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  1. I'm posting a video of my squats from last night for form checks. I lifted years ago although squats were always the worst of the big 3 for me. I posted form check videos then and found out I was doing half squats. I was considerably thinner then (meaning my belly wasn't in the way) and I started working on form but didn't ever get my numbers up. Every time I stepped up to the bar, I'd tell myself it was going to be too much weight and I couldn't do it. Eventually I quit going to the gym and worrying about nutrition and have gained the 100 lbs I lost back. Fast forward to a month ago, I decided to start working at it again. I chose to do keto and GSLP (though the keto has since stopped because of gout issues. I'm just focusing on eating "clean" and nutrient dense foods) and began working on squats again. GSLP prescribes 2 sets of 5, followed by an AMRAP set for the squat. If you can do 10 or more squats in the AMRAP, you increase the weight by 10 lbs at the next session rather than 5. I was getting 10 lbs in each one (I started at 95 lbs working weight and got up to 165lbs). Over the course of a few weeks, I started to feel pain in my knee following squats. One day, I almost collapsed when walking down a flight of stairs because it felt like my knee gave out. It hurt to walk or bend, and so I decided to take a week off from squats. After the first week off, I began focusing on the muscles that work with the knee (glutes, calves, and quads) by doing hip abductions, leg press (one legged) and bodyweight calf raises as well as focusing on stretching. I also added in bodyweight squats to try and get the foot placement down while rebuilding strength. Last week, I started at 95lbs on the bar again and am increasing by 5lbs instead of 10 (even if I get 10 or more reps) so I can make the increase more gradual instead of overdoing it with the knee. Having watched the video, it looks like I'm not quite going to parallel so I need to work on that. Torso position is also a challenge because I'm 6'2" (188cm) and 334lbs (151.4999kg) with long legs, so getting to depth has been a problem. I think my hip mobility and ankle mobility are contributing factors. It's not apparent from the video, but I have my feet slightly wider than shoulder width with toes pointed at 11 and 1. I'm using a low bar squat because it helps with my balance and my ability to keep my torso upright during the lift instead of having to bend over at the bottom. If you could give any pointers to improve further, that would be great!
  2. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to take a video right now. If it's needed I'll try getting one in the next day or so. I started with the academy about a month ago and placed into level 2 exercises. I feel like I'm progressing nicely with each of the exercises except Inch Worms which actually feel like they have gotten harder to do. Last week I found out that I was doing wall slides wrong (not pulling my shoulder blades together) as I moved my arms up over my head which made the exercise significantly easier. I am starting to think the reason I may be struggling with Inch Worms may be similar (not engaging a muscle group I should). The following is what I experience throughout the movement, is something here wrong? If I am using the right muscles can you suggest body weight movements to strengthen my biceps and shoulders to be able to properly do this movement? Starting Position - Bend at hip, control decent with back Doubled Over - Weight on feet, stretch of the calves and hamstrings Walk Out - Upper body weight bared by shoulders (Mostly on palms) Fully Extended - Upper body weight bared by top outer bicep and abdomen Walk Back - Upper body weight bared primarily by top outer bicep (fairly uncomfortably) and secondarily by forearms and shoulder (Mostly on finger tips) Doubled Over - Weight on feet, stretch of the calves and hamstrings Standing - Torso lifted by lower back and supported by abdomen
  3. Posted a form check links awhile back (in october), and thought I'd update. I couldn't find the old post (was going to link it here). Today was stronglifts A day (squat, bench, and barbell rows). Below will be the links to the vids. Any and all advice is appreciated, my ego can take it (as in I tested my ego this morning...errr...more like tested the safety pins on the squat rack, as you'll see) 175 lbs failure 170 lbs work set 110 lbs bench, side view110 lbs bench, shoulder view 130 lb barbell row B day lifts coming up on Monday (if I'm brave enough)
  4. Figured out how to record some sets. Will try to post them here, looking for any feedback on my form. This is my portions from this morning, B workout on stronglifts, week 4 first day. Figure it'd be better to get a form check early before a stall. Squat Squat set #1 Squat set #2 OH Press Overhead Press video Deadlift Deadlift video Apologies for the linking and not embedding the vids. I don't know how to do that. Best I can do is link to the vids on my google drive. -10 internets for me Thanks for the insight oh wise ones!
