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  1. Challenge #2 of the year. Let's do this. My last challenge went really well for me. 96% overall score. It was exactly what I needed in my return to the Nerdfitness forums. With in one month, I have stopped taking all my medication and lost 22 lbs. With seeing success in the last challenge, this challenge will be very similar. I will add in a few more upgrades to my challenge goals, to push myself a bit more. Hopefully, this will enforce the habits to have them as a good base for the rest of this year, and beyond. Now, on towards the goals for this challenge!
  2. Greetings fellow Rangers! This will be my first challenge in the Rangers guild, and I am so super stoked to get started and crush my goals. My previous challenge was in the Warriors guild where I concentrated mainly on strength, but I would like to broaden myself during this challenge and really push myself to the next level. I feel like I am ready to take on this strenuous quest where I will be faced with a daily challenge to reach my ultimate goals and defeat the demons that lurk within my body. I will fight and burn the caloric lunatics who re-spawns them
  3. Hey all, Im thinking about getting a fitness tracker and the one I'm landing on seems to be the charge hr or charge hr 2. I like that it has a watch and a heart rate monitor in addition to other stuff and I think it's cute enough to wear to work as an accessory (not a big clunky plasticky thing I'd want to hide). Still, they're expensive, and I'd like to hear some thoughts before I invest $79-130 in something. Do you have an activity/fitness tracker? A Fitbit or a different brand? How do like it? Does it seem worth the money? Thanks for the help. I tend to
  4. Had a fitbit since around January. Kicked ass this morning in full body circuit and run...checked the fitbit app and finally moved my cardio score from "Good (44.2-49.6)" to "Very Good (49.6-55)" Woot woot!
  5. I’ve been noticing a trend in myself -- the small changes are harder than the big changes. I can go for lunchtime walks. I can make myself workout or run. It’s the little things that keep getting in my way… so this challenge will be all about treating the symptoms of a passively healthy lifestyle. Getting proper hydration. Getting a minimum amount of steps in. Staying in a net range of calories. The things that should be mindless at this point. Main Goal: Build better simple habits to improve my overall fit life to maintain or decrease my weight or measurements as a sign of personal impr
  6. Soooooo! I am getting in on this new challenge too! Last challenge was a sort of "grand" return to these fine forums, and I had a lovely time doing it, and could not wait to sign up or volunteer as tribute for the new challenge! My goals in four parts are thus, this time, not all fitness oriented, because Summer's coming and I have art to make! 1) I have a FitBit. Time to make use of it's nifty app. I'm aiming to hit my step goal (10,000) everyday, but the goal is more to track food, water, sleep, and calories in/out. I tracked calories last challenge with a different a
  7. I'm late but I'm here! I took an extended week zero thanks to traveling. I got home a couple hours ago so figured I should put up a challenge thread. My spreadsheet will be added to this post when I create it, lol. I'm actually going to be doing my challenge officially for the month of June, but since the NF challenge started yesterday (oops) I'll still post along. I knew starting a challenge on vacation just wasn't going to happen. My depression has been bad, and I've identified one reason was my efforts to date go in waves and the current waves have been super crap
  8. These are largely the same overarching goals as the last challenge, just adjusted for the month ahead. Previous Challenge Stats STR - 31.75 | DEX - 47.5 | STA - 47.75 | CON - 75 | WIS - 47 | CHA - 47.5 Weight 170lb Waist 30" Belly 33.25" Hips 38.75" Thigh 23" Body Fat 26.60% Goals Food Continue eating as per low-GI guidelines. Be stricter re: treats, things that are almost ok - this means better planning and sufficient snacks on hand. Allowed exceptions - but remember guidelines for socializing!:
  9. Looks like I took an unexpected trip to the spirit world again. I'm still a little bit disconnected so the fast travel seems to be switched off. I'm switching things up again for this quest. I do love switching. I will be doing a different set of quests each week. I'm not making these quests up on my own since I've had issues sticking ith self-created quests. For the first two weeks, I'll be sticking to Rising Heroes quests since I signed back up with them for a month. I thought rejoining would help me get my priorities straight since the first month I had tri
  10. First off - challenge spreadsheet here! Keeping things kind of simple, but I think these are some good goals, and would be helpful habits to get into (keep into, in the case of my step goal). Goal 1: 15k steps work days/10k steps other days Last challenge, I just went with the default 12k every day goal I have set on my fitbit. I decided to increase the goal for work days, because I'm very active on work days. I lowered it on weekends, because I really struggled to hit 12k, and I don't want to step a goal that is unrealistic to attain. The plan is to increase aga
  11. Jarric: As Yet Untitled So for those of you who may not have seen this, there's a show on British TV called Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled (Wikipedia link) in which Alan Davies sits at a round table with 4 guests (mostly comedians) and shares stories and talks nonsense for an hour, with no agenda, no plan, just having a chat. At the end of the hour they pick a title for the show based on what they've talked about. I've only just discovered the show and love it, so in the interest of sharing stories and talking lots of nonsense for this challenge I want to do the same - at the end of
  12. The last few months I've done the bare minimum exercise. My gym buddy hasn't had time for the gym, so I haven't gone. My hiking buddies haven't had time to hike, so I haven't gone. That changes this month. I've also noticed how boring and repetitive most of my cooking has gotten when I'm not hunting for a new recipe. Finally, a goal I set for 2017 is to rebuild a social life, since I am tired of feeling lonely all the time, the way to fix that isn't sitting on my couch thinking about how lonely I feel. Goal 1: Hit the gym 3x a week No more waiting for the gym buddy. I'm pa
