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Found 2 results

  1. Poison Ivy Because this fits me... Friends wedding will be happening this challenge, have to finish the centerpieces for this I will be taking Zumba teacher training this month as well...that will be next challenge I start having classes Going to try and reach 10,000 steps per day, at least 6,000 minimum Will be doing yoga 2 days a week at work Will be doing one lesson a day, at least one unit a week till I get my class finished Keep it clean will be the theme of my eating, since I can't outrun my fork and it will keep everything from getting derailed...that is just a given, not an official part of the challenge Work is going to be crazy this month, I am taking on the cleaning of the Medical Office Building in addition to what I'm already responsible for, have to get staff in place and trained by mid-month. Changes coming in the kitchen again, trying to get it back on track and fully staffed so it's not a chaotic. I don't want to have to choose between working out and doing homework so I'm cutting way back till schoolwork is done...I have two months to finish this! My youngest will be here for a week mid-month (yay!) for spring break...this is the same week of the instructor class and wedding...nothing like getting it all done at once... I also want to try and keep up with my friends better on here, because I miss you guys!!
  2. This article is AMAZING!! For those who do not know me...I just (Jan. 2nd) had my two year "nerd-versary", I have always been an adventurer...Not sure what this "Ranger" guild is about but we'll give it a shot because Adventurers no longer 'fit' (if y'all will accept me that is...) Some Things I've Learned What has worked: Eating Paleo, not so much because of weight loss, but because I have RA and not eating the SAD foods has reduced my inflammation to more manageable levels. Walking, because I have realized I really enjoy it, and doing 5K's because they're fun! Yoga, because stress and my neck injury are a real thing Weights, because....well because I want to be a BadAss! What has not worked: Derby, not because it doesn't work, but because I have RA and my recovery time is crazy...I have to be able to move the next day. Anything that requires me to go to a gym, or devote crazy amounts of time to, because my schedule is constantly changing from one day to another... tl/dr; Immediate Goal To lose 40 lbs and finish Dietary Manager Course Goal 1 After Work - Week 1 & 2- GGS Workout M&F - HIIT Tuesday - MIC Thursday - Week 3 - GGS Workout M&F - HIIT M&F - MIC T&T - Week 4 - GGS Workout M&F - HIIT MWF - MIC T&T STR – 2 CON – 2 Goal 2 All Day - Moving 3 Miles a day/5 days a week At Work - Yoga 2 days a week (T&T) STA – 2 DEX – 2 Goal 3 After Workout - Homework! Do 1 Lesson a week WIS – 2 CHA - 2 eta - update to workout plans to match GGS program
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