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  1. Starting Monday, May 4th, the government round these parts will be gradually lifting the lockdown and quarantine measures, with a view to a full lift by late June or early July. While they haven't done much to contain the virus besides impose lockdown (as opposed to, say, strengthen public healthcare) social isolation has kept the numbers surprisingly low. Now, with the measures gradually rolling back and still no real plan apparent, the strategy truly seems like the image posted above and I can't help but worry that frustrated people will storm out and potentially re-circulate the virus. Eith
  2. fitnessgurl


    Hi everyone! I've returned to the Rangers instead of doing a battle log this time. My challenge will be a bit unstructured compared to the last few. I felt that I needed to change things up a bit. I will post my quests in a bit. My last challenge
  3. Hey Assassins: I closed out my last challenge, and here I am to try again. And no, I'm not actually swimming. I don't mind the water, heck I'm a SCUBA diver so I kind of love it, but swimming for exercise is kinda godawful for my brain. Too repetitive. I'm a runner, through and through. Also maybe a biker, and probably could be more so as my joints age. But I digress. My last challenge was focused on combatting sugar and eating more veggies. I did OK on the sugar front, but failed miserably on the veggies. So here I go again, starting smaller with a hope that I
  4. Late to the party. So I disappeared for a little over a month. I fell into a Fallout black hole and I have no plans to get out of it. I'm thinking for the next 3 weeks I will work around this and integrate my life into this, rather than the other way around. At least for now. 1. Quest Log When I start the game, it's all over. I have no concept of time. The goal will be to make a list and rough schedule of things that need to be done that day (setting alarms on the phone) BEFORE starting to play. 2. Simple & Sinist
  5. Hi all, I try to do a bike ride of 50 miles (half-century) or 62 miles (metric century) once/year to give me a target to train for. I have not done one in over two years. I'm signed up for a half century on May 19, two days after I turn 50. Challenge number 1: Bike every Wednesday (key for me to get 3 rides per week) My training plan is bike Wed (short hard), bike Fri (short hard) and bike Sun (long easy). Also NFA workout Sat. I have my work schedule set up so I can go to work late Wed to make it easier to get a ride in during the week. Past experience is that if
  6. I tried to find a good gif or even a pic of T H E V O I D but there aren't any. You can't take a pic of T H E V O I D because it's nothing. Just nothing. Interesting that there are gifs of nothing, but not T H E V O I D. This one is close though. I briefly considered making my challenge theme T H E V O I D but that wouldn't be right either. T H E V O I D is not a theme. It's not anything at all. A little like this, but not really. My challenge isn't going to be nothing. It's going to be more challen
  7. Hi Rangers. I’m back... a few pounds fluffier after a long dark winter... but determined to regain my old lithe self. Keeping it simple this time, all comes down to focus. Fuel the fire: Track food. Eat to 500 cal deficit. No alcohol (variance allowed for my birthday, coming up towards the end of the challenge!) Move that body: Walk outside, at least an hour each day (can be broken up throughout the day). Hot yoga, targeting 3x per week. 100 squats (also can be broken up through the day, and just body weight for now, say my knees). Focus on the positive: recognize 3 good things
  8. Oh! My! God! I'm addicted to Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch. (And I binged too much on Friends...) And as I struggled a lot during the last challenge it seems reasonable to "escape my ordinary life" and respawn in... I'll throw around the buzzwords fundamentals, priorities and assessment. I need to simplify things a bit, but I also want to wokr on the things that are important. And I want to find out what I'm capable of without trying too hard. Hence, the goal is to simply track my behaviour in week 0 and then I try to do more in the subsequent challenge weeks. E
  9. So... This being my first challenge at 32 years old, I have decided to use this as a reset. This is my personal new year, and while I was away in Italy I did some soul searching (and eating) and I have found that I don't really focus on important things as often as I should. Because of this my time isn't used as wisely as it should be and I don't get as much productive stuff done. Time for Tina Fey to help me get my shit together I will make to-do lists every morning, and I can't play video games until the list is complete. A=28 days B=27-25 days C=25-20 D= 20 o
