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  1. Flexibility. (DEX +3, STA +2) I bought Focused Flexibility from GMB so I should definitely use it. Stretch daily (total 42 days). (We stretch during silks class, so on Mondays, that totally counts). Also, I need to the basic assessments before the challenge starts. A 37-42 B 33-36 C 29-32 D 25-28 Fail <25 Bulking. (STR +2, WIS +1) Slooooow bulk. I’ll aim for ~1 lb/month, so by the end of the challenge, I should be up about 1.5 lbs. Ultimate goal is to bulk until the end of the year. That should get me a good 9 months of slow growth that will hopefully partition mostly as muscle and not fat. Starting weight: This morning: 118 lbs. Yesterday: 116 lbs. Let's call it 117 lbs to start. Pass: Gain 1-2 lbs Fail: Gain nothing, or gain 3 or more lbs Work out like a beast. (STR+3) If I'm going to eat more, I sure as hell need to take advantage of it. As of challenge start, I’ll be on week 11 of 12 of the Strong Curves program. I'll finish that out, then move on to a program based on it, but of my own construction and without all the silly “switch all your exercises every 4 weeks†nonsense. It’ll look something like this: Workout A A1 3 x 20 Single-leg glute bridge A2 3 x 8 One-arm DB row B1 3 x 5 BB squat B2 3 x 8 DB incline press C 3 x 5 BB Romanian deadlift D 1 x 20 Cable standing abduction E 1 x ALAP Plank F 1 x ALAP Side plank Workout B A1 3 x 8-20 BB hip thrust A2 3 x 5 Chin-up B1 3 x 10 DB walking lunges B2 3 x 8 BB military press C 2 x 12 Back extension D 1 x 20 Band seated abduction E 1 x 20 Wide-leg sit-up F 1 x 20 Russian Twist Workout C A1 3 x 20 Single-leg glute bridge A2 3 x 8 Seated row B1 3 x 10-15 DB goblet squat B2 3 x 15 Lateral raises C 3 x 8-12 Good morning D 1 x 10 Side lying hip raise E 1 x 10-20 Reverse crunch F 1 x 8-12 Woodchoppers General Weekly Plan Monday Silks (class) Tuesday Rest Wednesday Silks (open gym) Thursday Lift A Friday Rest Saturday Lift B Sunday Lift C 5 workouts/week for a total of 30 workouts/challenge. A 27-30 B 24-26 C 21-23 D 18-20 Fail <18 Curate my Closet. (WIS +4) For a (long) while, I seemed to be doing a lot of online shopping. It's tapered off a bit, but it still could be a worthwhile goal. My problem is clothes: I always feel like I have nothing to wear, despite a closet and dresser full of stuff. An honest assessment of my clothing is in order. Starting with work-appropriate clothes, to reduce the “I don’t have anything to wear†panic that occasionally crops up in the morning. Some questions to ask while sorting: · Is it work appropriate? If no, save for later assessment. · Does it fit/flatter? · Have I worn it in the last year? (To account for seasons, a shorter timeframe wouldn't really work) · Can I make at least 2-3 different outfits with it? · How many of X (article of clothing) do I need? Hopefully I can take an honest look at my clothes and either: know that I have enough to not wear the same 5 outfits every week, or: be able to have a targeted search to fill in the gaps with some controlled shopping. No idea how to grade this one, just mostly a pass if I spent some time doing it and didn’t mindlessly assault the online shops.
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