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Found 2 results

  1. ahoy scouts! greetings from the ranger camp! ok, i'll just get right to the meat of the problem here. i've recently discovered that i favor my right leg when i walk [and run], which means my left leg gets more beat up. as a result, my left knee has started to feel a bit painful since i started running about 4-5 weeks ago. it's not constant, it's not even incredibly painful pain. it's just sort of...stiff at times? i suppose? mostly seems to happen a few hours after a run, and when i fully extend my leg and flex [like when i'm stretching.] anyway, so that's problem #1. problem #2 is the main knuckle of my big toe [where the toe connects to my foot] has the same kind of stiff, off-and-on, not-very-painful pain. also on my left side. this happened [i think?] as a result of wearing shoes that were too worn down. [to be fair, i had no idea they were so used up, and they just sort of spontaneously failed one day. the run i took when they messed my toe up was the last run i took in them.] i thought it went away when i got new shoes, but it's been coming and going since then. whenever i curl the toe up or push the toe down towards the bottom of my foot i can feel it. so my question to you, dear scouts and running experts, is this: what can i do to even out my stride, and what can i do to fix my joints/not hurt them any worse? if you need any more information at all, please ask! thanks for your help!
  2. As a kickboxer through high school, I'm used to injuries getting shaken off. Strapped and pushed through at worst. So I'm at a loss as to what I'm meant to do when I can't shake a pain. I've been having tendonitis/plantar fascitis in my left foot and chronic lower back pain for about 6 months now and rest is not making it any better. The foot just threw in the towel one day while I was walking around - hadn't been jogging or anything, had just moved interstate and was on a hiatus from working out. I pulled something in my back lifting one day - jumped in too deep too quick - and it has been recurring more frequently until it became a daily nuisance. After having to quit my waitressing job (I could barely hobble home after a double shift) I need to get back into a functioning state to start my course, which is 90% physical. I'm at a complete loss. Help me Nerd Fitness! Any similar stories? Is this something I should work through and will go away with more strengthening exercises? The doctor just sent me trotting off for x-rays, but I think the pain would be far worse if it was bone related. Right now both conditions seem to compound when under pressure.
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