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Found 3 results

  1. As @deftona said in her new challenge, it is about seeing just how much progress I can make in such a short time frame. I found this very inspiring the moment I read it, and decided to go for it too. Then, this challenge is about making the most of the summer and working hard to improve myself. There is maintenance: everyday meditation, eating lots of freggies, daily music practice. There is consolidation and improvement: cross country run, parallettes and floor work, self-defence, sink push-ups. There is novelty: stop visiting my favourite news site to stop being so angry and frustrated; taking all my supplements everyday (recent events at home have caused a huge rise in anxiety). And even one old friend: icelandic. How will this work? Simple enough: For the next 6 weeks, I will give myself permission to rest when needed but also will give the best of myself when I am active. And this is a long challenge, so I go back to a 15 points reward system. Everyday meditation: +2 WIS Lots of freggies and supplements: +2 CON Daily music practice: +1 CHA Cross country run: +1 STA Parallettes: +2 STR Floor: +1 DEX Sink push-ups: +1 STR Self-defence: +1 DEX ; +1 STA Stop reading the news: +2 WIS Icelandic: + 1CHA I need at least half the points to achieve level 23.
  2. Midsummer in Middle Earth Main goals Black riders have diverted and obstructed Lara and her friends. They weren't able to arrive to the Midgewater Marshes, but they have an iron will. There are only 58 miles left, and skinnyLara can cover them in 6 weeks, that's for sure. Destroy the one ring! Crow pose! Rolls! Cartwheels! Real Wall Handstands! (and not the usual inclined crap). And maybe daunting push ups! Be amazing! Try to accomplish The Impossible: gain TWO kilos! Life quest An assassin without self control is worth nothing. skinnyLara has been imprisonated against her will these last weeks, and that helped her to see what the priorities are when things go wrong. skinnyLara will keep on meditating regularly (4d/w at least), retake her stage fright work, and try to improve even more her sleep. The language of the olden days. Lara is confused and captivated by the sound of that enigmatic and silvery language elves talk. skinnyLara will build a basic vocabulary of 500 icelandic words, will look for short easy texts to read and will listen to some audios. Character points. Destroy the one ring! Up to 1 STA points, and 1 DEX point. Be amazing! Up to 2 STR points, up to 2 DEX points and 1 STA point. The impossible! Up to 2 CON points. Self control. Up to 2 WIS points. The language of the olden days. Up to 1 WIS and 1 CHA points. Bonus: if skinnyLara gets all her points for STR, DEX, STA, CON and WIS, she'll also get 2 extra CHA points. If she gets half the points, then she'll have 1 extra CHA point. And what else? new shorts after the second week of the challenge; a box of raspberries if she keeps on during the 4th week; another box of raspberries if she finally does her first push up; a meal in a restaurant of her choice if she manages to do a real wall handstand (a big reward because this is scary); a book for the end of the challenge: Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman.
  3. [skinnyLara] Ms. Croft falls into a wormhole... ...and stumbles upon a bunch of people claiming to be the Fellowship of the Ring. There it is: the last door. Lara has fought her way through the devastated ruins of the enchanted city. In her hand shines the golden key that will help her to finish her quest. With trembling fingers, she inserts the key into its lock, turns it carefully and moves herself back as the door opens slowly. A blinding light comes from behind. Her heart beats madly, but she is here to prove herself. Overcoming her fear, she takes a first step. Then another one. She is in the threshold and the light blinds her. Another step, and she feels a tremendous force pulling her forward. She feels herself falling into the void. Falling and falling. She feels the floor on her back, a muddy floor. Everything seems to be still now, and she decides to open her eyes to the soft light. A group of faces is staring at her in complete amazement. Slowly she gets to see the faces also have bodies, bodies that point swords, axes, bows. She quickly grabs her guns and aims at the one seeming to be the chief of the group. —Who are you? —says she desperately. She knows she cannot win. Even if she shoots to their leader, she will fall under the blows of the others. —That is a good question indeed. Who are you? She turns her head to see where the voice comes from and wonders at the sight of an old bowed man in a cloak. Under a worn out pointed hat, a pair of inquisitive and sparkling eyes smiles at her. Goal 1. Destroy the one ring. Lara decides to accompany her new friends in their long way to Mount Doom. This time skinnyLara will walk, run... or bike! to Mordor. 1778 miles, 114 of them already walked. At the end of the challenge, skinnyLara will have spent a night at The Prancing Poney, and will be heading herself to the Midgewater Marshes. A nasty place to go, indeed. Around 80 miles. The point is she will have spent many active hours outdoors. Goal 2 – Main goal. Assassin's basic physical conditioning. Lara will be in need of all her skills in this journey through Middle-Earth. Her guns will soon be out of ammunition and she will depend on her own strength and abilities to survive. skinnyLara will work on strength, flexibility, agility and balance with a specific program: Floor 1. And... will she be able to do that elusive first push-up at the end of the challenge? Goal 3. Eat those lembas! Lara is a fortunate woman: she'll have the chance to taste the elven wonderfully delicious lembas, which will help her to build muscle and put on weight, so she'll be bigger and stronger to face the perils she will encounter in her journey. She will take care of eating at least 2000-2200 calories of those healthy lembas everyday. She starts her journey at 46.5 kilos and hopes to put on one damned kilo before the challenge is over. Life quest. An assassin without self control is worth nothing. Lara is going to face many new perils and dangerous creatures she never imagined to encounter. She will try to maintain a zen attitude towards this new adventure, and to overcome her fears. She will meditate regularly, work on her stage fright, and improve her sleep. Character points. Goal 1: up to 2 STA points, and 1 DEX point. Goal 2: up to 3 STR points, up to 2 DEX points and 1 STA point. Goal 3: up to 2 CON points. Life quest: up to 2 WIS points. Bonus: if skinnyLara gets all her points for STR, DEX, STA, CON and WIS, she'll also get 2 extra CHA points. If she gets half the points, then she'll have 1 extra CHA point. And what else does skinnyLara gets from this? skinnyLara works best with small rewards placed along the road. So she will have: a box of raspberries after the first week of the challenge; a head massage for midchallenge; another box of raspberries if she keeps on during the 4th week (hardest one); a book for the end of the challenge: Metabolic Regulation: A Human Perspective by Keith N. Frayn, or Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman.
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