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  1. Alright, let's take it from the top: 1. My name is Stephanie (you can call me Stevie). I'm 34 years old and a librarian. I can't remember how long ago I found NerdFitness but it's been the best thing I've found for me. To make a long story short, I've had weight issues all my life but I finally unlocked the key to start my ultimate quest: accepting myself no matter how much I weigh. That's been a long time coming! I'm a nerd and a tomboy. I love reading (duh), traveling, and creating art. I'm a Trekkie, Whovian, Star Wars fan, and a Sailor Moon fan, among others. Workout-wise
  2. "Suiting up" Hiya, guys! Here's my challenge for the next four weeks! I'm really excited to check in and update as and when I can, and to keep up to tabs on other peoples'! I'm a workaholic and often let my dedication to my job override basic things like eating, sleeping and more. My main goals this month are going to be to navigate my new promotion (yay! Lets nerf this ♡✧ Mission 1: "Check me out, securing the point!" Navigate the first four weeks of my promotion at work ♡ Have quiet TLC time at least x3 work-nights a week. This could be as sm
  3. Hej team, I'm Bonaventa and I'm respawning with my first challenge ever. To make things more interesting I have an exceptionally crazy work week ahead and a long weekend away at the start of it. I choose to see this start as a good challenge to get out if my own way and jump start this new season of my life. I am a NF member for about 3 years now and have improved a lot since then. Less sugar by a lot, regular exercise is a thing in my life and my mindset has shifted a ton. Last year was a hurricane of events and I have been struggeling to maintain... everything. Wei
  4. Hi everyone! I'm Jka, mum of 2, full time nurse, board game geek and chocoholic. I've steadily been getting bigger and bigger, less and less healthy and I've finally reached a point where I want to do something about it. I'm very easily distracted; I love a new challenge but will jump from project to project without really completing many. Hopefully having a monthly challenge will be just what I need to keep my attention and foster some good habits. Without further ado, my very lofty 6-12 month goals are: Lose 20kg Eat bett
  5. Hi Rebels! A few years ago I was doing regular strength training and cooking lots of healthy food. But since then, I prioritized other things. Those things were important, and I don't regret them, but not surprisingly, by setting my health to the side I gained 40 pounds and a bunch of new aches and pains. But not all those who wander are lost. I know what I need to do, I just need to get started doing it. My big overarching goal: develop the healthy habits that will keep me feeling okay long-term despite a mostly sedentary life (I'm a writer and teacher wh
  6. Hello everyone! I'm a 25 year old girl from a faraway land of Serbia. I hope that I will be able to tell who I am gradually by participating in this community, and with updates to this thread. I have just recently heard of the NF Forums, but I've had NF Academy on my wishlist for years, from when I gained some significant weight for the first time (because of mental health issues, particularly a one stay at the mh hospital where I devoured sweets due to my state). That was 4 years ago, and before that my body was lean and attractive, even though I didn't deliberately made it that way. I w
  7. Using the level 1 challenge to reset my life and get myself back on the healthy train. After rubbing right up on the max weight for my last PRT, and waking up one too many times being unsatisfied with what I saw in the mirror, I decided it was finally time to get things back on track. I know I'm late to the party, but I plan on just keeping my challenge going past September 9th and keeping it going all the way out to September 26th. The goals I'm attacking are: Diet (pick two) Eat a vegetable with one meal every day Take one processed snack you have each day and replace it
  8. I'm alive. I'm here. Barely moving, but here. I had this great idea to improve my health years ago. I stumbled upon NF and made the investment to join. I started out reading all the material--so much material. (But I am a thorough kind of person. I like to know what is expected of me and the best way to succeed.) I got so lost in all the preparation and reading, I never made it out of the newbie stage in actually completing the challenges for the guild of my choice (that decision, also, took me far too long). Lesson learned: Read, but don't get stuck there. Don't get stuck on the minutia. You
