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  1. Hello my nerds!! WELCOME to my uhhh... 50-something-th challenge... (I lost count, hmm, I should recount and update my little brain huh?) here on Nerd Fitness! I am REALLY EXCITED about this one, because after the past Hell Year that I’ve dealt with, I’m feeling ready to lift myself up a little bit more and re-start setting some building blocks in place and kicking my own ass into gear. To do this I’m going to turn towards my past here - yep, I’m literally copying a challenge I did in 2015. Holy shitcakes 2015?!!?!! Wow that’s old. (Psst shaar, so are you.) 2.Did you know I keep all of my past challenges in a Google Docs folder labeled Nerd Fitness?? Well now you do (how exciting for you to know huh), and it goes all the way back to my first one in September 2014. 3. Obviously to say Nerd Fitness has been life changing for me is an understatement. I’ve been somewhat wayward over the past years and have also shouldered a LOT, but my last challenge rekindled what I already knew - these forums are invaluable and I’m ready to take advantage of that again! HO-KAY SO. 2015 shaar(awy) was just starting out and at this point in her timeline was getting ready to set some groundwork for GREATNESS. And I’m about to do it all - over - again. I’ll be editing these goals just a teensy bit to update them for Current Shaar, but the overall accomplishments are going to be about the same. With the help of a THEME - it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a themed challenge, and in honor of this one (and the original content) I’m going to lean into the prettiness of the FF7 remake to get this going. ANDDDD I’m going to grade myself too, just like the frickin’ olden days! Ahahahaaa yeah here we go~ Quest 1 - Less Mako, More Mana So near the end of last challenge I took a big step away from alcohol and it was very eye opening. (DIFFICULT, but eye opening.) I’d been drinking a -lot- since my mom’s passing and to deal with my anxiety/depression/PTSD and it eventually started affecting everything in a negative manner - my sleep, my anxiety, my digestion, my weight - I am at the highest weight I’ve ever been and I know a lot of it is from boatloads of empty calories. I went a week with no alcohol and it was unreal what a difference it made in literally every aspect of my life. I want to keep this habit up!! For this quest, I will only have a drink if it is 1. At a social function, or 2. Friday evening or Saturday. NO exceptions. A - Nailed these goals and stayed within my lines! B - Managed to stay within these parameters for 4-5 weeks of the challenge. F - Captain Morgan called, he wants his boat back. Quest 2 - Stocking up on Sylkis Greens I’ve sat down with Ao and told him, once I get back from my NYC trip I am CLEANING UP MY DIET!!! No cookies, no delicious lemon sponge cakes, no brownies... I won’t cut treats out completely BUT I definitely need to moderate better. I’ve been eating way more junk than usual and IT ENDS NOWWWWW. Also I need to work on cleaner lunch solutions for me, and work to snack healthier. As much as we both love the occasional treat (he is a WAY bigger sweet tooth than me) I know we are both on the same page with preferring to eat as cleanly as possible, so I’m sure with his support we will be able to nail this one - this goal is all about fueling myself better! A - Managed to stay within my parameters for the whole challenge - and feel good about my choices! B - At least had 4-5 weeks of solid successes in the kitchen. F - Hello I am the new Burger King mascot......... Quest 3 - Training for AVALANCHE This is a big one too. Between having covid and traveling and general feeling unsavory-ness, my activity streak has kinda been in the shitter. I go back to work part-time after the 4th of July so before that, I want to take advantage of as much time as I have to set some good and consistent habits! My goal here is activity - three gym days (two weekday, one weekend) alongside one outdoor day - this can be hiking, kayaking, walking in circles around the neighborhood (or local cemetery, ps i looove walking through cemeteries, does that make me a weirdo) - but making