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  1. Grandkai joins the Ranger Campfire I've been a Assassin for most of my NF Rebellion journey and with my current goals i thought it was a nice chance to see how the Rangers are. Let me give a quick introduction to who i am: Dutch guy from the Netherlands and i've been a few years now on the NF Rebellion forums. Did a bunch of challenges, had a break and been back for a few challenges now. I like reading, playing games and 100% them on Xbox. Lets get to the goals: Strength training 2-3x a week Since i started going back to the gym i have a LOT better focus
  2. My name is Drew. I’m originally from Charleston, but Florida is where I call home. Husband for 6 years, Father for 2 years, Aspiring Weight-Loser for almost 20 years. I found NerdFitness YEARS ago and loved the blogs. Now more serious about giving it a try. Things I will happily nerd out with you about - - Minimalism - Tech/Apps/Productivity - Occasional games like: Bloons TD5 and TD6 Portal and Portal 2 Fallout4 and 76 Destiny (just 1 so far) DnD (Stage 5 Tempest Cleric Half Elf) My Main Quest t
  3. So I just finished my initial noob challenge here on Nerd Fitness and after slowly getting into the flow of it and how things go I'm ready to jump head first into my next challenge. (And pray no rocks suddenly step in front of me as I jump with my head first. Because you know....rocks fall everyone dies.) I've been planning to go Ranger from the start as the Ranger lifestyle and ethos appeals to me the most. And whenever I make characters in my geek and nerd pursuits it's always a Ranger/Hunter. (All my friends I play Destiny with make fun of me for picking Hunter first since everyone there is
  4. So... after lurking for a while, it's time to do a challenge. Since this is my first challenge, my main goal is fairly simple. Being about 5'5" in height and a relatively slim person, most people would expect me to be quite fit and agile. Which is something I was... during my teenage years. Not anymore. So, let's get back to being in shape. Quest 1 - strength and flexibility Already having a basic workout plan for beginners like me, I've decided to keep it for this challenge. Doing some yoga/stretching and body weight excercises every morning before school isn't much... but it's better tha
  5. Lol so many cool people have already joined the teams!! Woot!! Ok so my name is Brianne. I have signed up for Nerd fitness 2 or 3 times, but always found excuses to get out. NO MORE!!! My Main Quest is to lose 15 pounds. I have a wedding coming up (May 9th)!! I kept pretending like I was going to be fine, but I have decided I want to look WAY good in that dress, and I want to be able to go on more adventures with my future husband To do this, my goals are to 1-work out 4 days a wekk for at least 1 hr. 2- Eat at least 2 real meals a day (no more Cadbury eggs for lunch. Even scrambled, th
  6. Off I go again, into the unkown of my own brain wondering if I still have the drive to finish what I start. My overall goal is to drop 60 pounds by next spring. I often start down the road but never finish!!!! My little goals that I will use to measure these will be: -My total carlorie intake will be 2245 cal per day. -I will run four days a week. -Lift weights to increase my bench, squat, and clean by 40 pounds each. I also want to read two paleo books and finish one FAA test. Thanks for the extra boost I needed to start this quest again!!!!