  5. Hi all, can you please look at this squat form check video for me - any help would be massively appreciated! I know it doesn't look right, but I don't know what to do to solve that. Is there something I can be doing to improve form here, or is the weight just to heavy for me?
  6. Coming back off a long respite of back squats. Been doing solely goblet squats, split squats, and front squats for about a year due to a lack of ankle mobility. i can not sit in a bodyweight ATG squat with my heels on the floor. These felt really good. i know my back angle is more acute than "preferred" but i think this is just where I'm going to be comfortable given my body type. I wanted to know what you guys thought. i realize the first rep is just me making sure i'm getting below parallel. also sorry i'm going so fast. the weight was definitely light for me.
  7. Hey, this was the first time I ever recorded myself working out, so I am not sure the angle is very helpful (empty gym, etc). This was my second set @60kgs and my knees caved in some in the second rep. Comments?
  8. Because of an abused rotator cuff and poor shoulder mobility, I've shelved the back squat for a while and I'm working on the front squat. Because of poor wrist mobility and that pesky rotator cuff, I'm using the crossed arm form. Video 1 - bar only Video 2 - 95 pounds (in total) Video 3 - 135 pounds (in total)
  9. Hello I filmed myself for the first time today. Lately, as I've been increasing weight, I've felt my chest may be collapsing (goodmorning style) and depth just wasn't there. I've gone down 20% on my weight as I hit my first plateau, and am building back up trying to focus even more on breath, depth, and overall form. I'm actually pretty happy, it doesn't look nearly as bad as it did in my head! I'd love to get feedback on those areas, and any other aspects I might be missing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7hp1epogcsh0eo/Squats 5x125 0814.mp4?dl=0 Thanks in advance!
  10. So thanks to all of you fantastic help here, I was able to pinpoint the nefarious shoulder mobility issue keeping me from my low bar love. While I rehabilitate: I'll be starting from scratch with some high bar goodness. I'll need your help on this one rebels. Excuse the butt wink, I'm working on it. First attempt: Maybe a breakthrough?: Is the second video any better?? Excuse the weird quality. And thanks in advance Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  11. From my 4 Week Challenge thread: Squat (second form check, toes turned out more) Deadlift (standard) Deadlift (sumo stance) Benchpress (powerlifting stance)
  12. Hi, I've been working on beginner shrimp squats from starting bodyweight (not grabbing the foot), but I feel like I might not have the form correct. Can anyone give me any pointers?
  13. Hi! Can someone comment/critique on my form here? To be honest, I'm not 100% sure what I should be doing with assisted one arm push ups. Where should I be putting my weight? On the "assisting" arm? Or the lower one? If you have any cues to help that'd be great!
  14. Hi there! Wondering if you can comment/critique on my Dip form. I'm trying to go for chest dips, but I think I'm going too far down, and locking elbows all the way up. (Not sure if that's correct or not). If it helps, 5'7", 145lb.
  15. https://vimeo.com/155743833 Password is my username, case-sensitive. YIKES, that bench press is a frakkin MESS. My shoulders aren't locked, so that's something I'll work on. But I'm also all wibbly during the bench, and I'm not sure why? My shoulder blades aren't moving, my butt isn't moving, my legs aren't moving (you can see in the reflection.) Is it just my breathing or inability to balance the bar? Help please. Hopefully the deadlift looks better. Sheesh... Thanks in advance...