consistent activity a better habit is the name of this goal! A - Nailed my activity goal every week! Yeah! B - Did my best but only managed 4-5 weeks of goals met. F - I have become potato. Quest 4 - Lifestream I’ve still got a lot going on over here, and the prospect of returning to work soon is daunting in multiple ways. As I forge onward and re-set these goals for myself, and figure out what I want and what serves me, I really need to stay present here and keep posting. Cheesy moment - I have many lifestreams in my life that keep me going, that uplift me and care for me when I need it. This place is one. So I’m gonna be here. A - Kept my promise and stuck the hell around. F - Fell off the wagon, ultimate fail. That’s it, pals! Digging into the annals of history to retrace my steps towards what works, and what will hopefully kickstart this path to me again!! In the famous words of Cloud, LET’S FUCKIN’ MOSEY!! (Okay I know he really didn’t say it like that but let me have a little bit of hype here ok) ❤️❤️
  2. So, 2017 was hard for me. Me, basically all of 2017 I am still dealing with the existential crisis I dealt with all year, I gained all of my weight back that I had lost in 2015-2016, and I just let other people's issues come first, when I should have been prioritizing my own life. So, you know, 2017 can Anyway, 2018 is gonna be my year. I need it to be. Six years of graduate school really took a toll on my mental and physical health, and I refuse to go into my 30s less healthy than I went into my 20s. So, it's time to catch up on a few things. Actual footage of me trying to catch up to my goals We all know that I am someone who enjoys the video games, especially MMOs and RPGs. I have recently gotten back into Final Fantasy XIV, on which I have a level 70 Ninja and am leveling up Bard. So I thought I'd do an MMO/FFXIV-themed challenge for this first challenge of 2018. Specifically, I'd do some tank, healer, and DPS quests. Keep it simple of course. Here we go! Measurement Spreadsheet 2018 Road Map TANK: WARRIOR Quest 1: Strength training twice a week Bonus EXP: Work on pull ups Quest 2: Get 100g of protein per day Bonus EXP: Eat less than 120g carbs per day HEALER: SCHOLAR Quest 1: Read one book over course of challenge Bonus EXP: Any additional books read Quest 2: Finish up one research project over course of challenge Bonus EXP: Any additional projects completed DPS: NINJA Quest 1: Running, twice a week Bonus EXP: Interval training Quest 2: Stretching, every day Bonus EXP: Work on splits DPS: BARD Quest 1: Tennis, once a week (may replace with running if league isn't going) Bonus EXP: Win a match Quest 2: Write two blog posts over course of challenge Bonus EXP: Any additional blog posts written
  3. Cataleya's 2017 Roadmap Read first! I'm about to hit level 60 on my lovely Ninja, and I figured, well, I should hit 60 IRL too, by working toward a limit break! I'm keeping my challenge busy, but simple. I'll edit as need be, but this is what's going into effect on January 8. Zero week is for getting back into the swing of things, so I will try to check in every day. Critical Hit Rate - Once a week, use those hand wraps you got over Christmas break. Dexterity - Three times a week, do a Couch to 10K workout. Strength - Twice a week, do weight-based training. Morale - Daily, check in with other Nerd Fitness people, both people you’ve subscribed to and people you haven’t. As always, @Hazard's fitness data log that I copied is here. Date Weight 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Lean Mass 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Fat Mass 7-Day Avg. (lbs) Lean Mass per Fat Mass ratio Fat lbs Left to Lose to hit 3.5 ratio 1-Jan-2017 193.8 140.1 53.7 2.61 13.7 8-Jan-2017 15-Jan-2017 22-Jan-2017 29-Jan-2017 5-Feb-2017 Also, I've started a workout-focused Instagram. It's going to be private, but if you follow me I'll likely follow back assuming I can tell who you are. Nothing risque, I'm afraid, just a private person, generally speaking, when it comes to this stuff. I was following a few of you on my other account, but I figured I'd move all my fitness stuff over to this one, so I can feel more free to post stuff.