  10. Ok, ok, we're not going to be quite up to his level of shenanigans out in the wild, but we'll hopefully be exploring some unfamiliar terrain. We'll be trying out this geocaching-thing. The "we" are again, the boys and I, as I try to up their activity level this challenge round. Due to my choice to take over the gardening the last month and a bit, I haven't had time to really get out there walking or playing or just get out with them that much. With geocaching, we'll be looking for that cache or "treasure" which should be fun, or at least adventurous. HEALTH : DAILY
  11. The Scarlet Pimpernel has been recruited by Jack Bauer to work at the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angeles and help him take down the latest terrorist threat. In order to succeed the team faces several challenges: Track Down the Terrorists (Food Tracking) record all food eaten each day using my fitness pal We'll also enlist the help of the public in this effort ... for some added accountability, please become a My Fitness Pal friend! add nturner235 or comment with your MFP username and I'll add you! Get Clean (Continue With No Sweets) No sweets as a
  12. Experience Tranquility! Why hello, Challenge #2! I'm glad that I have the challenge weeks on my calendar because it keeps me going! My first challenge of the year died off at the end. I was still (sort of?) tracking most of my food choices, but I could tell that I was only giving 50% of the effort. I realized that I don't really like putting heavy time constraints on myself. Having a routine is one thing, and something I am going to be working on, but I don't like doing things in time blocks. I am more of a "Make a List and Do each of the things as the
  13. yo dudes, I am gaining weight again. I mean, I'm still down from my start weight! but, over the last two months I definitely gained a bit. But that's ok, because I am UNSTOPPABLE in the sense that I literally perhaps do not know how to stop. So I am going to UNSTOPPABLY STOP this weight gain. I BELIEVE! MAIN QUEST LOSE FAT. This could be signified by either losing weight, or using fancy schmancy tracking tools (wifi scale, skulpt device, measurements, photos) to double check. In an effort to be more scientific-like, I went ba
  14. Alright, it's time for a take two. I struggled with my first return challenge, and then a cold kind of cut me off from finishing up the last week of the challenge. So, I'm calling a redo/restart/respawn. Here are the goals from last challenge, so I can meet them all the second time around. I am going to start early with Week 0. It's not going to count for the challenge, per se, but I still want to track it. As before, getting to the gym is not so much of a challenge for me because Brandon and I have a pretty strict schedule about it, and I only want to give myself goals that are an actual chal
  15. Technically, my birthday is on Wednesday, but in the interest of convenience, I celebrated it with my loved ones this past Sunday. It is a reflection on my personality that it was a costume party (I was an elf) and my gifts were a Fitbit and a set of sparring gear. *Side note: I am so happy to get my own set of gear. I have been using the dojang's very, very used gear for sparring, and I hated it. Anyway, my Fitbit (and accompanying app) has a wide range of features that I will be using this challenge to get a bit more fit. Without further ado, the goals (with accompanying
  16. While I was still sleeping this morning, my husband placed our Christmas table runner on the table, with our advent wreath in the middle. It was one of the first things I noticed when I walked into our kitchen. I thought about how excited I am for this Christmas season. Yes, sometimes it can be busy, and cold, but I love so many things that go along with Christmas. I love shopping for gifts (online in my cozy hobbit home) baking treats, going to parties. I decided why not have my challenge be a Christmas theme? I'm making a fun game board, because I really enjoyed that last time. Goals are pre
  17. Hey, y’all! I’m back for some more challenge fun and excitement! Nutrition Quest #1: FOOD LOG The problem: I realized as I was setting this challenge up and going through the nutrition modules that there’s a BIG part of me that just does. not. want. to. adjust my diet or measure or track or anything. It’s not that I love junk food so much, it’s that I love food so much. Like, real food. Eating is a seriously big part of what I consider the best part of life! I like to eat EVERYTHING! I really cannot get into restrictions on, like, a philosophical level. I also