  7. Hello Everyone! This is my first post, to my first challenge. I liked the objectives on the instructions page because they actually work for my situation, so I tweaked them and here they are. I intend to find a way to either post my activity on a log of some sort or just post results every once in a while if you are interested in following. Again, totally new to this so if you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know! Main Quest: Build back muscle and get stronger I. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night (this means bed around 9 p.m. for me) II. Eat 3 square meals a
  8. Main Life Quest: To wear size 34 jeans again and have a body fat percentage of 15 or less. Other Life Quest: 1RM Deadlift over a 100 Wilks I believe hydration is a key to everything. From sleeping better, and having more functional joints, to mental focus and will power. I believe hydration is more important than most people think, even the people who think it's really important. Challenge one: It comes in pints? Drink 8 pints of unadorned water per day. 10 pints = A 8 pints = B 6 pints = C 5 pints = D less than that is a Fail I really couldn't care less what I weight, which is curre
  9. Hello all, I've recently discovered Nerd Fitness and have absolutly fallen in love with the idea. I have always struggled with keeping up my motivation and keeping myself accountable. Always doing well for a week or 2 if im lucky and then losing steam and giving in to temptation. The idea of incorporating RPG elements to my workout and diet is absolutly genius and i cant wait to begin racking up some achievments. It looks like everyone is finishing up with a 6 week challange, but in the meantime i've decided to start getting things in order so i'm ready to start the next challange with a l
  10. I’ve been going to a gym with my college roommate for about a month now and have not been seeing the results I wanted. I have been feeling a lot better in terms of energy and feeling overall healthier because of all the researching I’ve been doing but I want to “bulk upâ€. Been a skinny guy all my life and now I need to have that change and get in the best shape of my life for the rest of my life. I want to gain muscle and maybe start lifting heavy eventually into power lifting. Main Quest I want to build up at least ten (10b) pounds of muscle by May. Goals I will eat 3500 calorie
  11. Main Quest: To build strength and muscle so that I look good. Missions: Do 3 sets of 8 reps with 15 lb dumbbells. Do 15 pushups in a row. Work out at least 5 days a week for 20 minutes. Life Quest: Be more flexible so I don’t stress and sweat the little stuff; ‘Go with the flow’ Motivation: Be stronger physically to be better mentally
  12. Hello, everyone! I'm new to the NF Rebellion, but have been reading NF articles and blogposts for YEARS. I finally decided to work up the courage and take the plunge and join the rebellion, since I feel as if I've been missing out on so much by being afraid! I'm known as exlibrispdb, but you can all just call me Libris I'm not completely new to working out, but I tend to lean towards a whole mind/body/spirit health and wellness as well wanting maximum agility, flexibility and dexterity. I'm still trying to decide which guild I belong to, but I'm hoping you all can help me out! Some o
  13. Fit Intro: As a kid, I sucked at everything sport related and was known at my school for failing almost every time on P.E. The last couple of years I have discovered that I actually do love to push my body, but that I'm not a fan of team sports. I love dancing, yoga and strength training(free weights and body weight). My most recent victory was the 5k race that I ran last month and I hope to get a <30 min time on that soon. Nerd Life Intro: Within a few weeks I will be a Java Developer, programming is computers + puzzles and therefor awesome. I love reading fantasy and scifi and playing R
  14. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm taking the metaphorical jump down the rabbit hole and into the world of the NF six week challenge. Hurrah! My main quest goal is thus : Become physically fit and get into the habit of making exercise a priority. My overarching multi quest/more vague and abstract goal however is : Become the best version of me possible. I want to be as great as I can be. Someone I can be proud of and confident of. Also something something having abs and sex appeal. Breaking down the main quest goal into three trackable goals in threetwoone Bam 1. The Nerd Fitness Playground workout (
  15. Aife shifted her weight from one foot to the other, processing the news. The Amazon council had called for her to appear before them in a month, and she knew exactly what that meant. The coming-of-age trial. Hers had been delayed several times due to her half-blood status, since "elf blood runs slower in the veins". Now she knew that even her mother's status on the council could not delay the inevitable. Smaller in stature and weaker than her peers because of her half-elven genetics, she was nervous. The trials that the other women her age had gone through were perilous. Night hunts in unknown
  16. I will begin....... right now! My Main Quest is to lose enough weight and inches that I can fit back into my favorite jeans from two years ago. I will have this accomplished by June 1, 2014. The following three missions will help me reach my goal: · Find a bodyweight routine that I can do at home for at least 20 minutes at least 4x a week, and do it! · Take the stairs for 2 floors 2x a day at work · Drink at least 80 oz. water per day
  17. About me: My name is Stephen. I am a 28 year old male - father of 2 - Married - Working on my Bachelors in Network Administration I live in Pennsylvania I am about 220lbs at 6'1 (This Pic is a few months back when I was training - I put on maybe 8-10lbs since then : / ) I recently stopped working out and I of course regret it I made huge strides - 250lbs to 212lbs - almost doubling my lifting abilities in every area The issue is, I lost my motivation. I was working towards becoming a police officer but due to me being a juvenile diabetic, I realized it would be a liability.