  4. Aaaahhhh battle log. A nice respite from the challenge madness. Welcome to COSTA DEL SOL y'all!!!! A lovely beach zone to chill and relax and recharge and train! (Yaha I made those gifs~) So I've been a little quiet on the forums lately and have been REALLY enjoying the lesser computer time, especially now that spring has surely sprung here and being outdoors takes my first priority. ALSO this month my S/O turns 40 and I am planning a BIG ol' party at a huge log cabin in the mountains - that will also complete a job quest for my ongoing challenge - but the date is getting close and it's about to take a LOT of my time and resources getting ready for everythiinnnggg!!! We are traveling this coming weekend for a soccer match and then will be gone from the 11th to the 15th in the mountains!!! WE ARE GONNA CLIMB A MOUNTAIN AND SEE A WATERFALL AND HIKE AND YAHAHAAAAA I cannot wait!!! Will keep chunking up the miles for [LNC], that's going to be a tough one to complete overall. I've also unlocked the following jobs that I need to craft quests for over the next month: - Bard - Monk - Warrior - Ninja So stuff will still be happening, just at a slower and less intense pace. Happy May all!!!
  5. NERDFRIENDS!!!! Welcome to APRIL! Welcome welcome again to yet another very FFXIV-themed challenge! Now with GIFS!!!!! MUAHAHAHA YES, gifs, all of these gifs are of my own character and my own content and YES. EXCELLENT. I'm having way too much fun making gifs. *thinks about gifs*.................. OH UH RIGHT, ahahaha, sorry. It's NEW CHALLENGE TIME!!! If you're new to this madness (or if you've had a memory lapse, it's ok, I won't hold it against you~) hi, I'm Shaarawy, and I've crafted a massive Final Fantasy job-style challenge with running goals that will be tackled over many months. Each of my challenges is also named and themed after the full moon of the corresponding month for ~*~extra flair~*~. This month's full moon is PINK MOON, which is on April 22nd!!! April: The Pink Moon Flowers begin to appear, including the widespread grass pink or wild ground phlox. Other variations indicate more signs of full spring, such as Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, and Fish Moon (common among coastal tribes). Mmmm fish moon. I am coastal. I also like eggs. But PINK MOON, come on, PINK, I mean, even my gnarly armored up Dragoon has a CHERRY BLOSSOM ATTACK. Because Japan, and Because Final Fantasy. Anyways. Guys, we made it through the winter even when it threatened to beat us down or freeze our bums and make us sad!!! Spring is coming (and is fully HERE in North Carolina) so we're going to jump all over those flowers and new grass and tree buds and SUNSHINE. YASSSSSSSSSS. Now the fun part: my challenge goals! I'm carrying over my uncompleted goals from my last challenge - I specifically crafted my challenge to span over many months and be more "ongoing" than just 4 weeks. I've basically pulled every base level job class from the game to craft my long-term quests. I don't need to complete them in any order, or at any given time - I have the ability to mix and match them as I please, and do as much or as little as I want during any given challenge time frame. Ah, goals on my terms, yes, excellent. Here's my progress and what I've got left to work on: DISCIPLE OF WAR + DISCIPLE OF MAGIC These are the basic DoW and DoM classes. As I complete them, certain pairs are combinable to unlock JOB classes! Example: [ARC] + [LNC] = [BRD]!!!! (Bard) So once I complete some compatible base class quests, they will unlock jobs, so I can quest further and continue to create evolving goals for myself! JOB COMBINATIONS I've also included some crafting and gathering classes from the game too, to deal more with exploration with visiting places, cooking, and creating!!!!! DISCIPLE OF THE HAND + DISCIPLE OF THE LAND PHEW! All that formatting. My eyes. Nnnngh. Anyways these are my constant overarching goals! I'll take zero week to recoup and decide exactly which of these I'm going to tackle - I have some ideas but I also need this week breather to not think about it much. XD XD GUYS IT IS SPRING THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!! Let's bust out of our eggshells and bloom like LOVELY FIT FLOWERS, hmm, that got kind of weird and bordered on Utena-esque there for a moment... who has PINK HAIR.... ahaha yes this is all meant to be. ~<3
  6. FINAL ASSASSIN FANTASY Welcome to the Challenge #48 Assassin Mini Challenge! The fate of all the worlds rests in your hands. Will you band together and emerge triumphant as heroes, or will the forces of Chaos tear the cosmos apart? The clock is ticking! BAND TOGETHER TO STOP THE FORCES OF CHAOS! How It Works: This mini is open to all who wish to participate, with a few restrictions: All Assassins of all levels are eligible to participate. Members of other guilds are also welcome to join the party as special guest party members. If this is your first NF challenge, we encourage you to focus on your challenge goals and NOT join this mini challenge. Mini challenges can be very demanding and can take you off track if your habits are still in the process of being solidified. Please consider carefully before joining in. No sign up is necessary. You may drop in and out at any time. Participants must complete four battles of increasing difficulty in which they will face a total of 11 enemies. Once these 11 enemies are defeated, participants must defeat Chaos, the god of discord. Participants will have the option to choose their battle class. Different classes will have different powers. Participants will be able to change classes between battles. There will be options available for participants of all fitness levels as well as for people with injuries or other physical issues. The party will have HP and your enemies WILL ATTACK YOU. If party HP drops to 0, you must restart the battle. Yes, there will be a healer class available. This thread is meant for coordination and strategizing. There will also be a BATTLE THREAD posted once your first challengers appear. All battles must be completed before April 30th, 11:59pm EST, OR ELSE CHAOS WINS.
