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Found 2 results

  1. The Batman villain pantheon is one of many of my true loves -- particularly that of the Batman Animated Series of 90's era. With villainesses such as Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman... well women on the comic stage have been downplayed a bit on the ingenuity and power spectrum. However, it was the 90's so the plots of Poison Ivy and Catwomen really struck a chord in me and my whackadoodle burgeoning hippiness. Such is my challenge this round -- Bring on the Whackadoodle Hippiness! Or, you know, keep trying to get fit so I stop creaking so much when I move, by being inspired by the femme fatales of Gotham City! Step 1: Fall in love with the color of green food. Eat something green with every meal -- bonus if it is a dark and leafy green. Step 2: Give up on my unstable and unreliable relationship with Starbucks. Step 3: Study the end objective before going in for the kill. (Study for Wetlands Ecology and rock it!) Step 4: What do these Ladies have in common? Well agility, strength, daring and what have you! While maintaining my current workout regime, I will add in one balance and flexibility workout each week. (I am going to keep swimming, this is just an important part of strength training that I have been ignoring). *Bonus* Step 5: Keep moving throughout the day -- Park far, far away from the necessary access building
  2. Fall & Winter are my Kryptonite. Last Fall & Winter I gained 10 pounds. This fall I said "I won't let that happen again!" and then proceeded to fall off the wagon and gain 5 pounds immediately. Thankfully I've lost the 5 pounds I gained (PHEW!) but that was a close call. I failed horribly in the last Challenge. I only achieved one of my goals (Hiking at least once per week), but barely even scraped the surface of the rest. I stopped updating my Thread and stopped checking the Forums. I really don't want a repeat of last year - back tracking REALLY sucks. So far this season, I have not made Fitness a priority (my heart was my priority and I found an amazing man that I am now in a relationship with! <3 <3 <3). I plan to increase the importance of Healthy Living slowly and surely throughout this current Challenge. And because ya'll know I love photos, here is me hiking in the snow on Cypress Mountain near my house: And here's me being Batgirl on Hallowe'en: I am going on vacation to Salt Spring Island and Vancouver Island (Tofino/Long Beach & Victoria) starting tomorrow, and returning on the 15th or 16th. I therefore will NOT be updating my Thread during that time, but I'll still be working away at my goals. Which are....... 1. Continue to Hike (or snowshoe!) at least once per week 2. Work out at least 3x per week. This can include: Strength Training, Flexibility/Yoga, or Swimming. 3. Clean up my diet. Get rid of all the leftover Hallowe'en Candy! Less breads, pastas and other winter comfort foods. Stop with the Starbucks Holiday drinks! Enough already! Personal Goal: Share my Passion for Paleo and Focus on Fitness with my new boyfriend. Make some workout plans together, take him hiking, go swimming, skating, and snowshoeing together, invest in some new workout gear together, try out some new Paleo recipes on him, show him my favorite NF articles... Oh yeah, here he is... (in a "Comfy Fort I built in my closet, which is guarded by a giant pink baby unicorn. Ok, pictures of the Comfy Fort to follow as well.)
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