  9. I've been with NF for over a yr now and finally after implementing and trying I found my groove and what 100% works for me (after a lot of trial and error). That's when I decided it was finally time to try out a 4 weeks challenge to add to my motivation level and have even more accountability. Main goal, lose 5 lbs or at least continue to see signs of toning and shrinkage in my body appearance in this 4 weeks Make it a consistent goal to utilize mymacro+ to keep track of my macros plans each day (aka sticking to my macro diet that is working for me) Do yoga eve
  10. Good morning fellow Beginners, Rebooters and bewildered individuals. I am ValkyrieRising and have decided to dip my toe into the water and drink the Kool-Aid of Nerd Fitness. A little about me. I'm a history Nerd who had been working on being accepted to do her PhD overseas in Denmark when I got a rather unpleasant medical diagnosis. (No prizes for guessing my area of interest given my Nickname/BattleTag/Secret Identity/Hero Name etc) Im a 30 something years old and struggling with my health after that medical diagnosis and just the fact I'm not as young and sprightly as I used to be. I fina
  11. Hey, I'm Jigme (jik-mei)! I'm a zen archer. Pretty much every Sunday for the last four years, I've put on a funny-looking skirt and shot an extra large, unbalanced bow in the general direction of a target. I would like to keep doing that until I'm about 120; then, I'll probably take it easy and go every other Sunday. Nah, just kidding. I'm probably going to do that more often. Now, it would make sense for an archer looking to improve to work on back and shoulder muscles, but that's not what I'm going with this time around. The thing is, I've been dealing with this pesky littl
  12. well, here goes. It's my first time and one my big anxieties is "am I doing this right" My goals are: Do bodyweight exercises 3x week Walk to work at least three times a week (3 miles one way) Drink a beer or glass of wine a night, rather than two or three Keep the kitchen clean. I do like my beer and wine and my husband and I make wine, mead and beer. We're also looking into getting the kitchen remodeled and I want to practice keeping it nice. I haven't quite figured out how one chooses a class, so I'm her
  13. Greetings all! New here on the boards but I've been familiar with Nerd Fitness for quite a while. I'm 31 years old, a brand new father, work as an urban planner, and recently woke up to realize I've gained 30 pounds over my normal weight over the last 2 years. Remarkable how slow and steady it was to make it all seem normal. But suddenly my clothes don't fit and I can't run a mile anymore without some serious exhaustion. So here I am at 202 pounds, with some not great attitudes toward food (lots of bingeing and overeating), and some frustrating body image issues after a life of be
  14. aka 'My First Ever Challenge' Hi! My name is Wepeel. This is me: I'm the bespectacled gentleman, not the baby girl - in case that wasn't clear. I'm just an average dude with next to no fitness ability trying to become Jason Bourne. I got married three and a half years ago and was, on my wedding day, at my lowest weight/peak-iest level of fitness since the advent of adulting. I've since put on 15 pounds (#marriage) and have slipped into complacency on the fitness front. It's time to get back on track. Often the thought of lookin
  15. Well I completely forgot family was coming into town over the weekend so I did not post this on time on Saturday. However I did keep my goals in mind for my first challenge! I even had my most active day yet (according to Samsung fit) on Saturday! Nutrition: Replace a processed snack with a healthy one (fruit, protein, vegetable) - I have gotten rid of a lot of the processed foods in my house so hopefully this will be easier then. Eat one vegetable a day - I hate vegetables but my fiance is a great cook so he makes them okay to eat. Fitness: Walk 15 minutes a day - I
  16. So, I'm pretty new to Nerd Fitness, as I've only been visiting the site for the past week, and just signed on a few days ago. In fact, I'm new enough that I don't really have an epic quest yet, I've not spent the time to think it over. That said, I'm not terribly new to the world of fitness (I've been regularly working out for the past year) so I figured I might just dive (belly flop?) right in with this upcoming challenge. Vaguely, my over-arching goals are to build strength, be comfortable over distance, and build back some confidence. I know all of that comes with time, so my ge