  7. FINAL ASSASSIN FANTASY BATTLE RULES Basic Rules: You may pick one class per battle. This means that if you start the battle as a Berserker, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE BATTLE AS A BERSERKER. No reclassing to White Mage or Black Mage mid-fight. Please do not hoard your reps. Make a reasonable attempt to keep a running tally. Once a day for updates would be a good cadence. Your team members can help you if you have an issue updating gdocs. Please make a NEW entry every time you add reps/sets/seconds. DO NOT update your previous entry. You may change your attack (within the limits of your class) or your target with every entry. You will not be told the threshold at which the Ninja steal ability is activated, nor will you know which attack you are stealing until you receive it. You will then be able to save that attack and activate it at any time. You will not be told the threshold at which the Summoner summon ability activated, though you will know which summon you will receive. Once the ability activates, the summon appears immediately. You will not be able to hold the summon in reserve for a later time. Offensive classes (Berserker, Black Mage) and thief class (Ninja) should always target AN ENEMY. Defensive classes (White Mage, Summoner) should always target THE PARTY. Keep in mind that different enemies may react differently to different types of damage. Experiment with targets and skills until you find your best strategy. This thread will be kept exclusively for battle announcements, Summon appearances, and villain attacks. Please post all conversation, strategy, and questions on the Party Strategy Thread.
  8. After leaving the Scorpion tunnels, Red decides to enjoy nature a bit by taking a stroll into the nearest forest. However, the powers that be, decide that they aren't done with him yet... "Ahh, now this is nice! Just the still trees and the whispering wind." He hears something move. He turns around, only to see nothing, but leaves fall around him. 'Huh, must've been my imagination.' he thought. He keeps moving forward, and again, he hears that same rustling, knowing that something is indeed watching him, he pretends not to notice, a few steps further, he listens intently to pinpoint the source. Once he hears movement again, he immediately throws his sword at the would-be stalker. "HA! Found you!" Once the sword struck, he hears an unexpected sound, "WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" As something, or rather someone, hits the ground in front of him. "What the--? An archer? What are you doing following me?" The Archer replied, "I wasn't following you, you idiot! I was following the Slime!!!" "Slime? What slime?!" "The slime you stepped into, and now got ME stuck in! You idiot!" "What the?! How in the--" "Great! Now we're both going to be slowly digested, I hope your happy!" "Now, hang on, if we work together, surely we can get out of this... err... slime!" "Fine! But you have to do exactly what I say, otherwise, we're dead meat! And don't call me 'Shirley'!" "First of all, we need to get our arms free!" - By doing the Advanced Bodyweight routine and Shadow Boxing x3 a week! Str +2, Sta +3 "Then we need to Pull ourselves out!" - Work up to 3 sets of 6 pull-ups or 1 set of 15 without stopping! Str +2 Sta +2 "OK, What do you know about slimes?" "Uhh, they're slimy?" - Set aside an hour to review Biology notes, or watch a Biology lecture 5 times a week. Wis +3 "Come on! You have to want this as much as the next breath! Literally!" - This one is a bit of a personal goal, I feel like I've lost my drive to achieve my life-long dream of becoming a doctor, so this goal is mainly to remember what made me want to be one in the first place, and to rekindle that drive that made me obsessed with this dream. There's really nothing to measure with, although, if you guys can help me by asking me deep philosophical questions about it or question my reasons for being so, it'll help me sort my thoughts... I hope. +5 Inspiration!
