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Found 2 results

  1. Those of you that cheer me on already know I got a Harley during the last challenge So I figured a Mad Max theme would be great this go around. Fury Road is not for the weak, and neither is my challenge this go around. Let's Ride... Task 1: Prepare for War - The road is a dangerous place, one must be prepared to fight for what is yours in order to survive - Crossfit/Stronglifts/Weights 3 times a week. Grading A: 3 times a week, B: 2 times a week, F: 1 time or less. Task 2 - Embrace the Heat - The environment is not a nice place, stay hydrated and get used to it. Drink a minimum of 60 oz a day, and walk outside at least twice a week. Grading: A: All water and walks, B: Most water and all walks, C: Most water and one walk, F: Not enough of either Task 3 - Eat to Survive (or Perform) - Nobody likes me when I am Hangry. Macros to follow - Training Days Calories 2235 Protein (g) 150 Carb (g) 240 Fat (g) 75 Rest Days Calories 1835 Protein (g) 150 Carb (g) 140 Fat (g) 75 Grading: A: Macros hit as well as calories within acceptable range (10 g or 100 calories) 6+ days a week B: Macros hit as well as calories within acceptable range (10 g or 100 calories) 5 days a week C: Macros hit as well as calories within acceptable range (10 g or 100 calories) 4 days a week F: Macros hit as well as calories within acceptable range (10 g or 100 calories) less than 4 days a week Extra Credit : 1 productive day per weekend, I have been sitting on my ass far too often lately. Grading - If all 6 weekends I get a productive day I can boost 1 Task grade up a level.
  2. Alright, here goes. I decided to start my battle log over. My goals have shifted, I have shifted. I have found the focus and the groove I was struggling so hard to find before and my old battle log doesn't really reflect where I am at now. I am 8 months deep into the biggest transformation and evolution of my existence. At the end of March, I set forward on an epic quest to put my life back together and transform into the best version of myself. I wanted to see how far I could get in one year. There is 19 weeks left for me to reach that one year landmark. This battle log is to document these last weeks and what I am able to achieve in that time. So here are the details as far as my body image goes: I've lost 120 lbs. I've gone from a size 24-26 (3-4XL) to a size 12-14 (L-XL). I need to lose another 50 lbs to meet my goal weight ~ 2.6 lb loss per week - somewhat wreckless but not impossible. I want to fit into a size 6-8 dress size. Fitness wise this is where I am at now. Here's my benchmark: Squat: 150 lbs Deadlift: 180 lbs Benchpress: 90 lbs Chinup: 61lbs assist Dips: 40 lbs assist Best 5K time: 29:43 Best 10K time: 62:35 Swim 2000m: 55:00 I haven't been keeping an accurate logbook of all my workouts so I'm not sure on where I am at right now for everything else. Logging is going to start tomorrow. I really want to develop my workouts and keep better data records in the coming months. I am starting whole30 tomorrow. I have been eating mostly whole30 for the last while so this should be a fairly smooth transition. These last 19 weeks of my quest are going to require some refinement and my diet has to be seriously on point. Also need to figure out a better workout plan. I've been working out fasted (with the exception of coffee+almond milk) and that's been working out quite well so far. My day to day routine right now is 45min-1hr HIIT cardio per day + 1-1.5 hours of lifting alternating days between legs/ass - chest/back - arms/shoulders. I've been doing that about 3 weeks now and it's paying off but I feel like I need a bit more direction and structure in my lifting routine. Maybe a 3-4 week alternating plan to keep variety in there. Something I'll be working on in the next few days. “A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he doesâ€
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