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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, everyone. I'm a couple of days late, but hoping to join in this challenge as a sort of first timer. I've been lurking on NFR for a while and have tried creating forums and participating, but...life issues always seem to get in the way, and I can't seem to make progress on my fitness. I want to change that. I don't want to dwell on all the problems, but I have a lot of family stuff that takes up time, a hostile workplace that I can't leave just yet, a really horrible battle with depression, and a habit of letting go of self-care when I am depressed, anxious, stressed, or overwhelmed. I am
  2. Hello fellow rebels! I'm a bit new around here, been lurking for a little bit, and wanted to go ahead and make a place for my first 4 week Challenge. I recently had a bit of a wake-up call in my life, and am ready to lose weight and get fit. I want to get There (healthy), and never come back to the way I have been living my life. I have always been kinda overweight, but I am currently the heaviest I've ever been (well within obese) and I'm ready to change. I've made some half-assed attempts at weight loss in the past, but I intend to stick with this. This is for the rest of my life, not just t
  3. Hi there! So this is my first challenge and I have no idea what I'm doing. I guess I should share a little about myself, I am a 22 your old who has frankly no idea what to do with my life. Currently I am a receptionist at a vet clinic but that may change in the near future. I have two dogs, an 8 month old German Shepherd and an almost 2 year old Lab mix. Between work, dogs and my relationship, I have almost no time to do much besides eat and sleep. My boyfriend is also on here somewhere and absolutely loves it, so he keeps trying to convince me to post a challenge. Here goes nothing. Here
  4. Diet only drink coffee from 0930-1130 and 1500-1600 no grain and not dairy for a week (one of those is giving me cramps and I don't know which) Fitness finish learning the cricket yoga flow beginner level and learn one other flow Life each day, reflect on how I did regarding "Hell yeah" or "No, thank you", especially "Did I say yes when I wanted to say No?" play bass at least 5 minutes a day
  5. Hi Everyone, I have named this the Deadpool (Or Skull Poo L - hopefully you get this reference) challenge as my aim is to get back to how I used to look, fight some enemies and have a great time getting there. Hopefully at the end I will of gained a lot more skills and abilities and be better than where I used to be. (Would also be great to look like Ryan Reynolds) To be able to get there I will do what I love but also do some things I dislike to reach my goal. As we all know we only have a certain amount of willpower so will be aiming to minimise times when I will have to use this
  6. * * * Challenge Post updated based up people's helpful comments * * * I know the next 6 wk challenge hasn't started yet, but I wanted to get everything ready. I'm treating this week as a kind of warmup week. So, here is my challenge.... Main Quest. Is to fit into my old suit for my cousin's wedding at the end of August. This will obviously involve loosing inches from my waistline, but I want do do it by getting strong instead. (And eating better.) I'm working towards being able to start lifting heavy by getting the basic bodyweight workout sorted first. Current Waist size is 48in. Cu
  7. Hello, my name is Simon, and I am following NF for nearly two years. Until now I haven't found the courage to join the forums or in any way activelly participate on the Rebellion. This changes right now. I have decided to start a six-week challenge in order to get back to shape, which I consider the first step in turning my life around. Some information about me: I am 21 years old and I come from a beautiful small land in Europe called Slovakia. Currently, I weigh 106 kg and stand 197 cm tall. Last year I have finished my bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, and after a nice summer I ha
  8. Hello, fellow fitness enthusiasts! My name is Mackenzie, and I am very excited to begin my first Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge! (Well, closer to 4 weeks by now…) To give you a little background and context for my goal, here’s my health/fitness history in a rather over-sized nutshell. The daughter of a modern dance teacher, I grew up living at dance studios and in front of mirrors. In dance I found community, as sense of pride, and flow--but also a somewhat distorted view of my own body and a limited definition of beauty. I have always been slender and petite (5’4 and never more than
  9. 25yo girl khajiit seeks leanness... 1/2 marathon in Sept '15, swimming once a week and strength training with a PT 2x a week. BUT I've been seriously slacking on my nutrition, not tracking macros and hence no results yet! SO I'm determined to join the Rebellion and get serious about my new 6 week challenge... 1) MAIN CHALLENGE: I will track EVERY calorie - every gram or butter, yoghurt or ml of milk. No more lazy 'guestimating' for the full 6 weeks (30 days) 2) I will stretch every morning, switching up the routine as required, for at least ten mins. (To improve squat, deadlift performance
  10. Hi, I'm totally new. Going to join in the six week challenge. I'm pretty sure I want to be an Assassin. I like the 'functional' part. I like to run and my longest was a half marathon (2 hrs 50) although I'm very out of practice. I want to get back running, but I want to be stronger too. I don't care about my weight, as in the number on the scales, but I would like my clothes to fit better. Also, I'm not entirely sure what my race is. I'm still figuring that out. So far I'm thinking Werewolf. Because I'm quite hairy. Anyway. I know I'm joining in half way through a challenge time, but.