  9. Hey everyone, My name is Amy and I've joined up with NF, I've found the chat room to be a great place to chat with people daily, get input, feedback, share stories and challenges. I've decided that I'm serious about weight loss and fitness in general starting in the winter, when I was thinking, "I need to get in shape for nursing!" and told myself that I would start in the spring. Well, it looks like spring is finally here in Alberta, and I've pretty much quit soda, started drinking tons of water (not literally ), eating lots of fruit and veggies and limiting unhealthy meals and treats to a very small number (once or twice a week, on average). My over reaching goal here is fitness for nursing, but I thought I could also have a lot of fun on the way, setting other goals until I'm in nursing, general fitness goals, being able to get active in small group activities, getting out to enjoy nice days while being active, either at the gym, cycling, or something else fun. Making getting active a fun thing and a challenging goal has been something which is also a driving force. Some of my interests in physical fitness, at varying levels of interest are: Crossfit (curious), Adventure Race (Curious), Rock Climbing (Interested), Cycling (Interested), Lifting (interested), Volleyball (Interested) Some of my favorite video games: Final Fantasy VI, Lufia (SNES), Breath of Fire, Dark Souls II, League of Legends, Earthbound, Final Fantasy Tactics, Legend of Zelda, and more. Some of my favorite books/series: George RR Martin's Song of Fire and Ice, Glen Cook's Black Company, Tolkein's Silmarillion and Hobbit, Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game series, Brom's The Child Thief, many Mercedes Lackey books, and many more. Other things I've enjoyed is anime and manga in a broad sense.
  10. Good Day! For as long as I can remember I have been a gamer girl, it started with sitting on my parents living room floor playing Asteroids on my Atari. Yeah you read that right...Atari. My all time favorite series is Final Fantasy and my favorite game within the series is VII, I still own a PS2 just so I can dust it off and try to beat Ruby Weapon once in awhile. So naturally I am patterning my big quest after my favorite game! And, I need to have a little fun with this since life is all way too much "serious business" right now so I am stepping into character and writing a bit of a story. Our story begins... A mild-mannered, snarky IT girl / accounting student is sitting at her desk one day when the phone rings. 'IT Support Desk this is Silly Otter'. Her old friend Cloud comes on the line "Silly Otter what are you doing answering the phones? Don't you know that the evil dragon 'Fibromyalgia' is working a spell on you and trying to keep you trapped on your chair while she is trying to destroy the Mystical Wildflowers?!?!" Silly Otter "Well of course I KNOW! But what am I supposed to do about it?" Cloud "Get your butt out of the chair, acquire the magical hiking equipment and a shiny new sword and come help us fight her off!" Silly Otter "But where do I start?" Cloud *facepalm* so loud I can hear it! "With NerdFitness of course!" Silly Otter closes her latest text book, forwards the phones to her team and is out the door to explore how the NerdFitness thing works! The Main Quest: Save the Mystical Wildflowers from the evil fire breathing dragon "Fibromyalgia"! The wildflowers are at the top of a Colorado 14'er (14,000 ft altitude for those of you not familiar with the term) at the halfway point of a 25 mile backpacking expedition carrying a 25 lb pack. This is a huge quest (right now) and will need to be completed in smaller chunks. I have a little more than 4 six-week cycles plus the holiday bonus cycle to get up that mountain! (July 2014) And I will need all of my energy at the top to defeat the dragon! Stage 1: Aquire the Backpack The backpack is always one of the first things you want on any quest to hold all the nifty stuff you find along the way. So this first six week challenge will be to work hard and acquire the backpack and the ability to carry it in the end as my prize! (I already make feeble attempts at exercising so the below goals are realistic. I can currently hike 5.5 miles carrying a 7 lb pack at 8k ft. but it really kills me for about a week!) Specific Goals: Do the Beginner Bodyweight workout at least 3 times a week. Do the 20 minute Interval Training workout at least 2 times a week. Transition back to the Paleo diet beginning with no gluten or sugar at least 5 days a week. (I was full out Paleo for over a year so this is just relearning and readjusting time.)Life Quest: Complete my next two college courses! I am actually working on my accounting degree and have 4 courses left to complete before the end of March 2014. :-) Motivation: Every day I live with the pain and frustration of Fibromyalgia. I LOVE hiking and being active but I have allowed Fibro to slow me down and it is time for that to STOP! I want to be a Ranger class kind of gal! That field of wildflowers is a real thing and this past summer I got photos, next summer I want to see it with my own eyes! Tonight I will post my starting measurements and maybe a photo (I am camera shy so no promises) because I need to see the physical transformation. Thanks for reading!
