to catch up on a
  2. Cataleya's 2017 Roadmap Read first! I'm about to hit level 60 on my lovely Ninja, and I figured, well, I should hit 60 IRL too, by working toward a limit break! I'm keeping my challenge busy, but simple. I'll edit as need be, but this is what's going into effect on January 8. Zero week is for getting back into the swing of things, so I will try to check in every day. Critical Hit Rate - Once a week, use those hand wraps you got over Christmas break. Dexterity - Three times a week, do a Couch to 10K workout. Strength - Twice a week, do weight-base
  3. Aaaahhhh battle log. A nice respite from the challenge madness. Welcome to COSTA DEL SOL y'all!!!! A lovely beach zone to chill and relax and recharge and train! (Yaha I made those gifs~) So I've been a little quiet on the forums lately and have been REALLY enjoying the lesser computer time, especially now that spring has surely sprung here and being outdoors takes my first priority. ALSO this month my S/O turns 40 and I am planning a BIG ol' party at a huge log cabin in the mountains - that will also complete a job que
  4. NERDFRIENDS!!!! Welcome to APRIL! Welcome welcome again to yet another very FFXIV-themed challenge! Now with GIFS!!!!! MUAHAHAHA YES, gifs, all of these gifs are of my own character and my own content and YES. EXCELLENT. I'm having way too much fun making gifs. *thinks about gifs*.................. OH UH RIGHT, ahahaha, sorry. It's NEW CHALLENGE TIME!!! If you're new to this madness (or if you've had a memory lapse, it's ok, I won't hold it against you~) hi, I'm Shaarawy, and I've crafted a massive Final Fantasy job-style challenge with run
  5. FINAL ASSASSIN FANTASY Welcome to the Challenge #48 Assassin Mini Challenge! The fate of all the worlds rests in your hands. Will you band together and emerge triumphant as heroes, or will the forces of Chaos tear the cosmos apart? The clock is ticking! BAND TOGETHER TO STOP THE FORCES OF CHAOS! How It Works: This mini is open to all who wish to participate, with a few restrictions: All Assassins of all levels are eligible to participate.
  6. FINAL ASSASSIN FANTASY BATTLE RULES Basic Rules: You may pick one class per battle. This means that if you start the battle as a Berserker, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE BATTLE AS A BERSERKER. No reclassing to White Mage or Black Mage mid-fight. Please do not hoard your reps. Make a reasonable attempt to keep a running tally. Once a day for updates would be a good cadence. Your team members can help you if you have an issue updating gdocs. Please make a NEW entry every time you add reps/sets/seconds. DO NOT update your pr
  7. After leaving the Scorpion tunnels, Red decides to enjoy nature a bit by taking a stroll into the nearest forest. However, the powers that be, decide that they aren't done with him yet... "Ahh, now this is nice! Just the still trees and the whispering wind." He hears something move. He turns around, only to see nothing, but leaves fall around him. 'Huh, must've been my imagination.' he thought. He keeps moving forward, and again, he hears that same rustling, knowing that something is indeed watching him, he pretends not to notice, a few steps further, he listens intently to pinpoint the
  8. Hey everyone, My name is Amy and I've joined up with NF, I've found the chat room to be a great place to chat with people daily, get input, feedback, share stories and challenges. I've decided that I'm serious about weight loss and fitness in general starting in the winter, when I was thinking, "I need to get in shape for nursing!" and told myself that I would start in the spring. Well, it looks like spring is finally here in Alberta, and I've pretty much quit soda, started drinking tons of water (not literally ), eating lots of fruit and veggies and limiting unhealthy meals and treats to a
  9. Good Day! For as long as I can remember I have been a gamer girl, it started with sitting on my parents living room floor playing Asteroids on my Atari. Yeah you read that right...Atari. My all time favorite series is Final Fantasy and my favorite game within the series is VII, I still own a PS2 just so I can dust it off and try to beat Ruby Weapon once in awhile. So naturally I am patterning my big quest after my favorite game! And, I need to have a little fun with this since life is all way too much "serious business" right now so I am stepping into character and writing a bit of a story.
  10. Main Quest: Phoenix Down I am a newly certified/employed EMT in my mid 20's. With this new job, I've had my regular sleep schedule turned upside down. On top of that, I've also been paired up to face various other challenges, both professional (the fragility of life and experiencing death first hand and frequently in the ER) and personal (conveniently going through a break up, as well, for example). These aforementioned life hiccups have left me swirling in to quite a dark place, sitting on my butt for hours playing video games or browsing the internet just to get my mind off of things. So to
  11. I'm so excited about this challenge!!! *___* I've been saving up all my phoenix downs for it!!!! So, without further-a-do, here we go! 6 week challenge starting 29/07/2013 My Main Quest Fit into my Gunner Dress sphere: To lose weight and fit into a size 12 (uk sizes!) 3 smaller goals Blitzball training: do challenging Tiffany Rothe workouts three times a week Eat a Balamb fish: Stick to my new hybrid Paleo diet (pretty much Paleo, just dairy allowed) Don't forget to save regularly!: Count calories and record my stats every day on My Fitness Pal to help me remain focuse
  12. The Water Ninja points to the crystal and the shard glows until it's nothing but a bright light, when Red opened his eyes again, the shard in his hand was gone, as well as the Water Ninja. "Guess it's time to move on." Red says to himself, when not a moment later, it sounded like battle was happening on the other side of the River! Red immediately rushed over, while not revealing his location, when he saw two wizards battling it out. "You cannot do this! I won't let you!" said the green Summoner. "Fool! I'll destroy you and everyone that stands in my way, until all of the world is under my com
  13. I stand poised for battle at the entrance to the North Mako Reactor once more. Stronger now, and smarter too. Ready to face this challenge for the second time. I have learned from my mistakes in the last attempt and have no doubt in my mind that I'll be able to reach the end and defeat that dastardly Guard Scorpion and bring down this reactor! This is the second attempt at my 6-week challenge. In order to pass this level, as before, I will need to complete the challenges below with a bare minimum of 80% efficiency, otherwise I'll have to hit the reset button and do this level for thir
  14. Shinra, a greedy corporation with a stranglehold on the world's power supply, threatens to destroy the planet with its insatiable harvest of Mako energy. From deep within the slums of the techno-metropolis of Midgar, a scant but determined resistance faction called AVALANCHE is desperate in their bid to stop Shinra at any cost. Enlisting the services of a young mercenary named Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite paramilitary force SOLDIER, these eco-terrorists aim to prevent a disaster of global proportions. Meanwhile, the reckless exploits of renegade Shinra scientists have expose
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