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Found 1 result

  1. The Second Confluence: (+100 points to whoever gets the reference ;D) Hi guys, this is my second challenge and it feels awesome to move on from the Recruit forum, woo! (see my first challenge here if you're curious) I'm hoping to tackle a few problems that came up in my last challenge revolving around food and some ineffective SMART goals. I also want to continue my Corpse Bride t-shirt saga, and will post up progress photos every two weeks, donning this miraculously stretchy shirt of mine (see below). Starting Measurements: Bust: 40" Waist: 34" Hip: 40" Thigh: 27" Upper Arm: 12" Starting Weight: 179 pounds My Main Quest: To quit food binging. This was a problem I wasn't aware of until halfway through my first challenge. I had "upped my game" after two weeks of success, overwhelmed myself and became on the verge of giving up altogether. While I fought through this, the rest of my challenge was littered with binge nights, usually twice a week. I want to beat this by catering my challenges towards this goal, and hopefully set myself on the right path to true nerdy awesomeness. Day 1 photos (taken from Day 42 of the previous challenge): Quest 1: Complete three exercise routines a week. I've recently discovered NR neilarey.com, and after a lot of consideration I've picked out these three workouts to complete - The Uncharted Workout, Lara Croft and Power 10. These should help strengthen a variety of muscles over the next six weeks and also ramp up the difficulty from the BBWW I completed previously, which became quite easy towards the end. I'm also hoping to complete at least five deep push-ups before the challenge is done too. A = completed 18 workouts [+3 STR], B = completed 12 workouts [+2 STR], C = completed 6 workouts [+1 STR] Quest 2: Eat less. Part of the binging problem was the portions of food I had. A common phrase I hear is that "All food is good for you - in moderation". While I think some foods are just inherently bad for you whichever way you look at it, I do agree with this statement and I want to keep a better eye on my food portions these next few weeks, specifically for dinners and snacks. I will make the effort to correctly portion out both my snacks and meals every day with scales before eating them (or looking at the back of the packet to see how much a portion is), so I don't eat anymore than I need. By Day 42, I want this habit to be well ingrained into my head so I don't deviate from this again. Measurement: A = 35-42 good portions [+3 CON], B = 28-34 good portions [+2 CON], C = 21-27 good portions [+1 CON] Quest 3: Have two cups of tea or a pint of water every evening after dinner. This sounds easy to do and hopefully will be, but the secret plan here is to fill my stomach up with liquid rather than food and stop me from snacking as much during the evenings. Note that I'm not banning snacking completely as I hope this quest will work well in conjunction with quest 2 and limit the quantity of my snacking. I also don't want to outright ban myself from eating certain foods, but instead develop a better and healthier relationship with eating over time. Measurement: A = 35-42 hydration [+3 WIS], B = 28-34 hydration [+2 WIS], C = 21-27 hydration [+1 WIS] Life Quest: Start and complete a Games Design Document for a game idea I want to develop. The idea in my head is extremely vague right now, but if I complete a decent GDD in the next six weeks, then I'll have a concept that can be developed further. I've done a few GDD's during uni, so I know the general structure of the document, what content needs to be included and to what depth. With any luck by my next challenge, I'll have a game to start creating! Measurement: A = 100% GDD [+3 CHA], B = 75% complete GDD [+2 CHA], C = 50% complete GDD [+1 CHA] Motivation: I want to become the fitter and healthier me and set myself up this way for the rest of my life. Plus it never hurts to be stronger than the average person! I also want to be able to cosplay more often and I refuse to do this without better physique. If I'm gonna nerd out, I'm gonna do it properly. ;D So now that's all typed out, do you know what time it is, Adventurers...? Time to kick ass.
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