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  1. Time for my first challenge! There are many things I want to do (and ultimately I want to become a Druid-Adventurer fusion), but here are four goals for the next four weeks: Nutrition: Track what I eat every day Limit alcohol consumption to the weekend Fitness: Go for a 10-minute walk every day Leveling Up Life: Meditate every day
  2. This is my challenge. It's the same as the last challenge. Go! Okay, I should probably be more specific. Here are my goals. Food - 1800 calories and 200 grams of protein per day. I'm not weighing, but I am measuring around my belly. Starting point there is 41.5 inches. I'm also paying attention to how my pants/belt fit. During last challenge these measurements went up slightly. During this challenge, I'd like them to go down, maybe a little more than slightly. I struggle big time every weekend with staying on my calorie target, although I'm pretty good at makin
  3. Diet Swap out one soda per day with water Take one processed snack I have each day and replace it with a healthy protein, fruit, or vegetable Fitness Do at least 15 minutes of Parkour training everyday. Be able to do an in air spin flip and LAND it. Level up life Say one positive thing to myself each morning when I look in the mirror This is my plan for these weeks. I believe i got this in the bag.
  4. Janus (Latin: Ianus. Pronounced: 'ja:.nus]) is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings. There are respawns, and there are respawns. I do a lot of the first one - every month, every week, sometimes even every day. Things like 'I'll stop this now' or 'This time I'll do it this way.' These are normal. These are for those times when you fall off the wagon, but you only need jog a bit to climb back on, or maybe you lay on the ground for a little while and then grab ahold again when the wagon laps you. Sometimes, however, a respawn is
  5. Another challenge is here and once again I'm building it around my mindfulness practice. I decided that for 2017 I'm renewing my commitment to my practice of Soto Zen Buddhism, which has been on and off for about a decade now. The practice centers on daily zazen (sitting meditation) and mindfulness practice throughout the day. This practice has in recent months been helping me re-center and rebuild my life and has proven effective with controlling my mood and depression, hunger, and is currently helping me reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption. Plus it is really helping me better appreciate
  6. This being my first four week challenge I am setting only a single goal for myself to make it a bit easier but it is still a rough challenge. It is simple challenge I going to go on a jog five days a week following work. I am utilizing the zombies run app to keep track of my runs and keep me motivated. This group will also keep me motivated though out the challenge keep me running to meet this goal. Working my way up to a lovely five K in April. add a second goal, bring lunch with me to work so i don't go 12 hours without eating again, don't have energy to run and way overeat for dinne
  7. So, here we go! I'm going to commit to my first challenge. I'm posting here in the Rebels forum because I'm not entirely sure of what guild I fit in - although I have some hunches. My background and what I do most often would put me on the fence of Monk and Druid. I could probably lean toward one or the other depending on the goals I plan out but for now I'll stay neutral. I also found that awesome character/guild generator quiz and plan on using it to help sway me and it's just really fun. I was always an RPG fan. Q1: Daily Meditation: Trying to find 5 minutes a day to medit
  8. Hey, guys! This will be my third time starting this journey! The first time I lost weight through self-teaching myself weight training through YouTube and from help on here. I stopped because of college and marching band. Luckily, marching band was so intense that year that the weight I lost stayed off me all through marching season (football season, for those that don't speak music nerd). I started at about 235-240 and ended up at 210-215. I didn't eat bread or pasta and incorporated more veggies/greens and grilled meat into my diet. I felt AMAZING! But I got into a r
  9. Neeko's Adventure! Main Quest My main quest is to get my weight into a healthy range. I want to be overall healthy and strong. I also want to do well in and complete nursing school. Personal Quests Walk at least a mile once a day for 30 days STA 3.26 Workout 3 times a week STR 1.30 Do yoga at least 2 times a week CON 0.87 Go to the library at least 3 times a week WIS 1.30 Study for at least an hour once a day for 30 days WIS 3.26 Nerd Fitness Academy Quests F
  10. OK, first ever four week challenge. And a day late but better today than tomorrow, right? 1. No bread 2.At least one veggie with two meals per day 3. 10 min Pilates per day 4. Meditate using Headspace app daily Ultimate goal is to lose 60lb by my birthday at the end of November...