  11. Main Quest: Phoenix Down I am a newly certified/employed EMT in my mid 20's. With this new job, I've had my regular sleep schedule turned upside down. On top of that, I've also been paired up to face various other challenges, both professional (the fragility of life and experiencing death first hand and frequently in the ER) and personal (conveniently going through a break up, as well, for example). These aforementioned life hiccups have left me swirling in to quite a dark place, sitting on my butt for hours playing video games or browsing the internet just to get my mind off of things. So to combat this I decided to get a weight bench and some weights. Hopefully this purchase can help me get my life back on the right track. I'm realizing the negative energy that my self-inflicted ostracization is creating and I need to change it. This weight bench, joining this forum, and all other movements are attempts to begin the process of resurrection. The process of finding that phoenix down. (What that means in generic terms: To build a bit more confidence in my physique. And with that build of confidence, a radiating contentment with life in general.) Supporting Quest: (+50 Exp each) Work out for at least 30 minutes a day(Excluing sports as I do that as often as possible anyways). Begin monitoring what I eat (it's a baby step, but hey, at least it's a step) by eating at least one healthy meal a day Full body stretch before sleeping, whenever that happens.Life Quest (+100 Bonus Exp per paycheck) Save >$80 each paycheck to fund getting outta town(it's scaled so highly because I struggle to save). Motivation: -To get positive energy flowing. It's a spiderweb theory, if you will. I begin to increase muscularity and endurance which resounds to more confidence, better social interaction and relationships, and eventually self sufficient happiness and pride.-I'd also like to improve my athleticism. I've been playing sports since I was 3-4 years old and the competitive gene runs through my blood. I love giving the sports I play (Volleyball, Ultimate, Soccer, etc) my all. It does get frustrating when I do give it my all and it still isn't enough to "compete." So increasing my stamina and resilience would be a bonus. Current stats: Level 1 Fair-Skinned Cuban ManCurrent Experience: 0Experience to next level: 1000Height: 6'2Weight: 208Current Region: Tallahassee, Florida FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!! But really, if you guys have any ideas to positively/negatively critique this post or my plan, by all means, fire away. I'm quite a social creature (when I'm not lame and broody) so I'd love to hear from you all. And again, I don't even know if I'm doing this right so if I'm not, tell me!!
