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Found 4 results

  1. Hey I am 28 weight 11 stone 11 pound and I have a fitness test for university on the 23rd of June. In the fitness test I have to be able to lift and hold two 16 kg weights for one minute. Lift 10 kg and while walking up a set speeding up for 2 minutes then do 2 cycles of cpr.then lift 16 kg weights and do the step for another 2 minutes. I have two weights at home to add up to 20 kg. I can't afford to join the gym. Can anybody help me with a plan to reach my goal ? Thanks Jay
  2. Time to Take on Two-Face!!! For those of you just tuning in I'm AverageJoe and I'm on a grand journey to go from Fatman to Batman. Last challenge I battled my way out of the pit (barely ). I ended the last challenge at 204lbs and 21% body fat, the lowest I've been in a LOOOONNNNGGG time! But that sub 200lbs/20% mark is still being elusive. I also used the FBI Fitness test to evaluate my progress, which gives you a grade based on performance in various exercises. I want to take a similar approach and take on some of Gotham's greatest Villains. First up TWO FACE!! TWO-FACE - GOAL
  3. For those of you just tuning in I’m AverageJoe. This is my 5th NF challenge (first as a Ranger!) and I am on a grand adventure to go from Fatman to Batman! I nearly defeated the Fatman last challenge but he has been refueled and his bad habits strengthened by the holidays (Damn Cookies!!!). So like Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight Rises I have been dispatched to the bottom of a pit of dispair created by holiday cookies, wine and snowstorms! But like Bruce I can see the light and I have hope! In the true spirit of a Pit-based challenge I will be minimizing the necessary exercise equipment and
  4. I want to spend this week testing and recording my fitness level. I think that before entering the upcoming 6 fitness challenge for the first time it is important for me to know exactly where I stand strength and endurance-wise, so that I will have a concrete starting point to build upon. I do almost exclusively bodyweight training, and currently don't really run at all, but I think I would like to start a moderate jogging regiment. I have been working out since June, but haven't done much with recording my workouts and what I eat. What would be the best way to test and gauge my overall fitnes
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