  13. Guess who's back? That's right! Me, good ol' Korra. It's been a little over 6 months since I went awol, but I just couldn't stay away. Once a rebel, always a rebel. And guess what? I graduated college! I've got that milestone over and done with. No thanks to my university. I'm pretty salty about the whole college experience. Heck, my college cut over half the classes in the college of the liberal and fine arts leaving half the professors with barely a working wage and the other half were either forced to find work elsewhere or into retirement. And don't get me sta
  14. Technically, my birthday is on Wednesday, but in the interest of convenience, I celebrated it with my loved ones this past Sunday. It is a reflection on my personality that it was a costume party (I was an elf) and my gifts were a Fitbit and a set of sparring gear. *Side note: I am so happy to get my own set of gear. I have been using the dojang's very, very used gear for sparring, and I hated it. Anyway, my Fitbit (and accompanying app) has a wide range of features that I will be using this challenge to get a bit more fit. Without further ado, the goals (with accompanying
  15. I have no idea what I'm doing yet, but here's a thread. I did update my November challenge spreadsheet with final results if anyone is interested. I posted a short post in my last challenge thread as well. Edited to add: Here is my challenge. Might be kinda simple compared to others I've done, but it's basically a "survive December lol" plan. Goal 1: not as SMART cause hard to measure, but, goal 1 is basically to be cognizant of my mental/emotional state and take care of myself Week 0: Decompress from the godawful Thanksgiving and be
  16. Well, after 1 year, 1,002 miles, 2.4 million steps, and 17.8 pounds lost, my beloved Fitbit Charge HR has finally bitten the dust. *moment of silence* The Fitbit company has graciously offered either a free identical replacement or 30% off a new tracker; and since they have made some significant updates to the trackers since I bought mine, I am going to choose one of the new models. My problem is that I'm not sure which one I should choose - I'm looking at the Charge 2, the Alta, and the Flex 2. Does anyone have a second-generation Fitbit model, and what do you think of it? Would
  17. Hello, all. No fancy challenge theme this time. To be honest, I was debating not doing a challenge at all, after how I vanished during the last one. My depression is getting really, really bad, so I am hoping that this challenge will help me manage it. It may not be very "adventurer" but it is what it is. I am sorry I stopped following all of your challenges last time around. I got overwhelmed by it all. I kept doing mine, but not posting. I have posted a challenge summary now in my last thread (here) if you are interested. My goals for this challenge are going to be
  18. As stated, this challenge is about starting again. Albeit a little late to the party compared to most people. I have neglected my health and fitness to focus on being lazy and eating a lot of rubbish, if not delicious, food. It has been a while since my last challenge and I have a habit of doing some challenges and then not doing any for a while. I think this just suits my life. As it stands, I was planning to get back into the swing of things tomorrow (26th) so this challenge is well timed. So today doesn't really count though my partner and I did do a meal plan for the next few nights (until
  19. It can get pretty lonely and boring for the Princess of Neptune. While peaceable times are wonderful, there isn't much to do while out at her planet, making sure no threats are coming to threaten the Silver Millennium. Michiru decided it was time to get herself back in tip top fighting shape, with a little help from her friends, the rest of the Sailor Senshi. The pretty soldiers in sailor suits spent a lovely day together, over the course of which they brainstormed goals with Michiru, and promised to help keep her on track. Each senshi would assist with one objectiv
  20. Well, time for a new challenge... or more accurately a continuing of the previous one. Goals will be basically identical (and will probably continue to be until they truly become habits LOL). Stronglifts 5x5 3/week. Current best sets Squat - 145 lbs Bench - 100 lbs Row - 80 lbs OHP - 75 lbs Deadlift - 165 lbs Couch to 5K 3/week Will be doing weeks 7 & 8 (and last day of week 6) which only adds up to 7 runs... will decide what to do after that when I get to that point. Currently, the speeds I am using on the tr
  21. Last challenge went really well for the first three weeks, and then some stuff at work really got under my skin. Some bouts of emotional eating combined with the long 4th of July weekend bumped up my weight by about a pound. I really need to take measurements because my clothes continue to get looser as I bike and run and walk. Mid-summer, like mid-winter, just doesn’t have a lot of events to look forward to enjoying. There are a lot of things happening near the end of August, but these upcoming weeks have the potential to really drag in the proverbial “dog days of summer”. A
  22. bker1370

    Bker respawns

    Hello fellow Rangers. After spending a month or two as a victim of the conservation of momentum (a body a rest tends to remain at rest LOL), I am back. I started losing momentum towards the end of the March challenge, started off April slow and never really got going, May never even got a challenge up.... However, in May I did get my momentum rolling again. So, as a respawn I am going to keep things fairly simple this challenge. My goals are as follows: -3 lift days per week (Using StrongLifts 5x5) -3 run days per week (Using C25K-currently
  23. Introduction Post Goals Running 2x a week Track and post all runs on Fitbit & Fitocracy Report run on 4WC thread (mi/mm:ss) - must be same day Weight Lifting 2x a week Track and post all workouts on Fitbit & Fitocracy Report workout on 4WC thread - must be same day Hike/Bike 1x a week Track and post all hikes/biking on Fitbit & Fitocracy Report hike/bike on 4WC thread (mi/mm:ss) - must be same day Domestic Rangering Prep all lunches th
  24. Main mission: Look fab in a bikini? Lose a couple lbs? tone up a bit? Summer is on full force in Austin! We have boat parties, pool parties, vacations, and just overall lots of great stuff going on. I am looking to balance my fun stuff with my health stuff...all culminating in Oktoberfest in Germany. Goal 1: Fitness: Workout at least 180 minutes per week PLAN MY WORKOUTS (this will be something I work on today and tomorrow) Make it to the climbing gym at least two times per week. Some form of hiking, climbing, yoga, kayaking fitness blender combo. A - 180
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