  18. Welcome. Level 0 newb here, Handle is "Toomine". Main Quest: Play for a club soccer team. Measurable goals: I. work on fundamentals: (3x/week)*(15 mins/drill). There are 8 excercises that I work on here. 1. juggling 2. shielding (moving the ball in all four directions without changing the orientation of your hips) 3. triangle dribble patterns 4. soft touch (look at a video of messi if you don't know what soft touch is) 5. Shooting (accuracy and form only, not actual goals yet) 6. Passing accuracy (I developed this drill, its like around the world from Basketball but on the socce
  19. Hi all ! I just discovered this web site a day ago and boy does it ring true to me. Here is a little piece of me, of where i am starting from. I am from Quebec, Canada, 31 year old mother of an energetic 3.5 year old boy who bikes on two wheels, while I need to job to keep up With a boyfriend who probably has minus 10% body fat who is quite active and can eat basicly fried foods, chips and pepsi every meal without any effect on his body. I am pretty skinny family, since i am at 105-108 pounds when wet, and this has been the same since forever. But something changed at 30 yearsish, and after pr
  20. "There goes King Clumsy" they laughed, "Bow down to him," every time I returned. "I'm going to be a Ranger," I would say, time and time again. "My name will be famous across the world, I'll be a hero of the rebellion" I would say. Then return back to the fortress time and time again. At the first sign of a steep hill or scary monster I'd return home. So I'll stay home, and train for anything the road throws at me. so see me in the courtyard training with sword and bow. See me lifting logs and breaking them for firewood. A winter of these things and I'll be ready when summer comes. Translatio
  21. Mademoiselle Elle is my alter ego, she is a renaissance woman who always looks fresh as well. Whenever I start to stray, I think of what she would do and find myself doing those extra few steps, such as putting clothes out the night before to make my mornings go faster. My main quest is to become fit again, I haven't worked out in months. There I admitted it. My three goals for the next six weeks are: 1) Start working out at least three times a week. 2) Drink at least eight bottles of water a day, coffee and caffeinated beverages don't count, decaf and herbal tea does. 3) Start and maintain a
  22. Hello Rebels, I’m Susann, I’m 24 years old and this is my very first six week challenge. I stumbled across NerdFitness about a week ago and I think it’s really great so I decided to join the challenge (better late than never). I have never been overweight but I’m not athletic either. I’ve always been “kind of OK†but never really happy with my body. I already lost 5kg /11lb during the summer using MyFitnessPal and eating 1200-1500 kcal on most days (still allowing myself a lot of cheat days). I finally reached my goal weight of 55kg / 120lb (I’m 160cm / 5’3’’? tall) but
  23. Hey Rebels - I've been lurking around these forums for the last week and it's time to get down to business. Main Quest: My main quest is to lose weight and gain some consistency in life in regards to diet and exercise. My weight has been in constant flux for the last 4 years ranging from 190 - 246 lbs (currently at 229 lbs). I want to have the most fun possible in life and this Challenge is another step in that direction. Mission Goals: Cardio -- Run a mile in under 7:30 (currently 8:50) Body weight -- 4 unassisted pullups in a row (currenty at 1) Diet-- bring a packed lunch to work
  24. Hey! I have recently been introduced to the world of strength training and have started the Stronglifts 5x5 program. So far I am loving it - cannot get enough But I do want to make sure I stay motivated and continue putting in the effort to better myself - what better way to do this then to join in here. As a brief intro - I am 22 and living in Australia. I work a desk job full time, study full time and commute 3hours a day so time to exercise has been a serious issue for me. I have now told myself no more excuses! My overall aim at the moment it to get strong, lose some fat and put on so
  25. Hi all! So I wrote up an interesting story for my challenge post last week but it seems that I forgot to save or post it. I have actually been doing this challenge since Monday. Oops! Primary goal: Do 1 pull up! Now I have no idea how long it will actually take me to get to this goal. For all I know I'll be there in 6 weeks. I started exercising 2 months ago and have been really focusing on my diet the last 5 or so weeks. I'm not doing a paleo diet, but after calorie counting using MyFitnessPal on my phone (I hope it's ok to mention the tools I'm using), I noticed that my eating habits
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