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Found 2 results

  1. Lifting and eating. Eating and Lifting. Maybe running. Definitely eating. I will also be updating the day's post as it happens, instead of at the end of the day.
  2. Soo.... um.... idk if you've noticed, but I'm a huge nerd. THE NEW STAR WARS MOVIE WAS AWESOME. No spoilers of course. [AWESOME - GO SEE IT.] So I will have three main goals this challenge, as per the new format. I am quite excited. Little backstory: I'm 22, female, an engineering student, I love lifting, and I hate when stuff gets in the way of said lifting. Recently, I had a bout with.... well, we still aren't quite sure. Health-wise, I'm still not 100%, had some fatigue issues, a fever of unknown origin, etc. Went to lots of doctors, and have another appointment soon. So after taking over 2 months off of lifting because of this, I'm slowly getting back in the game. Problem? Inflammation seems to be the cause of my issues, and lifting isn't the best thing for that. I'm doing yoga, but I need to be careful with the lifting, in addition to taking all my meds/supplements to get better ASAP. Onto the fun stuff! Quest 1: Lift twice a week. For now, I'm doing StrongLifts again, and just doing one Workout A and one Workout B per week. I know, I know, you're supposed to go three times a week, but that ended... badly. So twice a week it is! [NO MORE ELVIE]. Less is actually better than more for now. Quest 2: Yoga twice a week. This is one of those things that supposedly helps with inflammation, so somehow in my last challenge where I accidentally started doing it and was wondering why I felt better after yoga than after lifting... there you go. I have a unlimited pass for a yoga place near my apartment, and I also have a subscription for NF Yoga, so the excuses are basically non-existent. Do the yoga. Quest 3: Track the things.... this is a weak point. Just do it. 5/7 days for now. Life Quest: Get Thesis Proposal out by deadline, then work on actual thesis.
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