  12. I'm so excited about this challenge!!! *___* I've been saving up all my phoenix downs for it!!!! So, without further-a-do, here we go! 6 week challenge starting 29/07/2013 My Main Quest Fit into my Gunner Dress sphere: To lose weight and fit into a size 12 (uk sizes!) 3 smaller goals Blitzball training: do challenging Tiffany Rothe workouts three times a week Eat a Balamb fish: Stick to my new hybrid Paleo diet (pretty much Paleo, just dairy allowed) Don't forget to save regularly!: Count calories and record my stats every day on My Fitness Pal to help me remain focused. Side Quests Throw a Moogle: Produce two study pieces to pop into my concept art portfolio. My current Stats: Weight: 202.4 lbs Height: 5ft2†Age: 29 Neck: 17†Chest: 40†Bust: 46 and half†Arms: upper: 13â€forearm: 11†Waist: 41†Hips: 48†Thighs: 27†Knee: 19†Calf: 17 and half†I wasn't quite sure how everything worked when I joined, so I think I've already chosen to be a druid. However, if this has to be changed, I'm cool with that too MOTIVATION To feel like my strong, confident, energetic and sexy self yet again! So, there you have it! That's me and my journey! Thanks for reading and best of luck on your own adventure!
  13. The Water Ninja points to the crystal and the shard glows until it's nothing but a bright light, when Red opened his eyes again, the shard in his hand was gone, as well as the Water Ninja. "Guess it's time to move on." Red says to himself, when not a moment later, it sounded like battle was happening on the other side of the River! Red immediately rushed over, while not revealing his location, when he saw two wizards battling it out. "You cannot do this! I won't let you!" said the green Summoner. "Fool! I'll destroy you and everyone that stands in my way, until all of the world is under my command!" yelled the other, cloaked in purple 'Well, this is interesting. I wonder if I should get involved...' Red thinks to himself. "Death song, death door, death river awaiting!" The Lich chants! 4 creatures came out of the ground: a Skeleton, then a Zombie, then a Samurai, and finally a Demon, surrounding the green summoner. "You'll die alone, fighting against the unstoppable forces of evil!" "No one fighting for a good cause is alone!" Red shouts out loud, jumping and landing between the Green Summoner and the Monsters "Where did you come from?!" both summoners said, shocked at the new challenger. "I'll take care of the monsters, and you'll stop the Caster! Alright?!" "Who the-- err I mean, Alright!" Boss Battle: Lich VS "You can't simply attack each monster, you need to beat them in a specific manner because they're magic! I'll tell you how!" Skeleton - You need to stay the course, Whatever your routine is, You need to stick to it, the entire time! Using the 5-day routine found here: http://confitdent.com/assassins-creed-workout-training-series/ Red needs to stick to it throughout the entire challenge, it's a new and grueling routine that'll be very difficult, the idea is that he cannot skip a day unless there are special circumstances. Sta +3 & Str +2 Every Monday, draw and post a new bone structure Wis +1 Samurai - These guys crave perfection, you need to perfect a skill in order to beat him! ​Red has been able to kick up into a handstand, but unable to hold it, Now it's time for him to finally be able to hold a freestanding handstand for 1 minute. Sta +2 Every Wednesday, read Bushido for 1.5 hours Currently on Pg 65. Wis +1 Zombie - You can easily outmaneuver these guys if you stay on your toes and don't lose momentum! Red needs to master 3 Parkour movements done, each Friday: Roll into Run, Monkey Vault, and Precision Jump Dex +2 Every Tuesday and Thursday, Study my old Anatomy Notes for 1.5 hours. Wis +1. Demon - These creatures are tough to beat! You need stay dedicated, and not fight them when they're at their strongest! Sleep early, and wake up Early that's the goal here, and to completely stay away from the 0300 hour! Red should wake up at the goal time: 0730 hours and sleep at 2330 hours. Con +2 Every Friday, Read the Bible for 1 hour, and practice Piano for 30 minutes. Wis +1 With this particular challenge, I'll be reaching Level 10, so I felt like making a big one, also I'm feeling inspired with this new Assassin's Creed routine that the Wolf had found. The breakdown of it is here: Day 1: 45/15 seconds Lunges Pull-up Fingertip Push-up Hanging Knee Raise Bar Dips Back Raises Towel Hangs Day 2: Zombies, Run Day 3: 3 sets, 10 reps, 1 min-rest Deadlift DB Chest Press 1-Arm Bent over row Back Squat Standing DB Push press Hammer Pull-up Bar Dips DB wood chops Farmers Walk Day 4: 10 sec 2 min-rest Jumping Lunges Bag slams? Clap Push-ups Get-ups Med Ball Slams? DB Russian Twist Burpees Day 5 Parkour Practice: Roll into Run, Monkey Vault, Precision Jump There's going to be something of a break during this challenge, on the 10th of June, I'm going to Chicago for about a week, to visit my sister and her family, and then to bring my nieces back home with me to California, so during that time, I will enjoy the good and bad foods of Chicago as well as the sights, so I'll try to work out while I'm out there, but I'll probably be out enjoying family and Chicago sights.