  16. Finally got up my bodyweight on squats! Comments?
  17. This is my first post here!!! Whoot!!! I've been a long time reader of Nerd Fitness, but this is my first time actually posting anything. I've been doing body weight strength training for a while, but lately I've been kind of.... bored with it. While I was living in Ecuador, it was my only strength training option, and so now that I'm back, I feel that I'm ready for a change in base! I've only done a little bit of barbell training in the past, but I never felt very confident about it, so I thought a form check would do me some good. I'm preparing to do the StrongLifts 5x5 program, as described here: http://stronglifts.com/5x5/#Squat I have a clip for each movement, except for the bench press. A few notes on the video: I have a very sway lower back, and one of my motivations in strength training is to make my back stronger. So, in these form checks, I would appreciate if you focus on the form in my back. I also have a family history of knee injuries (both my dad and my grandpa (on my mom's side) have had knee surgeries, and I don't want to be next!), so I also try to be very careful with my knees.... For the overhead press, there were times where I felt that the bar didn't go straight up, and I think it's because the bar is so light.... Also, for the deadlift, when watching the clip from the front, I realized that I was bending my arms!!! UGH!!! I'm aware that this is a big no-no. Newbie mistake! And in case you were wondering... Yes, that is a swiffer that I'm using as my practice barbell.
  18. Hi all! As you can see from my signature, I'm a total newbie. I'm starting my second challenge and the kettlebell swing (hardstyle) is integral to that challenge. I know I should find an RKC or strongfist instructor, but there are literally two in my state and they are both pretty far from me. So I'm attempting the next best thing! If you would be so kind, critique my form so I can get the most out of this challenge! Just by looking at this video, I can tell something is off...
  19. Hi guys, Can you have a look at this video and let me know if I am doing my thrusters correctly? https://youtu.be/IsrQilMaEWc Thanks Dan
  20. It has been literally decades since I've done squats. Initially my form was really poor, but I have read through your comments on other form check threads and have really improved. There are still issues though, like my knees wiggling around. Just noticed that in this vid. I'd like to get my form squared away before I end up with hard to break habits. Opps, embed didn't work. Video is here. Thanks in advance for your help.
  21. I've been doing Stronglifts 5X5 for a little over 2 months, and the weight is getting heavy (for me), so I wanted to ask for a form check. This is 1X5@ 225lbs: https://youtu.be/6WxhMlA7b_A It certainly looks to me like my back is rounding a bit, but I'd love to hear what else I can improve. As far as the rounding goes, I was already trying NOT to round my back, so any tips on how to improve my form to prevent this (i.e., "don't round your back" might not be enough to help me) would be great. For comparison, here I am a couple weeks ago doing 1X5@185, and my form looked a lot better to me: https://youtu.be/mJUnyka4dLY Also, to improve form, am I better off going back down in weight to work on form, should I stay at the current weight until my form is good, or should I just stick to the linear progression program (5 lbs increments now)? Thanks for any help!
  22. Trying to squat deep, but I feel like I keep leaning forward too much. Also not sure I am going deep enough.
  23. Please give me feedback on my deadlift form. Thanks. https://youtu.be/p2U7cX-ydWU
  24. Still not sure how to embed. Overhead press. I can't quite figure out how to bring it around my head without leaning back. Any tips?
  25. Ok, here's me on my last set of squats 80 lbs: I know, my form isn't the greatest there. You can see the butt tuck as I struggled to push up. I actually nearly caved when I finished my second set; I got up on the last rep, I nearly stumbled to get to the rack. I just started doing Starting Strength after following Stage 1 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women (great book to get started on, but I wanted to actually lift heavier so I shifted to doing this). I had questions as to when to start lowering my reps and increasing weight. My squat reps were 2 sets of 75lbs x 15 before I started switching over to Starting Strength. So here's the thing, I can do 75lbs x 15, but I think I need to check the form of that before I can put more weight. I think I'm suffering with the same symptoms as I do for the 80 for my last 1-2 reps with 75. I've also been told that my knees tend to curve slightly inward then drive out when I get ready to push up, but the travelling path doesn't change. The angle here doesn't show it. I think another video is in order for a fresh 75lb x 5 rep so I'll come back with that. My biggest question is then: should I continue with this weight or drop to 75? It feels too easy when I stay at 75 x 5 per set, but my form starts to suffer on my last rep if I do 15 consecutively. There's still the knee drive problem, which I want to address as well. Thanks for any insight you guys have!
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