  17. First challenge time! Yay! Can you feel the antici...pation? My Overall Goals: Lose at least 16kg to get back to my weight before I landed in the hospital Keep my platelets at a safe level consistently (between 80,000-150,000 per liter of blood) Get a job performing at Universal Studios Japan Look fantastic for upcoming weddings, including my own! An explanation behind these goals, for anyone who didn't see my forum introduction: I have Hashimoto's hypothyroid and polycystic ovaries, diagnosed as a teenager for both, and despite having a healthy d
  18. In order to start out on this journey to be a better version of myself I need to challenge myself. My main goal is to be healthier, stronger, faster, more focused and push the limits of what I am made of. With that I mind I am happy to say that I have decided to do a 4 week challenge. My Fitness/Diet Quest Do the fitness program: Couch to 5k (you gotta start somewhere right). Eat at least one vegetable at every meal. Drink a minimum of 4 glasses of water per day. My Level up goal: Making my bed everyday (I know my hardest thing to do as a adult. Maybe it
  19. A litter later than intended thanks to general spaciness, but here we go! Since this is my first challenge, I'm mostly trying to set up good habits rather than dive headfirst into hardcore training. Do Better: Take the stairs going UP at work at least once per workday (4 stories). I'm hoping this will be an "easy" one, since our floor's bathrooms are under renovation for two weeks, so we're forced to walk to other restrooms. Eat Better: Meal plan better, and make work lunches the evening before to avoid eating junk out of laziness/convenience. Limit candy to one
  20. Today, you are perfect! Today, you are perfect! Today, you are perfect! Today, you are perfect! I repeat to myself as I blankly stare into the long avoided mirror. So here we go: Today, you are perfect! This is my mantra. It isn't so much of a mantra as of yet.. I guess. More of a begrudging. (Depressed much? YES!) So this leads me to stumbling here: NF. (looks around... woah.. haven't contributed to a forum since [pause] 2007.. O.O Plenty of Reddit stalking) Anywho. My QUESTS are as follows: Crossfit for 1 hour on T/Th/Sa
  21. Hello all! I'm Évelyn, and this is my first challenge. I am a bit trepidatious of beginning this challenge as I have had a lot of "beginnings" that have all ended quickly. I am trying to alter this from happening again by going by NF standards and starting with small changes that will lead to big changes! And yes, I have some big, dangerous, and adventurous goals ;). But this challenge, I am starting at the Town of Beginnings. I chose Asuna for my current profile picture. This particular image is concept art from her in the beginning of SAO in the Town of Beginnings (yes, I a
  22. My (perhaps too) ambitious first challenge goals: Pinterest Power Ups (PPU): I love the Pinterest! So many amazing ideas, plans, projects! Alas, my Pinterest intentions have yet to take corporeal form... until now. Goal the first: 3-5 days/week, I plan to workout using a different workout from my Pinterest boards (I have more than ample pins to do this for a number of 4 week challenges). For each workout, 1 XP. Bendy Bonus: Forging Flex. As a long term goal is to increase my overall flexibility, any additional yoga, movement, stretching activities (of Pinte
  23. I'm Artorias, named after the mythical knight Artorias the Abysswalker. The legend of knight Artorias is obscured in darkness for it was darkness and the ever expanding Abyss that led to the great knight end. In the age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog, but then there was Fire and with it came disparity. Heat and Cold, Life and Death and of course Light and Dark. And from the Dark four emerged and claimed Lordship through the power of the Flame. Thus began the Age of Fire. The Great Lord Gwen possessed four trusted knight burdened with upholding security in the rea
  24. Let us begin with a disclaimer; I am NOT a Ranger. It would be cruel to try to classify me as such. No, I am a squishy, perpetually exhausted blob that really wants to work towards becoming a ranger. Hence why I am embarking on this journey into the realm of actually getting there. For years I have wished and wished, but always wanted it to just happen. However, this is the real world (unfortunately), and things worth having mostly don't get handed out like sweets (...as an aside, I am now craving sweets, though I know some sneaky healthy-ish recipes...maybe I will share). Anyways, that
  25. Time to kick off my first NF 4-week challenge. 1) Run 63 km/week. 2) Do 20 pullups in one go. 3) Swimming training at least 7 times/week 4) Hold an L-sit for at least 10 seconds on the rings. Weekly reports incoming every weekend!
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