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  1. It's Definitely Boomerang Time! As I've been pondering things the last few weeks the word BOOMERANG has come to have some significance to me. One of the definitions of boomerang is "to come back or return." That is exactly what I need to do with regards to some parts of my life. A short synopsis: In Oct. 2004 I made a decision to change my life. I started exercising (weights and cardio) and eating using the divided plate method. I didn't restrict any foods. In 18 months I lost 40 pounds and then maintained for 2 more years. In 2007 I started graduate school while also starting a new jo
  2. Hey guys! So after bailing on the last two weeks of the previous challenge, I'm back! I'm glad to be here with the Rangers again, I just loved the mini missions last challenge Motivation/Life Quest: I've had a really rough time the past 4-ish months due to a death in the family. I've been letting myself go because of it, making excuses to not do anything, and basically just moping around. I know this is normal, but I need to stop throwing myself a pity party with a pizza every time I get upset. I need to take care of myself. This is a big portion of my "life" side mission, and pa
  3. I'm really excited to be joining Rangers this challenge! Woot! I'm coming over from Adventurer's for my third challenge because I think my goals are pretty ranger-like. I want to be flexible and do backwalkovers ninja style, but I also want to kickbox and be strong like bull and be able to squat heavy. I also enjoy the occasional run. So, here I am! First off, Happy New Year everyone!!! I'm really looking forward to kicking some major butt his year as only a nerd can. Anyway, last challenge I began my battle for recovering my backwalkover. For those of you who don't know
  4. While my overall main quest is to become a better climber and start bouldering higher grades, I'm a little burned out from focusing too much on climbing related skills. So, I'm doing a very small, 6 week main quest before I reanalyze my climbing goals. I'll still climb 2-3x per week, and I'll still do plenty of climbing and pull-up related stuff at the playground as well as on my home climbing wall, but I'm ready to chase a few shiny objects this challenge. 6 week Main Quest: Improve my movement fluidity to the point where I'm comfortable with making my own animal flow/prasara yoga sequenc
  5. Now that we are starting to develop some good habits let's keep it up. This PVP is for all those who want to follow the Flylady routine http://www.flylady.net/. It is open to anyone. This time, if you want try adding in the house blessing for points! I have changed the rules a bit so read below; 1) Commit to doing the Flylady tasks, or subbing in your own 15 minute task, if that works better for you. 2) Tasks must be completed within the assigned week 3)You must post updates with points at least once a week 4) Total possible points 5 points for missions 2 for house blessing= 7 points a
  6. Main quest: Climbing, climbing, and more climbing. My main exercise for the last year has been bouldering, and I honestly do view everything else as filler to help myself get stronger, more flexible, or more in shape for climbing. Despite that, I've spent the last two challenges chasing shiny things and doing "side adventures" only tangentially connected to my main goal of climbing. About 2 months ago, I successfully climbed my first V3. Since then, I've reached a point where I can generally complete the V2s, and I completed another couple of V3s (all balance based routes with crimpy hol
  7. Flylady: Contestants: Elastigirl KB Girl Bekah Open to any one else who wants to follow along and do the Flylady missions, but you need to sign up by challenge start. Rules: We will be doing the missions from http://flylady.net/ Each week we have a possibility to earn 5 points. Each task complete gets 1 point. A task does not have to be completed on the exact day, but must be finished by the end of the week to count in point totals. You must post at least once a week with how many points you have earned. At the end of the 6 weeks, the winner is the one with the most p
  8. Hi y'all! My name is Bekah and I finally picked a guild. I got really comfortable as an Adventurer, but it was time to stop learning and start training. Princesses aren't able to kill people automatically yanno? So here I am. I'm 35, a mom of 2 teenagers, 5'3" and 242lbs. I'm very positive about everything but my own strengths, and I like helping people. I'm also part Druid, so I tend to have a lot of introspection and live in my head a bit. I love learning new things, especially about people different from me and other religions and cultures. I love books, The Legend of Zelda, Biology, Socio
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