  11. Hi, my name's Quell, and I'm a long time NF blog reader, first time forum goer. I'm a graphic designer and artist who lurks at computers for too many hours a day. This morning I looked and the mirror saying "I need to do something." to myself. The universe, well Steve really, sent an email announcing this challenge. Coincidence? I think not. 1) I struggle with my weight, so weight loss is my main goal. I previously lost a bit of weight obsessively using MyFitnessPal and a low calorie count, but it wasn't sustainable and it's alll come back. I need to do some form of exercise 5 days a week, p
  12. Hi everyone (again), I'm Daxonichely, and this is my second 'first challenge'... I'm sorry last time I didn't make it, but past is gone, so this time will be my last 'first'; I don't swear, I just will. So, I'm 26 now, I moved back to my parents town for a new job. The problem is that I lost all the excercise habits I ever had... Weight: 90kg (about 200lbs) Height: 180cm (almost 6ft tall) Main quest: This time is all about re-building healthy habits. I must score an average over 95% per week of each of my 3 missions (3 healthy habits) Missions: Mission 1: Fuel. This mission is all a
  13. I don't have any fixed goal. My goal is my own happiness and well-being. So I'm pretty fluid with my goals - sometimes a bit too fluid, in all likelihood. But I also see it as a strength, and a part of my nature. Because I am an airbender 8D PRESENT GOAL: TO DEVELOP A HEALTHIER EATING PATTERN/ATTITUDE No refined carbs until March 3rd, and no refined sugar until March 10th. I may extend the refined carbs thing, or make a system of limited refined carbs (i.e., 1 allowed per day). Also, this is a six-week challenge, so I guess I'll plan the following parts based on what happens here. Th
  14. BelleRose’s First Challenge I used to swim a lot but over the years it’s become less frequent. I want to get back into it because it always made me feel happy as well as healthy. Main Quest By the last end of this challenge I will consistently swim at least 3 kilometres over a week Goal 1. Diet – lay the ground work of eating healthier. Over the last few years my diet has been terrible so I want to bring it back to being more balanced. During this challenge I will aim to eat 2 pieces of fruit a day and to eat healthy home cooked meals 5 out of 7 days. Goal 2. Daily exerci
  15. Introduction: Hi everyone, I'm Daxonichely (or simply daxon), I'm a 25 yr. old home programmer from Queretaro, Mexico, I weight 90kg (about 200lbs) and measure 180 cm (little bit under 6ft tall). I used to do sport when I was younger, but school over the years kept me out of it for so long now. Nevertheless, I run 10k's in about 1hr but I feel a little less than agile, so I would like to get my life back on the track. Main quest: Run a 10k under 53min and loose at least 5k Missions: Mission 1: Do a 4 days a week workout both running and strength. The running workout should led me to run t
  16. Hello all! I've lurked around the site for a few months now and i've finally got the time hit the gym more often. Background: I'm a 5'6ft 22 year-old female college student who currently weighs 261.8 lbs and after watching my weight slowly rise this past semester I've decided enough was enough. Main Quest: To lose weight and to be fit for a summer horticulture internship job that starts around May 20th 2013 Side Missions: Beginner Body Weight (3x)Cardio at the Gym (3x)Drink more waterMake my own meals for school instead of takeoutMy Gym has this thing where you can have two free
  17. Heyo! Sammy Shark here. This is my first ever challenge and I'm really excited to get started. I'll just layout my main quest and goals and life quest today. Plans of (shark) attack to come. Main Quest: Be comfortable in my own skin. Goal 1: Run 4 times per week to train for 5K race (Jan 12) Goal 2: Complete the beginners body weight workout 3x per week Goal 3: Eat 80/20 paleo 6 days per week Life quest: Go to two OA meetings per week. A little about my motivation: In the last year, I've put on about 20lbs. Most of it (actually all of it) was during a two month period over the summer,