  14. I stand poised for battle at the entrance to the North Mako Reactor once more. Stronger now, and smarter too. Ready to face this challenge for the second time. I have learned from my mistakes in the last attempt and have no doubt in my mind that I'll be able to reach the end and defeat that dastardly Guard Scorpion and bring down this reactor! This is the second attempt at my 6-week challenge. In order to pass this level, as before, I will need to complete the challenges below with a bare minimum of 80% efficiency, otherwise I'll have to hit the reset button and do this level for third time! But I have no intention of that! I intend to blast this thing out of the park a la AVALANCHE style!! Below I have detailed my adjusted goals goals, as well as my plan to meet said goals. I'll update multiple times a week in an effort to keep the fires burning and to maintain accountability. Now, let's blow this reactor sky high and get ourselves some Materia along the way!! 6-Week Challenge Goals 1. 10 consecutive pull-ups. Current Maximum is 5. (+2 STR, +1 CON, +1 CHA) 4 Pull-up-centric workouts per week.Continue using the How To Finally Do A Pull-up guide.2. Run 12 consecutive miles in prep for a half marathon. (+3 STA) 3 HIIT runs per week.1 long distance run, starting at 7 miles and adding 1 each week until 12.3. 40 consecutive pushups to the floor. (+2 STR, +2 STA) Pushups to exhaustion every night. Minimum of 100 throughout the day.Continue with Kettlebell classes for overall strength.4a. Prepare for my upcoming show. (+1 WIS, +1 CHA) Be able to play my set flawlessly, consistently from start to finish.Spend at least an average of 1 hour each night practicing.4b. Record 3 tracks for my album. (+1 WIS, +1 CHA) Shoot for 1 track per week.Spend at least an average of 1 hour each night on recording.
  15. Shinra, a greedy corporation with a stranglehold on the world's power supply, threatens to destroy the planet with its insatiable harvest of Mako energy. From deep within the slums of the techno-metropolis of Midgar, a scant but determined resistance faction called AVALANCHE is desperate in their bid to stop Shinra at any cost. Enlisting the services of a young mercenary named Cloud Strife, a former member of Shinra's elite paramilitary force SOLDIER, these eco-terrorists aim to prevent a disaster of global proportions. Meanwhile, the reckless exploits of renegade Shinra scientists have exposed the planet to a danger more sinister than anyone could have imagined. This is the first of what will be many 6-week challenges. In order to pass this level, defeat the Guard Scorpion, and get out before the reactor blows, I will need to complete the challenges below with a bare minimum of 80% efficiency, otherwise I'll have to hit the reset button and do this level over! But I don't intend to just slip by with a bare minimum; I intend to blast this thing out of the park a la AVALANCHE style!! Below I have detailed my goals, as well as my plan to meet said goals. I'll update multiple times a week in an effort to keep the fires burning and to maintain accountability. Now, let's blast this reactor sky high and get ourselves some Materia along the way!! 6-Week Challenge Goals 1. 10 consecutive pull-ups. (+2 STR, +1 CON, +1 CHA) 3 Pull-up-centric workouts per week.Continue using the How To Finally Do A Pull-up guide2. Run a consecutive 10K. (+3 STA) 3 HIIT runs per week.1 long distance run, starting at 4 miles and adding .5 each week until 6.43. 40 consecutive pushups to the floor. (+2 STR, +2 STA) Pushups to exhaustion 3 nights a week. Continue with KB classes for overall strength.4. Record a full album (12 tracks). (+4 CHA) Shoot for 2 tracks per week.Spend an hour each night on recording.
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