  18. Seeing as how Calanthia is new around these parts, she figures that she owes you a little intro: At 4'11" and over 165 lbs, I have always been a very typical hobbit, short and round. I enjoyed the comforts of home far more than the rush of adventure and the feeling of my feet on a path. I was married at the young age of 20, still practically a child in hobbit-years, and now three years later, I feel I have done nothing of importance in my life. I went to school to teach science to adolescent hobbits, but have never been hired as a teacher because no one wants to hire a hobbit that
  19. Ahoy-hoy friends! A challenge similar to the last as I'm trying to stick with what works and adding little bits and pieces throughout the challenge rather than all at the start and succumbing to RangerBrain(TM) and falling off the forums. 5-and-2, Pal: Food tracking on MFP plus photos. Aim for 8160 kJ, not focusing on macros just yet, just choosing real food whenever I can. 5 Freggies. Continue increased water. ROAR and more: Continuing on the 12wkch I started at the gym, week 0 of this NF challenge will be week 4 in the 12wkch so it will be weeks 4-8, there’s potentially going to be a check
  20. Dusk

    Shadri + Noms

    ...I can't think of a theme!!! D: Well, my goals are pretty simple anyway. I gotta get my eating under control. The best success I've ever seen was when I did strict paleo, a year or two ago I think. I'm not looking to do strict paleo, but I'm definitely leaning in that direction. The main things to remember will be: 1. No grains (except for occasional rice/granola) 2. No dairy (except for cheese, mmm) I also need to focus on the quantity I eat. I tend to eat a looot sometimes. I'm gonna do my best to be strict to my two rules, but if a sit
  21. Highmountain: Moose Cows. Moose Cows that are all about balance, nature and keeping those Pesky Harpies and Drogbar in their place. I can't think of anything to do with this one, so I'm calling it my WoW/Fun goal. I am the main tank for my Saturday night Raid team and I need to have gear, food and flasks ready for raid night and I also want to be on my A game when we get shit started. Daily: Heroics, World Quests, One Mythic, one episode of a show to just curl up with my gf and chill Weekly: research the fights so I can be awesome, and down shit faster so we can make progession and
  22. Yes, I'm doing another twenty one pilots themed challenge. I am still off in faraway lands doing cool things with lasers, and I'm still homesick and anxious and sad, and these awesome dudes are still helping me stay sane. And it just so happens that this beautiful song (one of the first songs of theirs that I fell in love with) has a few lines that relate directly to my goals for the challenge! PERF~ PRIMARY GOALS ~ i'm taking over my body ~ I am so done with dorm food, oh my lordy lord. There are so many delicious things and ALL OF THEM ARE BAD FOR M
  23. HI GUYS!! Welcome to my... what, 16th challenge here?? HOLY SNACKS. I honestly think I've lost count. Eep~ At any rate I’m clearly still on an FFXIV kick so for this challenge, welcome to the snowy city-state of Ishgard. This challenge is a little different from previous of mine in that the activity level has a bit of a different focus... I’m going to be doing a lot of tracking, logging, data-mining, and habit observing this go-around. Of course my regular fitness will still take place in the background! (And on my first quest!) Ishgard is
  24. I'm BACK BITCHES! I had to take a bit of a break. See a lot of stuff was going on with work has I have whined about before and as some of you may know, I have been hit with major fatigue and continuous low-level nausea due to the success of the cloning project! The experiment was a success!! Which presented itself with its' own challenges. Now that I am adjusted I am also ready to go on my own adventure! I started out from humble roots in my introduction From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, did a few side quests and explored some back alleys in BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards
  25. The first two weeks of the last challenge went great. Then work killed it. We had to expedite a project for a client. Ended up working crazy hours, which leads to me getting stressed out and being too tired to cook and too tired to workout. Excuses, excuses, I know... But now I am ready to get back in there. This challenge I want to reinforce some of the good habits that I have let slip over there last couple weeks. Basically get back in there, and not lose the progress I have made this year! Main Quest: Weigh less than 200lbs by the end of the year. Start: 242.2 lbs | Cur
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