  18. Hello everyone! Since this is my first challenge I am going to keep it simple. Main Quest: Run a mile without stopping. Goals Run 3x a week Eat 1200-1550 cal per day No caffeine after 2pmLife side quest Sign up for the GRE and Study Fitness Side Get to 155 pounds My motivation This quote I found on pinterest. It reminded me that in the majority of my life I have the opportunity to make choices that can help me succeed or fail. I am the one responsible to make sure I pursue my goals and that I do not make excuses. Thanks everyone! I hope your challenges go well
  19. Hey Nerd Fitness community! I've been receiving Steve's blog posts for half a year now, and they've been really inspirational to me as a medical student, a video gamer, and most importantly, as a person who wants to stay healthy and love life. Thanks to this six-week challenge, I want to get involved and level up! I used to be a competitive swimmer until I quit over a decade ago. I coached a few summer leagues and gave private lessons to a lot of people who didn't know how to swim, but I quit after I started medical school. It's been almost three years now since I've hit the pool, and I want
  20. Hello there, fellow nerds, after a couple of years of very (VERY) unhealthy living, I've decided that I can and will do better than before. My Main Quest is to clean up my eating habits (stress eating, anyone?) as well as get strong (not quite Iron Maiden material, yet, but you never know... ) But first I need to establish a healthy fitness routine I like and can keep up. My goals for my first challenge are: - start with 1 "sugar free" day in the first week, add one more for every week, so by the end of the challenge I should be sugar free 6 out of 7 days... :-o (a BIG step for a choco
  21. I am cutting my teeth here. First NF Challenge. Definitely going more towards life goals. This is where my life is right now. Perform 12 pullups in a row. (STR 4) Current: I'm at 7 now. Plan: work out using shorter version of Steve's Adv BW workout, increasing number of reps Grading: A - 12 or more, B - 11, C - 10, D - 9, F- 8 or fewer Continue workout routine: (STA 3) Perform Steve's Adv BW workout 3x / week, Tabata Jump Roping 2x / Week Log workouts in spreadsheetGrading: A: 0 - 2 missed; B: 3 - 4 missed; C: 5 - 6 missed; D: 7 - 8 missed; F: 9 or more missed; Memorize 1 Peter 2:15 - 3 (
  22. Hi all! I'm excited to be here -- 35 yo female. All my life I've been one of the skinny hard-gainers. People just assume I'm in good shape b/c I'm thin, but I have terrible cardiovascular endurance, and I'm pretty weak and uncoordinated. My main goal here is to GET STRONG!!! Goals 1. Do beginner body-weight circuit 3x a week for the next 6 weeks. 2. Stop drinking beer on weeknights. 3. Stop grazing from the office candy bowl. :-) 4. Work on hand-eye coordination (not exactly sure how I'm going to achieve this, yet!) Level-up Use Self-Control app during work hours to avoid t
  23. Hey folks! New to NF and fitness in general - trying my luck as a Ranger. Most of my goals for this challenge are fairly basic but I need to establish some sort of routine to stick to so I can kick-off my new healthy lifestyle. Starting small on my journey to greatness. Starting Stats: Race: Human (very skinny human with very little muscle mass) Weight: 52.6kg Height: 171.5cm (Roughly 5'8") Class: Lvl 1 Ranger STR 1 | DEX 1 | STA 2 | CON 5 | WIS 3 | CHA 3 Goals: Diet/Fitness Goals Goal 1: Increase strength by doing 'Beginner Body Weight Workout' 3 times a week (STR +5) Goal 2: Walk/
  24. Hello All!! I have been wanting to do the challenges for a while now and I finally feel ready. Below are my goals and later tonight I will update with my stats (weight and measurements.) STR: 3 DEX: 2 STA: 2 CON: 3 WIS: 4 CHA: 3 As far as the stats like these go.... I'm not familiar with them really, but I am assuming the scale is 1-10 so I based it off of that. Here are my Challenge Goals Fitness& Diet Goals 1. Work out for 30mins 5x weekly. STR: +1 STA: +2 DEX: +1 I have a current schedule of Strength Training 3x weekly and Running3x with one over-lapping day
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