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Found 7 results

  1. So I started doing stronglifts a little while ago and have been progressing steadily. I am fairly confident in my other lifts but I never feel confident in my squatting ability and would like any pointers if possible.
  2. Hi- can anyone let me know what they think about my overall positioning, especially the back in this position just prior to lifting? Thanks
  3. Haven't done a form check before, so figured now was a good time as I'm approaching bodyweight for working sets and it's better to fix things now rather than later. I originally did high bar squats and switched to low bar a bit ago when I did Starting Strength. I noticed recently that I was putting some weight on my wrists, and tried to fix things per Rippletoe's suggestions so these feel better as far as back position now. I'm doing the Danger program, block 1, so this is yesterday, second set out of three of 90% of my 10 RM. I've been squatting barefoot with the home gym, and am a bit uncertain as to whether or not I should upgrade to lifting shoes. https://www.youtube.com/embed/reSjadPABG8 Thanks everyone in advance! It's a bit nerve wracking putting up form check #1.
  4. Here's my slowly failing DL at 150# yesterday. We're calling this a 3 out of 5, the last two fell apart. I can see where it's happening, (and you can probably see I felt it in my back.) What do you guys think, leg fail? Ab fail? Both?? Frank (trainer) wants me to get a belt asap too. Thoughts on all this are appreciated!
  5. I just started doing dips, it's an absolutely new movement for me. I checked a couple of vids and El Diablo's post on it, but as I got some pain in my right shoulder second-to-last time I did them, I thought I should better ask for help on form. I'm going for bent knees while I get used to the movement. Pain was sharp, right inside the joint, on the front part of it, right shoulder, while I was doing the exercise and resolved once the exercise was over. Last time I did the exercise, I decided to do isometric holds instead of proper dips to give the shoulder time to recover, that's what the pics are. This is the third time I do this exercise.
  6. Alrighty back for another form check... Here is side view of 3 reps @ 75% 1 RM. Here is a front view of 1 rep 98% You can't see my back very well front the front view (sorry) but if you watch my hips you can see how much higher they come up before I start to lift the weight. It feels like that it's shifting the weight forward a bit to make it more of the pull to shoulders and back rather than the push from my legs. But I can still get the weight up, and I can feel my back muscles holding tight with my stomach full of air and my back flexed. Usually the last heavy rep I can feel my back start to give a little and that's when I drop weight. What do you think?
  7. Hi everybody, I did DL 1X5 265 lbs on Wednesday and it felt really really weird. My back didn't hurt but I really think there was something wrong with my technique but I couldn't figure it out. Can you please help me check my form? Do you think I should add more weight in my next work out or just stick to this and work on my form? Here's the video Thanks much!
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