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Found 4 results

  1. About me: Ex-army (left due to injury) and currently in University and am in early 20's My injury has made me very unfit and makes it difficult to become fit again. I have two years left in University. In this time I want to become fit and happy with myself again before graduating. I love games such as Final Fantasy XIV online and the Kingdom hearts series My build: I have quite alot of muscle mass but my sudden inactivity caused by my injury has lead me to gain some weight on top of this. I managed to maintain my muscular strength in spite of my injury particularly in my upper body and arms. It is my lower body and cardiovascular ability that has declined. This was as I went from being able to run 30 miles with heavy kit on to nothing because of my injury. For reference, when I weighed 98kg I wasn't fat and had a very minimal amount of belly fat. During my long period of inactivity I gained over 22 kilograms. I have managed to lose some of this through eating well. Currently I weigh 115kg. My main quests: - Graduate University - Get back to the level of fitness I was at in the Army - Be happy with myself again (haven't been in 3 years) My first challenge goals: 1 - Try and weigh under 100kg (currently 115kg) To do this I want to: - Push myself hard to get to the gym and not spend free time only on games - Eat very well like I did on my previous diet 3 years ago - Drink a lot - Stop getting sad about the amount I can do compared to how I used to be. I will try and do a little better each workout or at least the same. 2- Allocate a balance between work, recreation and fitness Background - I am a full time University student and have a part time job. My degree requires to me do additional unpaid work for experience as well, so it's like balancing two jobs and University. To do this I want to: - Try allocating specific hours for this - Record how I think each week has gone and make changes accordingly 3- To start with try and focus on doing well in the first term of 2nd year University starts up again in September. To achieve this goal I want to: - Allow enough time to complete work with as little stress as possible. - Focus on gaining as much experience as I healthily can to make getting the job at the end easier - Balance my degree with fitness, recreation, relationships and jobs etc. I saw that the next challenge starts September 5th. Because of this I will give myself an extra week and set this as a six week challenge
  2. Okey Doke - So I'm in, and have sorted out my goals! Number 1 * Start and finish the Zombies, Run! 5k training program ------DEX 2 / STA 3 --------- I tried about 2 months ago, and made it 2 days in. This time it's gonna happen. A - Finish! B - up to week 5 C - up to week 4 D - up to week 3 F - week 2 or below Number 2 * Stay gluten free for 6 weeks, and take Iron and other vitamins daily ------CON 4------- Automatic fail if I eat gluten (I'm coeliac and should take better care of myself) A - miss Iron and vitamins less than 3 days B - miss less than 6 days C - miss less than 9 days D - miss less than 15 days F - miss more than 15 days Number 3 * Stretch/do yoga/do pilates for at least 10 minutes 3 times a week ------DEX 3 --------- A - at least three times every week B - 5 weeks C- 4 weeks D - 3 weeks F - 2 or less Number 4 (life stuff) * Spend 15 minutes a day dedicated to cleaning ------WIS 3 --------- A - miss cleaning than 3 days B - miss less than 6 days C - miss less than 9 days D - miss less than 15 days F - miss more than 15 days I think I've filled this out right. Someone please help if i'm wrong, or you can see any improvements Good luck y'all!
  3. What an awesome way to live the life you want! I was originally going to jot down a few ideas, not go into too much detail, but after reading some of the amazing posts I had to revisit what was going on. So here goes. The Story: Assassins find their way through the night by looking at the stars. As the Huntsman, I'm constantly in the forest of life and have to orient my way around in the dark. Since summer is almost here I'll let the primary constellations of summer (plus one of the major year-round constellations) guide me. The Summer Constellations: Bootes - A lesser-known constellation, Bootes is loosely based on the oxen-driver or herdsman archetype. It is one of the oldest constellations, first identified by Ptolemy in the 2nd century. Saggitarius - Though mostly identified as one of the 12 zodiac signs, the constellation Saggitarius was originally based on the noted centaur, Chiron. Unlike his brethren who were violent, unruly, and careless, Chiron was good, wise, and respected. Aquila - The Eagle, the symbol of strength and often the form Zeus himself would take, flew through the skies with lightning bolts in his claws. Ursa Major - As the story goes, Ursa Major is Callisto: a handmaiden of Artemis and mother of Arcas. Though she had a bit of trouble with the gods, family and relationships were what effected her life the most. The Goals: Bootes - The oxen-driver spent many hours in the brutal sun tilling the land, so, too, will this assassin in his own way. For the six weeks I'll work out at least three times a week, whether that be at the gym, body weight exercises, bouldering, etc--anything strength training related. For each of the six weeks I'll get a point for each workout. (+4 STR or +4 DEX depending on the workouts) Saggitarius - Using Chiron as a role model, I want to get my school work, education plan, and continuing education for my professional license all wrapped up so not only can I cross these off my list, but better myself in the process. Half a point for each hour of CE earned, 7 point bonus for finishing a finalized education plan, automatic A if I get A's in my summer classes by the time the challenge ends. (+4 WIS) Aquila - The swift avian raptor slices its way through the sky just like I want to carve a path of my own. I have terrible cardio endurance, so I want to run a continuous 5K before the six weeks is over. 5 points per kilometer ran. (+4 STA) Ursa Major - Poor Callisto had so much trouble in her interpersonal relationships and as an introvert, I'm quite the same way. I've always put emphasis on studies, career, etc. but never had any sort of focus on much of a social life. I not only want to get out and meet new people, but also strengthen current relationships. 4 points per event after work, meaningful conversation, new friend, date, etc. (+3 CHA) Grade Scale: (for my own purposes) A = 24 or over, B = 23-20, C = 19-15, D = 14-10, F = 10 and under Translates into: A = ALL THE POINTS! (Max 15!) B = 12 Points C = 9 points D = 6 points F = 3 points Let the challenge begin!
  4. So here I go my first six week challenge I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about what my goals are and how I am going to commit to them. I have been working on myself for about 9 months now but i need to take it to the next level as I have been getting lazy. So here I go 1: my core is my weakness. The Goal: Improve my plank time to be able to do 5X1min planks in my core sessions. 2: I need to improve my cardio. The Goal: commit to an additional 45 mins rowing, cross training or jogging at lease once a week on top of 4 days training. 3: Learn to clean and press properly The Goal: commit 30 mins a week each week to learning and practising the clean and press technique 4:I have a weakness for food and need to for a new way of thinking about it. The Goal: Commit to 4 days a week as paleo (with the exception of protein supplements) 5: I suffer from insomnia and fitful sleep exercising and relaxing the mind helps. The Goal: Read a book a week for 6 weeks So that is it, wish me luck!
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