  11. The Great Sisyphus Challenge of Valyria Watersinger as told by DrCompanion Chapter 43 Never Give Up, Never Surrender Valyria stared into the dirty mirror, forcing her eyes into objective focus. The hideousness of the sight glared back at her in defiance and pain; every curve, every lump screaming at her to look away. It had only been a few short years ago since its last race, its last lift, and it knew it all too well. The void of sadness left behind had long since burned away, leaving only jagged clumps of regret in its place. “Yes, the medical issues could be considered a rea
  12. Introduction: Hi! I am Tina and I just found NF. I am really excited to do this first 6 week challenge and hope to share some great support here! I am married, a mom to an active 11 year old and we live in Oregon USA. I really enjoy walks, biking, hiking, and camping but these are very hard for me because I am overweight and out of shape. I also have high blood pressure that I would like to lower and be off medication. I was recently laid off from a job I had for many years (software company) so this has been an interesting life change. I lost some initial weight because I was not sitting a
  13. I woke up this morning thinking, "Ooo, what if I made a character sheet of the new persona I want to be" Now, here I am posting on the NF Rebel forums What a crazy day. I'm extremely pleased to not only see so many faces here, but to see this has been around quite some time. Seems like perfect timing with this new challenge just about to start and all. Game on! My main goal is to reform my personality, to shake off my fear of photographs and mirrors, or instagram and twitter. To be as bright and shining a face on the outside as I feel on the inside. To buy suits and look sharp. To
  14. Introduction: My name is Sandra. This is my first challenge, and I think I need it. A couple years ago I embarked on a weight loss journey and lost 70 lbs. It felt good, but over the last several months its been creeping back on as I've become sedentary again and forgot about tracking my food etc. I'm also sleeping like crap. Not only that, but as I've become more sedentary all the old aches and pains are back, and worse than ever. I've been telling myself all summer I need to 'get more active', but apart from a few brief spurts here and there, I've mostly been sitting/lying around telling mys
  15. [Edit for updates! 6/16] Hello! I've been lurking on Nerd Fitness work about a month and I even started a Battle Log. Unfortunetly I fell down the stairs and hurt my ankle, which I tried to work through, but it ended up being a little to much for me. So I figured I would wait until a new challenge started so I could heal. WRONG Long story short: my depression got worse and I fell down the stairs AGAIN. This time a little more jaring. But... I did manage to keep one of my goals going during this time! So dispite everything, I gotta believe that it was still a success. (Plus I would show
  16. Hello! Well this is good timing! I'm on the long, slow grind of losing those last few pounds. Have been using MFP for ages to track calories - it's taken me the best part of a year to realise my maintenance calories have a HUGE range. Had to ditch my $10 per month subscription to Daily Burn - partly out of poverty, partly because their server is an old sack of poop and I'm tired of their excuses saying the trouble's on my end when I have absolutely no trouble streaming Netflix, Hulu etc, without constant buffering... I wrote down the kettlebell routines and there are plenty of yoga vids to w
  17. I was informed that I had my post in the "past challenge section," so I'm adding it here instead XD Hello, everyone! I've been following Nerd Fitness for a couple years, but I only created a forum account a couple days ago, when I noticed the start of a 6-week-challenge. I must have seen several challenges go by, and I'm not really sure what made me take notice of this particular one. But I suddenly decided that I would go for it. I actually started the challenge on the first day - two days ago. I'm just a bit late posting. ^-^' Now, I'm not in bad shape. I'm not noticably fat, and
  18. Awakening the Phoenix Hello! My name is Kat and this is my first challenge. I've been wanting to join these challenges for awhile (a year?) now but have been too nervous. So really, my first challenge was even making this post. I'm a nerdy craft-person who likes to sew, cosplay, roleplay and draw. I love fantasy but my real love is scifi. Talk to me about space, Mass Effect, Star Trek, KSP, SpaceX, black holes; I'm in. I'm starting Environmental Sciences at college later this year (My love of space starts with the Earth). I love HabitRPG and have been using that for 5 months or so now to b
  19. Hello evrybody, My long term goal is to loose 4 kg and fit back into a size 38 (French, which is UK 10 and US 8). My goals for this 6-week challenge are : Go back to doing 3 NF workouts a week Go for 3 30-minute walks a week Go back to eating vegetables with every meal My life side quest is to get my house more organized and clean, within these six weeks I want to tackle the study and the bedroom (on top of what I have gotten organized and am keeping clean for the moment). Or to get a more positive attitude in general !! I am a Recruit I am
  20. Hello, everyone! I've been following Nerd Fitness for a couple years, but I only created a forum account a couple days ago, when I noticed the start of a 6-week-challenge. I must have seen several challenges go by, and I'm not really sure what made me take notice of this particular one. But I suddenly decided that I would go for it. I actually started the challenge on the first day - two days ago. I'm just a bit late posting. ^-^' Now, I'm not in bad shape. I'm not noticably fat, and I'm strong and fast and flexible. But at the same time, I would like to lose some excess fat. There
  21. So the other week I had my FIRST session working with deadlifts and it. was. awesome. Not only did I fall completely in love with this lift, but I hit 145lbs for my final set and TOTALLY felt like I could have added more weight!!! Just my little victory of the month
  22. Hi everybody. I have been following nerdfitness for almost 2 years, it has helped me to lose some weight (15kg), and also to feel healthier and stronger but I think maybe I've hit a plateu. That's why I would like to start a 6 week challenge. Main Quest: To get below 80kg (175lb) and 18-20% body fat. Quests to accomplish the main goal: 1_Eat clean After the holidays I want to clean my diet again. This means, no sugar, no processed food, no bread, low-carb. I will allow myself 1 soda and 2-3 beers a week. 2_Record food daily and keep calories under 2100 This should mean a 2-3kg weight l
  23. My Wife just turned me onto this, Hoping to have a good first challenge. My Main goal: Drop and stay below 260, I am currently a big bastard at 285, I am supposed to be around 170 according my my height and wrist size, so says the internet, and that thing is never wrong. Challenge goals Diet, stay on that, that unholy son of a b**** is my downfall, my brain likes to tell my hands that my tummy needs crap foods, then my tummy doesn't like telling my brain it's full. I just need to keep calories down and make sure it's good calories going in, I need to try to get into a veggie habit
  24. She set down her walking stick. Never again. She said. Never again would she be required to lean. She would stand proudly on her own two feet, and nothing could stop her. She looked to the forest and the mountain beyond which lay before her. I will conquer you. She began her run through the forest, dodging the ghouls that tried to stop her, outpacing them but only just barely. She knew if she was ever to become the assassin she dreamed to be, she had a long way to go. Her mind had always been sharp, but her body had crippled her for a long time, and it was now time to stretch her legs.
  25. to put it simply my motivation is to walk from the set of Hobbiton in New Zealand to the mountain used as mordor. Goals- 1. run two miles 3 times a week 2. to gain about 3 pounds in muscle 3. to start attending my longsword classes again 4. follow to Paleo diet by cutting about roughly half the grains and dairy going into my system.
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