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Found 4 results

  1. Ohai. I don't know what I want to prioritise. I just wanna do all the things. The only thing I know for sure is that I want to start learning Finnish again! So for now I'm going to leave this challenge as a place holder for random gifs and chit chat and we'll see what happens. EDIT: I haz challenge! And with that I mean @sylph posted her challenge and I stole the whole thing hahaha. (Thank you Sylph ) But it's all good because we're in this together! Structured Circus – Class at least once per week (pole)
  2. Ok maybe I'll expand a little. Truth is I'm a little lost and directionless, fitness and otherwise. So until inspiration strikes, and because I'm me, I'm simply going to do all the things and play around with whatever floats my boat, as long as it's vaguely circusy. Also climbing, but that's a given. The main goal is to do something circusy every day. And if I cannot manage every day then at least no break two days in a row. Ideally, I'd like to include pole 1-2x per week, climbing 1-2x/week, active flex training 3x/week and handstands as often as possi
  3. As I'm still preparing my move to Finland my goals are going to be very similar to last time. Lots of studying and lots of pole. And that's basically it. Training A. Train on Saturdays - open pole, backbends or climbing. Last challenge I trained hard Monday to Thursday, crashed on Friday, and was SUCH a lazy bum on Saturdays and Sundays even though I felt absolutely fine. This challenge I want to make sure to do something fun on the Saturday too and not just sit on my ass all day. B. Work on bridges daily This is how I feel abo
  4. Mmm, I love the smell of a new year and new challenges. So shiny and full of promises... This year's resolution - stop bailing on challenges. I've let this first challenge be inspired by Finnish folklore as I'll be moving there in March! Disclaimer, I know nothing about Finnish folklore except what I just read on wikipedia. Dance like Näkki aka Do all the things! Dance to one song every day. Because I love it and this will become a habit. Do all the things! I've signed up for unlimited classes at my studio and I need to take at least 3
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